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Posted on: 10 September, 2021

NetEnt Casinos: The Reason for Their Popularity Explained

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Everyone talks about the pros and cons of the online world, but it is undeniable that it provides a lot of valuable information and a lot of entertainment. One part of that entertainment is the so-called iGaming world. 

The iGaming world is enormous, and digital entertainment, in general, is one of the most popular activities worldwide. And when it seemed like it couldn't get any bigger, the new situation with the pandemic made the iGaming world go even a step up in popularity.

The important part is not just what types of games one can play online, but also who provides them. One of the best suppliers of digital gaming systems is NetEnt. Before we get into all the details, let's see how the stats themselves prove why it is one of the best game providers.

What Is NetEnt and Stats about Its Popularity

As mentioned earlier, NetEnt is a premium provider of gaming systems that are digitally distributed and used by the world's most popular and successful online gaming operators. 

The level of popularity of NetEnt is enormous, and don't take my word for it; we will see the actual facts about how popular it is and how NetEnt casinos are played all around the globe.

For example, in 2019, the NetEnt systems handled 58.3 billion gaming transactions. It has more than 200 active customers and over 200 slots that are covered by the best gaming operators worldwide, more than 10 million spins per year, and 1 billion market capitalization. It is obvious NetEnt knows what they are doing since they have been in the online gaming industry for more than 20 years.  

There is no doubt that it is one of the best and most successful online gaming providers.

History of NetEnt

NetEnt was known as Net Entertainment until 2015, but it started in 1996, and now it is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Because it improved fast, NetEnt has employees worldwide in cities like Sofia, London, New Jersey, Krakow, and others. By 2020 it had more than 1100 employees. 

Its roots date back to 1963, when Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundstrom founded AB Restaurang Rouletter. They established a partnership with AB Roulett konsult & Spelautomater in 1968, founded by Lars Kling and Per Hamberg. Their operations had national reach and registered the name Cherry with the cherry logo in 1972. They had a couple of successful decades, and in 1996 Pontus Lindwall, the son of Bill, founded NetEnt in 1996, and the first online casino was launched back in 2000. NetEnt casinos have been an enormous success since, and they provide a lot of various fun products.

Best NetEnt Products

NetEnt is one of the best game providers in the world. And today we discuss why NetEnt casino games are loved by casino enthusiasts and usually chosen over the others.

NetEnt allows you to choose a lot of different games. This company creates amazing NetEnt slots and table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, among others. This provider also has won awards throughout the years, some of which is Women in Gaming 2014, EGR Award 2015, Global Gaming Award 2014, EGR Nordics Awards 2019, EGR Italy 2020, the list goes on and on. The NetEnt slots have great quality graphics, significant sound effects, jackpots that can be even millions, and always an exciting game story. 

NetEnt has produced some of the best games such as Scarface, Aliens, South Park, and Guns n'Roses. And if you want to try it first before playing with your money, you can play the NetEnt free slots to get the game's feeling. You will also find the best online casinos on NetEnt and choose where to play various games.

NetEnt VS Competitors

Now let's see another set of examples of why NetEnt is most popular and how it stands against competitors. Some of the other game providers are Playtech, Microgaming, and Novomatic. Here we will see the pros and cons according to many reviews and see which one is the best.


Pros of Playtech

Also a popular game provider, but not as nearly as authentic as NetEnt. Of course, there are some pros that Playtech has because this company provides a lot of different games to play, from table games, slots, lotteries, and additional features like jackpots, wilds, and free spins. It also has a variety of bonuses that can win the player some free money. In addition, the games support different languages, so no player is left out.

Cons of Playtech

The downside is that there are only a limited number of ways for players to ask for support which is sometimes crucial; you would want to have the option to connect someone if you need some explanation quickly. Also, since there is no joint work, it can be a Playtech slot or any other since network rules prohibit otherwise. Finally, the most significant disadvantage is a maximum limit that you can withdraw per month for all their games. 


