All You Need to Know about Online Casino Payments Methods
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Posted on: 17 June, 2021

All You Need to Know about Online Casino Payments Methods

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Nowadays, the gambling industry is in constant growth. By 2028 the global market of online gambling is expected to reach $158.20 billion. Many of the iGaming industry companies have turned their goals to win over the online gambling market. Many online casino sites want their own proprietary gambling software, and the top players in the iGaming industry can make that reality faster than anyone. 

Online casino gambling sites are all about the user experience. The more quality of time the user has on your casino site, the better the user experience. Therefore, your online casino's success totally depends on the quality of the user experience. 

If you're not a first-time gambler, you know how easy it is to get your money in the game, and you just need some cash, a slot machine, and maybe your favorite pokie. That's how things work in the traditional land-based casino, while online casino sites are entirely different. 

Funding your online casino account is nothing too difficult. However, you'll have to deeply understand how the whole process works to ensure you'll not be scammed. 

What should you know about casino payment methods?

Online casinos have brought together people who would've never met if it wasn't for the digital era we live in. The convenience that online casinos offer in terms of deposit and withdrawal methods is what allows people to play from anywhere around the world securely and in complete anonymity. 

Many casino payment methods will allow you to play in any online casino you wish. However, some online casino methods are more important, secure, and popular than others. Let's see which ones are the most convenient methods to use in your everyday life. This guide aims to fill you out with everything there is to be learned about casino payment methods and choose the one that suits you the best. 

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The Most Commonly Used Casino Payment Methods 

The most important thing for a casino player is to deposit the desired sum of money safely, efficiently, and most importantly, quickly because one wants to play immediately, right? 

Many online casino payment methods are being offered to the players online; while some casino payment methods only allow depositing, others have no problem receiving the winnings. Having tons of casino payment methods can get you in quite a mess and have difficulty choosing the right one for you. 

The three categories of casino payment methods make the filtration of the best of the best much easier. 


Debit Cards

The availability of debit cards all around the world is what makes them such a popular solution. The debit card is linked directly to one's bank account, and you'll be ready to make payments instantly. With debit cards, you're only spending the money you actually have physically on your account and not going into debt. 

Debit cards simplify the process of depositing money at online casino sites. In addition, often, the casinos will provide extraordinary bonuses for newly registered casino players. The minimal deposit sum made with the debit card online casino payment methods is as little as $10. 

Credit Cards

The best thing regarding the credit card online casino payment methods is that one doesn't have to worry about enough funds on the card. This kind of card, just as the debit cards, is available globally and perfect for online gambling! 

Moreover, a credit card is just like any physical loan from a bank. However, the credit card allows more freedom because credit card payments can be paid later. Usually, the users of this kind of card have a grace period to pay the amount owed to the bank without paying any additional fees. 

The most important thing that makes the credit card one of the most popular casino payment methods is the fact that it's widely accepted at online gambling sites. 

The companies that issue the cards themselves are taking great precautions to protect the card owner by placing various security measures to prevent the card owner from becoming a victim of online fraud and scams. 

Visa Cards 

One of the most known payment methods worldwide is Visa. The American-based company issues its own Visa-branded cards throughout the world. 

Being one of the most accepted cards worldwide means that Visa is also an excellent option for casino payment methods, allowing the players to make the deposit within minutes.

Having an extremely straightforward approach to the whole depositing and withdrawing situation, Visa is a gamblers' top choice for great casino payment methods. All casinos featured on Casinovator accept Visa payments, including Playojo casino, Miami Club Casino, Yako Casino, just to name a few.

The deposit procedure is as simple as it can possibly be – you just enter your card information and verify the transaction with an OTP security code, and you're good to go.


Another well-known and available all around the world banking method is MasterCard. Because of its availability, MasterCard has become the go-to choice of many gamblers out there. 

Alongside Visa, MasterCard is one of the biggest card issuers. MasterCard is one of those casino payment methods that allow both deposits and withdrawals from an online casino. 

You can literally pick any online gambling site, and it'll have the option for MasterCard deposits. Alongside the advantage of being spread everywhere, gamblers that use MasterCard will enjoy additional privileges such as secure banking and protection against online scams and fraudulent activities. 

American Express – AMEX

One of the largest banking companies in the world that produces one of the most popular premium credit cards and debit cards is AMEX. Although the bigger part of its users is located in the USA, American Express operates in many other parts of the world. 

