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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

The Future of Online Gaming and What To Expect

AR/3D Gambling
Future of online gambling

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The online gaming industry is growing at an unstoppable rate. An influx in new games and advancements in tech means the online gaming world is being transformed.

Online Casino Games

There are a lot more different types of online casinos on the market in comparison to a few years ago. Game developers have advanced the technology to really change the perception of online casino games to be much more immersive. There are even game developers that include AR 3D in their slot machine games. There are more and more developments introducing the casino platform to the virtual one.

Any IA will be replaced with human dealers who would also be using the VR sets to give you a real human interaction with virtual blackjack or roulette. The casino online gaming world is really changing the landscape of what is possible from your living room.

You only really need basic tech at the moment as well, most of these games will work from your smartphone. The casino tech companies are tailor-making games to suit every person’s need for enjoyable gameplay. This is seeing the increase in movie based casinos becoming a reality – ever wanted to play poker in the same casino as James Bond? It could very well be a reality much sooner than you think with VR replicated casino halls.

More Intense Mobile Gaming

Our smartphones are used for most of our daily tasks and have our work and personal lives on one device. This is convenient for mobile game developers to create games you can really get into on your phone as you're probably using it throughout the day anyway. With the introduction to log in bonuses – midweek boss raids and bonus team activities, it's never been more rewarding to play mobile games.

Even traditional games have seen mobile versions of themselves to appeal to audiences that have not got these devices to play on, they can still play on their smartphones.

More Use Of Digital Currencies

Games today are seeing more and more use of online currency. These are normally coins or gems that you pay with real-world money, to buy gaming currency. This has become a much more popular feature in online gaming in the last couple of years. Cryptocurrencies, for example, have been given priorities to being involved with gaming developers in some instances.

For online casinos, this is an exciting development for the industry, as it could soon take over traditional currency altogether.

A new use for Augmented Reality 3D in online gaming

The use of AR 3D accessories is slowly growing in traditional gaming. It's a big investment as these accessories are normally expensive and limited to a few games that can be played on them. Despite these more expensive accessories, modern gamers have taken to them like a duck to water and the devices have seen a rise in popularity.
Online casino games are looking to get into this tech accessory as well. Giving casino players the sensation of being in a casino inside of their homes. Being able to play at the tables, having a live dealer and playing on a “real” roulette wheel.

Augmented reality will see accompaniments to making gaming feel as real as possible to the user. The use of virtual reality accessories will also be introduced to online casino gaming to give a more encompassing feel to playing online. VR accessories on their own are pricey, so the industry is looking at making them more widely available to the games they are creating for its customer base. This will change the online casino experience for users indefinitely.

5G Mobile Gaming 

With the recent update of mobile networks, the future of online mobile gaming is going to really change. With up to 10 times faster loading times. 4G can handle about 400MBPS but 5G could by comparison of being 10 times faster could handle 4GBPS.

This would mean online gaming on mobile phones that experience buffering and lag could soon be a thing of the past. It will be a welcome change to the serious mobile gamer and those that are in remote areas will certainly see the boost. 5G is available now but only for high-end devices.

Smartwatches. The next smart idea?

Our smartwatches give us updates on hows calling, what emails we've just received and even our heart rate all on our wrists. Smartwatches are now even offering the ability to have online casino games on there too. Although the screen is not an ideal size, the convenience of it being nearly at your fingertips is. Talk in the tech world has said that smartwatches will become so advanced in the next 3-5 years that you will be able to play high-quality games on them. Some companies are even developing this software now ready for the next stage in mobile platforms.

The Future of Online Gaming: Final Thoughts

There are some gaming trends that we could see take over the gaming industry in the coming future. The gaming world is always expanding and finding new ways to get you to a closer virtual reality. We've already seen this with the likes of VR headset and with augmented reality on our smartphones. Tech today is bringing the fully immersive experience closer and closer.

There are games for absolutely all types of gamer as well, with online casinos getting an upgrade it's clear to see that the love for lady luck could get the VR and AR treatment as well.

The ability to have the near real-life replication of a big casino in your home. This article should definitely leave you with some food for thought.

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