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Posted on: 23 September, 2021

Red Tiger Gaming: The Reason for Their Popularity Explained

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Casino gaming is one of the most popular activities all over the world, and online casino games are the most popular games on the internet. A UK study showed that around 1.6 billion people gamble around the globe, and approximately 2 billion have played online casino games at some point.

The online community is enormous, and the reason for the popularity of these games is because one can play them anywhere at any time, and it is also a chance to meet people from all over the world. One of the most popular games is casino slot games which players like a lot since there are many different games one can choose from. 

One of the best game providers or leading casino software suppliers is Red Tiger Gaming along with Microgaming and NetEnt. Red Tiger Gaming casinos have various types of games, but their specialty is slot games. Here we will see why they are so immensely popular worldwide. So let's get into it. 

What Is Red Tiger Gaming and Stats About Its Popularity

Red Tiger Gaming is one of the major and leading suppliers of online casino software. They provide some of the best online casinos today. In recent years, Red Tiger Gaming managed to develop a reputation of being an extremely innovative casino software developer. Red Tiger Gaming casinos are widely recognized as very creative, and many players worldwide pick these casinos as their matter of choice. 

It is an extremely popular provider in recent years, and to give you an example, Red Tiger Gaming was able to net over 18 million pounds in earnings back in 2019. Since then, they have been able to grow even more. The reason players like this provider are that it gives its players a good chance to earn some money. Red Tiger Gaming's biggest daily jackpot win made a player happy to gain 78,429 pounds, and some other players were able to win more than 65,000 pounds each. 

Nevertheless, this company gains its popularity mainly because of the online casinos it provides, and these are types of casinos that are played by millions of people online every single day and all over the world. Many of the 1.6 billion players worldwide prefer playing on online casinos that feature Red Tiger Gaming online casino games because they are secure, safe, and designed with a high level of creativity.

History of Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming was established back in 2014 by industry veterans and became one of the best providers in Europe and Asia. They have a great team of graphic designers, mathematicians, audio engineers, software developers, and gambling experts that are totally focused on constantly improving the experience of their players. 

Five years after the company was founded, it was bought by NetEnt in 2019, and it turned out to be a great collaboration since Red Tiger Gaming managed to become even more successful in the online casino gaming industry. It seems like it just becomes better and better every year.

Red Tiger Gaming has its headquarters in St. Julian's in Malta, and it has more than 200 employees who operate in countries like Bulgaria, Malta, and the Isle of Man. And because they constantly improve, it is obvious that the company will continue to grow.

Best Red Tiger Gaming Products

This company has several gaming products, and another reason why Red Tiger Gaming casinos are played by many people is that they are secured and safe. Also, they have a very simple accessible interface, and the games are stable, which is valuable for playing without having any problems. 

Red Tiger Gaming has different games like baccarat, roulette, and online casino slot games.

But the most significant part is that Red Tiger Gaming is providing some of the best online casinos to play on, and the casinos they provide are secure and always have some of the best reviews. They proved this through the years by winning numerous awards; some of the most important are awards like “Casino Supplier of the Year” in February 2019, “Casino Product” in February 2020, and “Mobile Gaming Software Supplier” in July 2020.

Red Tiger Gaming has online casinos that have many different games like video poker, roulette, baccarat, scratch cards, slots, and other exciting online games. 

They are definitely one of the best, so let's get into why this company is one of the best by showing where it stands against other competitors.  

roulette and table chips

Red Tiger Gaming VS Competitors  

There are online casino game providers that rule the online gaming world, but Red Tiger Gaming casinos, without a doubt, provide the best online casino slots, and many reviews show that. You may think that it is new and of a smaller scale, but you will be surprised. 

And, because it is important not to leave it only to words, let's see some examples that prove why this company is ahead of many others. Here we will compare Red Tiger against some of the main competitors in the casino industry and see some of the pros and cons of the casino game providers we will list. So let's get into it.


Pros – The online games of this company have the usual advantages that any other company has, and that is an exciting and interesting design on their games. They also have good graphics in most of their games. The biggest advantage is probably Novomatic's mobile experience which is excellent, and you can play some 3D games.

Cons – The problem with this provider is that it has a minimum amount of slot games; for example, if you have played around ten slots more or less, you probably played them all. So the games repeat themselves, and if there is one thing that players like is to have the experience to try various different slots. They also have a minimum amount of progressive jackpots.  


