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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino classics and unlike most games based on chance. This game requires strategy and skill and offers better returns than any other casino game when played correctly. By understanding the rules and adopting a robust approach, your chances of victory are enhanced greatly.

The main reason why many players lose in this legendary game is due to playing on emotion and a lack of skill. Online casinos feature an abundance of traditional and new Blackjack variations and leading sites offer a wealth of in-game assets, which could influence gameplay once you understand the fundamentals.

The Basics Of Blackjack

Blackjack also was known by many players as twenty-one is a game that perfectly combines skill with luck and the object is to achieve a hand that is higher in value than the dealer's hand, most importantly that do not succeed twenty-one in total. Any hand totaling over 21 automatically loses and is called a bust.

There is no shortage in Blackjack variations, and due to the massive interest increase, more variations are regularly released. Each new version introduces unique rules although the basic play remains the same and once players have a sound knowledge of the basics, it is less challenging to learn the special rules.

In playing Blackjack all cards from 2 up to 10 are worth their face value and all face cards value is 10, an Ace is worth 11 or 1 depending on what value is most beneficial at the time. It is called a “soft hand” when an ace is a count as 11 and a hand containing a 6, and an Ace is called a “soft 17”. A typical example of a “hard hand” would be an ace used as a value of 1.

Before a Blackjack game starts, players are required to place bets, which is followed by the dealing of two cards face up. The dealer is dealt one card face up and depending on the Blackjack variation his second card is dealt face down, which is known as a “hole card.”

To achieve a “Blackjack” the two cards dealt need to total 21, and this means an automatic win providing the dealer do not reach the same, should this happen it is called a push or tie. A Blackjack win pays 3 to 2 while other wins are paid out 1 to 1.

Playing BlackJack Hands

Once your cards have been dealt, and no BlackJack is achieved there are several options available including double-down, hit, stand, split and surrender.
Stand is when you decide not to accept more cards, and the dealer gets to play next.
Hit is when the player receives another card/s until he decides to stand or busts.
Double down is the procedure in which a player doubles his bet accepts one more card and then stand.
A split is applicable if your first two cards dealt display the same value. The option to split those cards into two hands is then available. This requires another bet equal to the original, and each hand then receives one additional card. Both hands are then played independently when decisions such as a stand or hit are made.
Surrender is when a player is convinced his hand is not favorable to win and he would rather lose his bet than continue game play.
Followed your decisions it is the live dealer's turn to play and he is allowed to reveal his second card if the total of his two cards are 16 he need to hit and if cards total 18 he is allowed to stand.

How The Winner In Blackjack Is Determined

The dealer wins if the player reached a bust, surrendered or has a total hand less than his own. The player wins if the dealer busts, have a hand less than his, and a push is when both the dealer and player have the same card total in which case the bets are returned, and the next round starts.

BlackJack Insurance

Players can take insurance if the dealer's card is an ace, insurance costs the same as half your bet. By taking insurance, you are betting that the dealer would achieve a Blackjack and if he makes it the player wins at 2 to 1. If the dealer's hand does not reveal a blackjack, the insurance money is forfeited, and the game continues as usual.

1.Understand when you should Hit Or Stand

Understanding when you should hit or stand is critical for those wishing to be successul playing blackjack. Take time to understand the basics of blackjack, and invest time in reading strategies, as this will help you gain a better prespective of when to hit or stand.

2.Pass on Insurance

As a general rule, insurance is a bad investment, and a waste of your bankrol. It is better to bet on winning a hand versus placing a bet against the dealer having blackjack.

3.When dealt 10 or 11, Double Down

The odds are in your favour in producing a winning hand when dealt a 10 or 11. Doubling down will see one additonal card dealt and is espsecially a strong choice should the dealer be showing a low card.

4.Do not waste time Counting Cards

Many try it, ands most fail. Unless you are a mathematic genius, your odds of success are minimal. In addition, you will be more focused on counting cards and will most likely make mistakes with the cards you have been dealt.

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