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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

Video Poker Tips

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Video poker was initially referred to as “poker slots”. It still struggled for acceptance back in the 1970s. The game has a lot in common with video slots when it comes to physical play and is equally easy to enjoy. Video poker beats video slots when it comes to interactive play. Players use their poker skills to make decisions that have an enormous impact on the outcome of each spin.

The Basics 

Just like video slot outcomes are determined by a random number generator, so is video poker. Players have more control by selecting which cards to hold and which to replace. The game saw an increase in popularity since online casinos became the new entertainment trend. There was an appeal to slot fanatics and poker experts alike.

There are hundreds of video poker variants. Since several online software developers create their own versions of the game, new releases appear regularly. Video poker hands start once players have selected a bet, including coin size and number of coins played. By pressing the start or deal button, five cards are dealt. Players examine all cards followed by selecting which they would like to hold and those they wish to trade for new cards. The number of cards replaced totally depends on the player, and once you are happy with your decision, new cards will be dealt to replace those that were discarded. Your final cards are then displayed and winnings will be added to your bankroll.

Online Video Poker Strategies

The interesting part of playing online video poker is in the decision making of which card to hold, and this is where strategy comes into play. Imagine your first spin produces a 3 of diamonds, 9 of diamonds, a 6 of Diamonds and an Ace of Hearts and an Ace of diamonds, there are several decisions to make since the pair of Aces could be a good choice although the four-diamond cards could be your way of achieving a flush. The greatest thing about video poker is that players can take their time in making difficult decisions and there is ample of time to consider the probabilities, odds, and the potential payouts instead of feeling pressurized to make rushed decisions.

The payout table offers a list of payouts offered for combinations of pairs, two pairs, three of a kind, a flush, straight, four of a kind combinations, a straight flush, royal or a royal flush and also offer a guideline of how each combination is achieved.

Poker Bonus Features

Depending on the version players selects to play; several video pokers include a wild card. The wild card may substitute for all other cards to complete a winning hand. Deuces Wild video poker offer wilds represented by the two card and a hand-formed by a 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are a losing hand in most cases although in Deuces Wild the two could replace the 7 to awards a straight. Wildcards also make it easier to achieve five of a kind hand, which is impossible to achieve.

Winning Video Poker Hands

Each variety of video poker offers its own set of unique rules concerning the minimum requirements to achieve a win. In games such as Aces or Faces, the player would need to have at least a pair of high cards in order to complete a win.  Joker Poker requires a pair of kings, and at least a combination of three of a kind is needed to win in Deuces Wild video poker.

Progressive Video Poker

SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces feature progressive jackpots and with the jackpot payouts constantly increasing it could be worth the five one-credit coins that are required to stand a chance of winning the jackpot. A diamond royal flush is needed in Jackpot Deuces to hit the progressive jackpot win, and in SupaJax the jackpot combination consists of the SupaJax card as well as four jacks.

Finding The Perfect Video Poker Game

The best way to find a video poker game that you would enjoy is to pay attention to each variations features, basic requirements and betting options. Each variation offers advantages on the one side and maybe a slight disadvantage on the other. By playing different versions you'll find one to keep you entertained for hours.

Top Video Poker Tips

Start With The Basics

There are many versions of video poker one can choose from. Those new to video poker should start with the basics will help you in the long run. Video poker is largely the same as real poker. However, each game is unique and so too is the way one should play. Starting with Jacks or Better is video poker in its simplest format. It'll allow you to gain a solid understanding of the game before moving on to more complex versions.

Play Maximum Coins

Always play the maximum number of coins. In video poker this is five. Playing less is not wise. Playing 5 or less will be most healthy for your bankroll. In doing so, you ensure when the larger wins are dealt, you win the maximum amount.

Understand How To Play Each Game!

There is a wide selection of video poker variants available for play online. Each is different, each has unique paytables and features, and each requires a different strategy. Take the time to understand each version thoroughly, play it in free play mode before playing for real money, and this will help you avoid a painful mistake should you not fully understand the game being played.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice makes perfect, and that is certainly true in video poker. Most casinos allow you to play for real money, but also for play money. Take advantage of that option. It can help you be more profitable as you learn each game and understand the subtle difference that each requires you understand.

Know the pay schedules

This tip is for games where you win your money back for having a pair of jacks or higher. Each additional unit is worth extra for a flush or full house. Comparing pay schedules will highlight to you that, most of the time, plays are the same but your money can last longer in one game over another, even at the same casino. If you're unsure about pay schedules and how they work in terms of returns, it's worth doing some reading because you can do better in one game over another even when playing at the both of them.

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