Pros of Microgaming

The standard advantage of Microgaming is that it also has many different games that you can play. There are a lot of various jackpots and slots to play on. One of the best things is that this company has games with great graphics and high quality, and their gameplay is very fast. 

Cons of Microgaming

The disadvantages are that they don't add new games often, which doesn't give them a refreshing strategy for the players to try something new. Also, more importantly, they had a reputation for blocking and confiscating money from some of their most successful gamblers, which doesn't allow the player to feel comfortable at all times. 


Pros of Novomatic

The users of Novomatic can play some 3D games, and they also have an excellent mobile experience. Their games have a high percentage of payout, with most games having a wonderful and exciting design.

Cons of Novomatic

There are several negative parts of this provider; some of the most important to know are that this company has a minimal amount of games, somewhere around 500+, and the slot games repeat themselves. If you played more than ten slots, you more or less played them all. Also, there are very few jackpots that are progressive. 


Pros of NetEnt

There are a lot of reasons why you should play games provided by NetEnt. You can run any game on your site for free without registration. They have an excellent bonus policy, and you can also get amazing no deposit bonus offers, free spins, a variety of games, and jackpots. You can play roulette, blackjack, NetEnt slots, table games, online scratch cards, and many others. 

The Random number generator gives a high degree of wins, and even before you start, you have the opportunity to test NetEnt free slots. NetEnt also has a great smooth operation of the software, which means that it has a stable system. Even if the connection is lost before the end of the round, the bet is returned to the player's account and its original position. Playing on NetEnt is not monotonous because they release new casino games constantly.

Cons of NetEnt

There are a lot of advantages, but not many disadvantages from NetEnt. Some of them are that this company is not available for players from some countries because a download version is not currently available. In the past, there were some situations when some games sometimes didn't load fast enough, but that is not the case anymore.

We saw the reviews and the pros and cons of every company, and it is fair to say that NetEnt has a lot more advantages, and it is obvious why it is so popular among players all around the world. And since it is the best choice, let's see which are the best games it provides.

Best Casino Games Provided by NetEnt

As you already had the chance to see, this provider has a lot of different games. Some of the most popular types of games are the NetEnt slots. You can give yourself the time to pick one or play different games like the NetEnt live roulette or live blackjack. One of the best slot games is Planet of the Apes, which is very popular among all the players, and also some other games like Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk, or Guns' n' Roses. It is important to know that it doesn't matter if you are a beginner since online, you can find a guide to online slots and learn all the rules and tips on how to play better. The best and most significant advantage is that you will never get bored. The options are limitless, and you get to pick which different online slots you will play, going from one game to another. As a provider, NetEnt gives you the option to choose which casino to play, so we will also see which are the most popular.

Best Online Casinos That Feature NetEnt Games

In order to pick the best games, you first have to pick the best online casinos. This is also not a problem since you can inform yourself which are the best NetEnt slots and casinos online, or talk to other players about which are the most interesting options. Nonetheless, here we will also see some of the best online casinos you can play on. Just to mention a few of them, even though the list is countless, some of the best NetEnt casinos are Yako Casino, Spin and Win, Royal Vegas Casino, Betzest, Casumo Casino, Vegas Mobile, among others. All these casinos are a good choice, and also all of them feature NetEnt online games. 


The arguments themselves prove why NetEnt is the best and most popular online game provider. The opportunities are enormous, and this company has a history that can backup all the options that are provided, not only by having a lot of different products but also because they stood the test of time and challenged all the competitors. NetEnt constantly refreshes its players by giving them new games to play, and as a player, you will never get bored. It is obvious why it is the most popular online game provider. 


  • Why are online casinos popular?
    • The main reason why online casinos are popular is that they offer the chance to win money without leaving home. Players can relax at home and enjoy their favorite games.
  • Why slot games are popular?
    • Plenty of casino players around the world are fans of slot machines. It is a simple principle of spins where random numbers are generated, and the winning combination is decided according to the value of the numbers.
  • Why do people enjoy slot machines?
    • Their motivation is to win money and also to have fun while doing it, and they want to play themed games or other games they consider "lucky" and exc

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