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Posted on: 09 June, 2021

An A-Z Guide to Online Casino Games: How to Play and Win in 2021

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The digital versions of the traditional four walls casinos can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Online casinos allow you to balance both your business as well as your personal life with the pleasure of entertainment and stress release the online casino games provide.

You'll no longer miss out on important personal and business events because of the time-limited tournaments or vice versa. Furthermore, you'll have the choice to play from the comfort of your home or from that lovely pub you spend your Friday night in. 

Imagine how convenient it is to have a casino on the reach of a hand while all you need is a stable Internet connection and a smartphone or a computer device. 

So convenient that experts predict the global market size of online casino games will weigh $127.3 billion by the start of 2027

The Background of Online Casino Games

When in 1996, InterCasino launched the first-ever online casino where you could place bets using real money, a new era for the casino industry started. However, Microgaming was the one that revolutionized the online gambling industry, offering software solutions that made online casino games a lot safer. 

Then it was only a matter of time when the companies would see the online casino games as a serious source of income, and the industry expands. Namely, in only about one to two years since the whole online casino games industry began existing, a boom has happened. 

The online casino games industry explodes, with annual revenues now going from $0 to $1 billion real quick and more than 200 trusted casino game websites operating globally. 

The Rise Of Sports Betting

It was just a matter of time when the bookmakers would go online too. That was the only natural thing to expect after having casino games online. Then in 1996, InterTops made it a reality, creating the first-ever online platform offering sports betting to their clients.

The Rise Of Online Poker

Poker was finally on the table in 1998, offered by the online casino games website Planet Poker, with the first-ever real money online poker game dealt on the first of January 1998. 

However, the website didn't resist operating under those conditions available back in the '90s, like the glitches, speed, downloading, and tech problems created from the dial-up internet service.

Later on, many other trusted casino game websites managed to put poker in their offering service lists and learn from the previous competitors who failed. Many of the websites actually managed to deal with several thousands of users daily with complete success. 

Today’s Most Popular Game Providers 

Nowadays, online casino games are nothing like in the beginning in the mid-'90s. If you're old enough to have ever played an online casino game from those that were around in those early days of virtual casinos, you'll get the vibe. 

With the visible advance of technologies today, not only the casino games online have gotten better, but the overall user experience on trusted casino game websites has evolved and has gotten better with the years, too.

While some casinos still develop their own online casino games, by gaming experts within the company, many other casinos have independent casino-game-developing contractors. Most of the games available today have been developed by third-party software providers. 

Virtual casinos being a multi billion business, there are a couple of companies that specialize in the said online casino games development. Let's take a look at the most prominent players in the game. 

  • Amaya Gaming
  • Real-Time Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • WMS (Williams Interactive)
  • International Gaming Technology
  • Net Entertainment
  • Betsoft

Moreover, there are four existing types of casino software that's been developed – instant play software, mobile software, download software, and live casino software. 

Most companies don't specialize in only one type of software, except those developing live casino software; because of the format's uniqueness, they usually focus only on that specific format. 

Types of Online Casino Games

The current pandemic has sped the ongoing digital transformation of the world, so virtual casinos are no exception. Yes, online casino games have been a thing since the mid-'90s, nothing new, right?

However, nowadays, there is so much of a choice that one cannot really know which one will be suitable for oneself, you know whether or not a game shall fit your style of play and things like that. 

Out of the thousands available to play casino games online, every single one belongs under one of these three main categories – poker, casino, or sports betting games. 

Online Blackjack

The goal of Blackjack is to beat the dealer, so it's a game of two, a pit between the player and the dealer. Every card counts as their usual respective number. Although all of the face cards are counted as 10s, the ace is counted as 11, except you're already over 21 summing. 

Online Blackjack Tips

  • If your hand is summing 12-16 and the dealer's card is 2-6 – stand
  • If your hand is summing 12-16 and the dealer's card is 7-Ace – stand
  • It would be best if you always split the 8s and Aces while doubling your 11 when the dealer has 2-10
  • Always double or hit the dealer's Ace-6
  • Never play insurance
  • Always check the dealer's up card before making a move
  • The fact that in BlackJack, the first move is made in blind doesn't mean that the rest of the game should be played the same

Online Slots

People's most preferred choice – the sloth machines! Relatively quick and easy to understand, online slot machines offer huge rewards to players. 

Licensed and regulated by government jurisdictions, online gaming sites ensure fair and secure play with an equal percentage of a win in place for every player. 

So, how does a Slot machine work? 

A microcomputer named the Random Number Generator located inside the Slot machine that creates random numbers ensures that all of the Slot machines' results are really random. The outcome of the previous spin has nothing to do with and is not related to the outcome of your next spin, meaning that the machine is not biased. 

Please take a look at the best slot games we currently have in our hands. Ten of our very best made it to the online slots review page. 

Slot Tips 

  • Choose the ideal slot game for you
  • Practice some time with free slot games
  • Study the paytable and the return to player rate before playing
  • Never overcome your budget

Video Poker

Video poker uses the standard 52-card deck. Easy to learn and exhilarating video poker is a game where the player has a bit of advantage over the house, and if used correctly, you can win quite a bit. 

Video poker is played like a five-card draw poker game where the game begins as the players make the wager, and all get to be dealt each five virtual cards. After having a more extended look at the cards and weighing the hand, each one can decide how many cards they'll be dropping.