Furthermore, their cards are accepted as a legit banking method worldwide and can be used on some of the best online casino sites. Whether we're talking about a deposit or a withdrawal, the transaction process is extremely simple and straightforward lasting only a couple of minutes. 

American Express's advanced security benefits are still accessible even when making casino deposits from a smartphone. That's why people that already own one of AMEX's premium cards use it as one of the primary casino payment methods.  



It is the best possible option for safe casino payment methods. Online casinos that accept PayPal are on every corner of the web, and you just have to look a bit deeper into the most appealing online casinos to find your favorite one. 

The security features of PayPal and its customer-favoriting policy are what made it such a popular choice among online gamblers. Entirely free for usage, PayPay is one of the most trusted online casino payment methods, and the procedure of an online casino paypal deposit makes it even more popular. However, not everything is so bright. PayPal can be used as a casino payment method only outside the USA, Australia, and Canada. 

Those gamblers who live in countries where PayPay is allowed to be used in such gambling activities will be able to use one of the simplest casino payment methods out there. Furthermore, the number of online casinos that accept PayPal is huge! 

Making an online casino PayPal deposit is one of the simplest things you'll ever do. Moreover, you'll just need to log in with your account's email address and confirm the transfer. Then you're ready to play. 


Another one of the most famous online casino payment methods is Nettler. The premier online e-wallet that handles transactions to and from online casinos is now part of the Paysafe. The company offers a bunch of extra benefits to online gambling users, such as more secure transactions, easy payouts, and deposits. 

Moreover, Neteller is one of the most widely used casino payment methods because of its ability to handle multiple currencies from a couple of different countries. Ever since Neteller has become part of Playsafe, which represents a part of a UK empire with control over the e-gambling space, the Neteller casinos that accept this payment method have risen. 

Bank Transfers or Wired Transfers

Used widely for any transactions, bank transfers or wire transfers are among the oldest casino payment methods. What makes it so popular is the ease of use, i.e., no special accounts required or some intermediate technology.

By a wired transfer, you'll be moving funds directly to the bank account of the casino, that's why the bank itself has certain safety protocols in place that ensure all the data is credible and your money is safe. 

Offering straightforward and prompt payments, top security transfers, and a unique e-gambling experience, the wired transfers keep sitting at the top place as one of the best casino payment methods. 

Digital Currencies

An established form of cryptographically secured currency, the digital currency, although unregulated by law, is still recognized like institutions like the HMRC. 

Any online gambling companies that wish to give the possibility to their tech-savvy clients to gamble with cryptocurrencies rather than with real money need to have an operating license. 

The most popular cryptocurrency used among all others standard casino payment methods is, without any doubt, Bitcoin. Offering the much-desired anonymity many other methods don't have. Bitcoin actually allows users to protect their identity and use the coin totally anonymously – without sharing any personal or bank data. 


Every online casino has its own policy and whether or not a payment method is accepted depends entirely on that. Furthermore, please note that different online casinos under the same company are not obliged to have the same casino payment methods. Therefore, the best way to check if an online casino site will accept your desired payment method is to search for the official site of that casino and check in the casino Payment Methods. Although most casinos have in place the easy procedure of online casino paypal deposit, the number of Neteller Casinos has been growing too. 


  • What casino apps pay real cash?
    • Some of the best real money casino apps you can find that offer the best casino deals like extraordinary bonuses, free spins, and easy deposits and payouts are Betzest Casino, Playojo Casino, Yako Casino, Vegas Mobile Casino, Uptown Aces, ​and others.
  • Do online casinos take cash App?
    • This virtual cash wallet is a great option you can use both online and in-stores. It's easy to send and receive money actions as well as to handle digital currencies has made this e-wallet very popular, especially in the USA.
  • How do online casinos pay winnings?
    • Most online casinos don't depend on only one of the casino payment methods. It's very common for casinos nowadays to have various casino payment methods like wired transfer, cryptocurrencies, and various card methods such as Visa and Mastercard.
  • Do casinos have Western Union?
    • Most casinos offer Western Union as one of the casino payment methods. However, we'd not advise you to use it, not that it's not safe, but it really doesn't offer any other advantages over other casino payment methods. For example, you'll only get to play with your money only after they have been received.

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