Pros – The best part about Playtech is that players can get a variety of bonuses that can win them some money, and also, they have free spins. Playtech gets a lot of praise for having their games in different languages, so that isn't a player that is left out. Also, this company has a lot of different games to play like lotteries, table games, slots, etc. 

Cons – Every player sometimes wants to have the opportunity to communicate with the provider about some issue. The problem with Playtech is that it has a limited number of ways for players to reach out and ask for support. You could find yourself in a position to need some explanation quickly and be provided with answers. And this company also does not have great joint work.


Pros – It is fair to say that Microgaming is one of the best providers out there, mainly because of the many different games you can play. They have good jackpots and online slot games that give the player a lot of fun. Microgaming's gameplay is enormous, and it has beautiful graphics with stable, high-quality games.

Cons – First and foremost, the downside of this company is that it had a bad reputation for confiscating money and repeated blocking. This is one of the worst experiences for gamblers, and it is totally unfair. Also, it makes players feel uncomfortable all the time and creates a bad atmosphere, even though this is mainly a resolved problem. Another disadvantage is that they don't have refreshing ideas on how to make players try something new since they don't add new games often but still have many exciting games you can play.

Red Tiger Gaming

Pros – There are many reasons that proved why Red Tiger Gaming casinos are part of the highest level providers. This company has more than 180 online casino slot games, which makes the player's experience much better because it gives them the opportunity to choose to play various games. But this is not the best part because more important is that Red Tiger Gaming provides the best casinos where you can play various games from video poker, baccarat to roulette, slots, cards, etc. Some of the most dynamic online casinos are part of the Red Tiger Gaming platform. 

Cons – The only real disadvantage is that Real Tiger Gaming doesn't have a lot of different games you can play directly on their platform since their priority and specialty is online slots and a minimum amount of table games. There are mainly no other types of games, but they have online casinos that have many games one can play. 

Best Online Casinos That Feature Red Tiger Gaming Games

If you want to pick the best games or have the chance to play various games, you first have to pick the best online casinos. And Red Tiger Gaming casinos will give you the chance to have a lot of fun. Here we will see some of the best online casinos that feature games from Red Tiger Gaming.

Royal Vegas Casino

One of the main reasons why Royal Vegas Casino is part of the elite games is the fact that it has various games you can play like live casino, table games, slots, video poker, casual games, and others. This casino also has progressive jackpots that are a chance to win a really big amount of money. You do play for fun, but also it is great to have the opportunity to win some money, and why not a lot of money.  

It is also valuable that it is fully licensed and protected because every player wants to feel secure while playing. It also provides free spins for a minimum amount which can be a great benefit and provides more than 500 games and a 1200$ free bonus to new players. 

Silver Oak Casino

Yet another great online casino, without a doubt, is the Silver Oak Casino. The level of popularity of this online casino is huge because they have an incredible number of game options. This casino has a selection of more than 170 options which motivates players from all over the planet to play various games. 

It is amazing how great their mobile gaming is, and they have really big bonuses that raise the excitement to a higher level. Of course, there are also free spins and different bonuses. Probably the most crucial thing that makes Silver Oak Casino special is their strong customer support team, and this gives players the flexibility to play relaxed because they know that the support team will always be available to help. 

888 Casino

Last but not least, the 888 Casino offers a variety of quality games and has fast withdrawals. This casino was established back in the mid-'90s, and its popularity becomes higher and stronger every year.

It provides a wide range of games you can play, and also you should try their poker games which are very popular among the online casino gaming community. 888 Casino also has no deposit bonuses, and it has a no deposit welcome bonus which you will get after signing up and receiving an email to confirm your Free Play bonus.

These are some of the best online casinos that feature Red Tiger Gaming online games.


As you had the opportunity to see, there are many various reasons why Red Tiger Gaming is one of the most popular game providers all over the world, and also why they provide the best online casinos for their players. Red Tiger Gaming is a secure and safe game provider which tries to bring the best to allow the chance for gamers to not only have a lot of fun but also to win some money. It is definitely the perfect mix you can have. As long as you know your budget, you can play different games in different online casinos and have different types of challenges and chances to win. 


  • What is Red Tiger Gaming?
    • Red Tiger Gaming is one of the leading and most popular online software providers in the iGaming industry worldwide.
  • Is Red Tiger Gaming licensed?
    • Red Tiger Gaming is licensed by Alderney, MGA, UKGC, and Gibraltar.

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