There are three choices – to keep everything, drop a few, or drop all of them. After all the players have selected their keeping cards, replacements are dealt to every player, and the computer determines the final value of each player's hand. The payment is issued according to every player's hand worth. 

Whether you win or not depends on whether you close up with a poker hand – straight, two pairs, or flush. The amount of money you win per hand depends entirely on the poker value of your hand. 

The key thing to learn when it comes to video poker is what cards you should keep and what not. Also, it wouldn't come bad if you have in mind at all times that you're not playing with human intelligence but rather with an artificial one, so adjust your tactics according to that.

Video Poker Tips

  • Whenever you're feeling insecure in your cards – fold
  • Your strong hands should be fast played and aggressive; this way, you'll make more money
  • Don't be the first one to walk away 


Online roulette games can be more than fun if you remember just one thing – playing carefully and keeping up with your plans. Playing fast is the one thing that can beat you up faster than you're playing. While all the other online casino games are similar to their real-life siblings, that's not the case with online roulette. 

To be more specific, the RNG roulette is made like a slot machine, and it can be quite fast. That's why you can get yourself lost in the game and play at a swift pace. 

Many roulette games will not have a ball spinning around the wheel as much as it does in a regular game, which might be a minus for some players. 

Roulette Tips:

  • Always look for games that have the “surrender” or “en prision” option
  • Whenever you can play a single-zero wheel
  • When playing live roulette, look out for biased wheels
  • Play the European or, even better, the French roulette – they have the best odds


Starting the game, you'll have to choose the number of cards. Please note that the higher the number of cards, the higher will your chance of winning be. 

The next thing you'll be doing is choosing how many numbers you wish to extract, i.e., the number of bingo numbers. A simple and fun game to play. However, please note that the rules and steps can vary from one to another casino games online. 

Bingo Tips

  • Play budget wise 
  • Pick your cards
  • Choose a trusted casino game website 
  • Enjoy the game stress-free 
  • Make a strategy and hold onto it

Online Gambling Frauds

Since moving online and going digital became a thing, online casino-related scams have increased in numbers. Choosing the right platform for your favorite ever online casino games or choosing the suitable game for you is a challenging task.

You should do some googling and read some casino game reviews because the more reviewed a site or a game is, the less are the chances of being scammed. Now more than ever, as an online gambler, you need to put that intelligence working for you. 

We've got you some important advice that could save you from potentially becoming a fraud victim. 

  1. Check out the online casino games website for licensing
  2. Research more about the casino on the Internet and find some casino game reviews
  3. Check out if the software game provider has a clean record
  4. The online casino games should be of high quality
  5. There should be at least one trusted payment method available like PayPal

Top Five Trusted Online Casinos at Casinovator

Casinovator should be your number one choice to turn to whenever you like to check an online casino games website for its transparency or whether it's a genuine site. Offering the most detailed casino games reviews, Casinovator has quickly made an excellent name for itself in this niche. 

Let’s take a look at the people’s top five most trusted online casinos. 

1. VideoSlots Casino

Videoslots Casino is one of the biggest online casinos with more than 3000 games on site. You can play your favorite game from the comfort of your home wearing your PJs. Videoslots Casino doesn't only offer slot games but also live games, table games, and scratch cards. 

2. Royal Vegas Casino

Built on a stable infrastructure, the Royal Vegas Casino gives one of the most reliable gambling sites ever while at the same time making an art form of a gaming experience one has on their site. 

The casino's easy-to-use interface, along with the extraordinary games provided by one of the first companies to successfully create the first gambling software, will keep you engaged for hours.  

3. Slots Magic Casino

Slots Magic Casino provides a fun environment for you to play your favorite games without any distractions. Everything is handled so well that you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, the security question is a vital subject for the company itself. 

Slots Magic Casino guarantees that every piece of information you leave will be safe and kept confidential at their site. They provide every player with fair play and complete transparency. 

Not only that, they are offering a variety of slot games, but a bunch of other games too, like the classic – BlackJack and Roulette. 

4. Betzest Casino

Being a hybrid gambling website, Betzest Casino offers both casino games and sportsbook options. You can be betting one moment on a live sports game, and already in the other moment, you have the ability to choose a casino game. As simple as that, Betzest allows you to switch back and forth between casino games and sports bets. 

5. 888 Casino

Established in 1997, 888 Casino is solid and reputable and definitely is an excellent example of what a good online casino should look like. Operated by Cassava, 888 Casino has a remarkable number of game choices. 

They often offer all kinds of bonuses and promotions, a lot of payment methods, and most importantly, extraordinary top-notch security and offer fast cash-out of fundings. Carrying the seal of eCogra, ensures all of 888 Casino's games are fair.

Furthermore, besides the fact that many of their games are powered by top gaming software providers like IGT/WagerWorks, Amaya, and Microgaming, they've also developed their own proprietary software of Dragonfish. 

The Bottom Line

The online gambling industry has had its ups and downs like every other industry. However, some signs say the era of online gambling has yet to come. Online gambling has been recognized as the right of every legal adult by Europe, Canada, Australia and the US is following closely behind.  

There are lots of ways to maximize your online gambling winnings, like following the casino promotions as well as the bonuses. Moreover, learning and mastering the basics of every game before playing it will put you in an excellent position to make the most of your game. 

The only rule here is to be cautious and know your limits well. It would be best if you never gambled past the maximum amount you can financially handle. 

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