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Posted on: 26 May, 2021

How To Play and Win Online Dragon Tiger

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Online Dragon Tiger

One of the most popular online gambling games is a simplified version of baccarat.  Called Dragon Tiger, the game has roots in east Asia, hence its title, and is a staple of casinos in places like Macau.  While it is more popular in the Asian community than some other western games, it is not a complex game to learn, and can be appreciated by gamblers of a wide number of backgrounds.  

Playing Dragon Tiger

At the start of the game, players put their money on one of two different sections of the table: the Dragon, or the Tiger.  Next, two cards are revealed, also named the Dragon and the Tiger.  While a dealer may distribute the cards, players are not playing against the dealer, but against other players.  They gamble on their hunch about whether one will be higher or lower, or that the two cards will be equal: the dealer flips both cards and there will be a winner and a loser, with winner take all.  Aces are low cards, not high, and if both spots have the same value of a card, then the hand is a tie and the house will take half of the total pot, with whichever player who had the foresight to bet on a tie receiving 8-to-1 returns.  As you can see, it is popular among both players and casinos: for players, the appeal is that they can come away with the whole pot, while for casinos, the small percentage of a split pot over time will result in big earnings.

It sounds easy, which is an appealing part for many gamblers who lack the patience for longer-paced games, and a single round of Dragon Tiger may take as little as thirty seconds from start to finish.  Many gamblers appreciate the fast pace of the game: even if you lose, you're never far away from a win, and whenever you win, you're never far away from a winning streak.  However, just because the game is easy to understand does not mean it is hard to master.  There are many elements of strategy in Dragon Tiger, and a player who carefully considers their odds will come away with more money than a player who rides their luck.

Strategies For Winning at Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game that does not require much strategy.  Just about the only aspect of planning for a game is knowing the quantity of decks that are included in the shoe.  The standard is eight, meaning that there are over 400 cards used in a single sitting.  Memorizing the span of 400 cards is extremely difficult, to say the least, but remembering particular highlights (such as the progression of face cards) can help you more carefully plan how to place a bet.  After seeing a lot of face cards, it's a better idea to bet low than high, while a lot of low-numbered cards means the opposite.  However, for online Dragon Tiger, the deck is more likely to be random each time, instead of set list of cards from the shoe, meaning that each turn does not depend on the cards played before it.  As such, winning at online Dragon Tiger is very luck-based, and strategies are limited.

About the only strategy is when to bet on a tie.  This requires just as much luck as skill, but there are ways to plan it.  A tie will occur roughly once every 14 times (~7%), meaning that the longer you go past 14 times without a tie, the more likely it is that the game will revert to the mean.  Since the returns on a tie are low — you receive a 8x payout for something that only occurs once in 14 times — it is best not to throw your roll behind a tie willy-nilly, but to carefully keep track of hand results and plan whenever it has been a particularly long time since a tie.  

Variants of Dragon Tiger

While the basic game of Dragon Tiger is fun, simple, and rewarding, there are many variants that you will fine, especially with online casinos.  A suit-based betting game will ask players to bid on the Dragon and Tiger as usual, but also to commit money to a particular type of suit.  Called the suit bet, this returns 3-1, which means the return is not as high as the actual chance of guessing a suit (1 in 4).  Side bets are also available for whether or not the Dragon and Tiger will be big (meaning over a 7) or small (meaning under a 7); there is no way to bet on a 7 exactly, and in the event of a 7, the house takes the pot.  Another side bet is a suited tie, meaning that both cards will be the same suit and the same number.  This can be a huge payout, 50-to-1 or more, and a way for a person to rescue their roll even if they've had a miserable streak of luck.  Some particular casinos will have a wider variant of wagering, similar to roulette: players can bet on black/red, evens/odds, two black/two red, 

Like the wagering strategy for the basic game, the strategy for these variants is to wait for an extended period where there are patterns of particular suits and particular high or low streaks.  For example, the odds of playing 4 hands without a diamond is low, and the odds drop for each additional hand without a diamond, meaning that betting each additional round on a diamond appearing will pay off in time.  The same is true for multiple streaks where the card is higher or lower than a 7.  The odds of a suited tie are very low, about 1%, so if you are capable of remembering up to 100 subsequent rounds without a suited tie, then you should start putting money behind this rare event, as it becomes more likely each time it does not occur.  

Counting and Remembering

Your ability to remember cards and count the cards left in the game are your best friend when it comes to Dragon Tiger.  For some people, the appeal of the game is its simplicity and its luck, so they may not wish to count cards.  However, one of the benefits of online casinos is that you are able to jot down each hand as you go: this record of streaks and events lets you determine which upcoming results are more or less likely.  If you want to make money playing Dragon Tiger, consider the benefits of counting the series of hands and either writing down or remembering (if your memory is good enough) the progression.  You may see a return on your roll once you begin to apply probability deductions based upon how often events occur in the span of a normal game.  Remember that all casino games are random, however, and that there is no guarantee that a 1% event will occur every 100 tries.

Odds, Margins, and House Take

When you sit down to play a game of Dragon Tiger, it benefits you to know what the odds are and what the house take is.  The simple probability of winning by a bet on either Dragon or Tiger is about 46%, with no difference based on playing either the first or second card.  The odds of a tie are about 8%.  While the returns on a tie are higher than a simple Dragon/Tiger bet, so too are the house margins on an 8-to-1 return, reaping a whopping 32% of the cut based on an expected return of .6 against an expected loss of over .9.  The house cut drops as the payout for a tie increases, and a payout of 12-to-1 results in a house cut of just 3% — meaning that a casino bumping up the returns on a tie from 8-to-1 to 12-to-1 sees ten times as much money going into the pockets of gamblers.  If you are looking for an online Dragon Tiger game, look for one with a stronger payout for ties than the standard 8-to-1, and you'll get a better return if you apply a consistent strategy.

Variants of Dragon Tiger also feature a higher return for the house.  With the low odds of a suited tie, the house gets a 14% take, and a casino will also get a 7% take if you play big/small or if you bet based on suits.  Two red/two black bets have the lowest house take, at about 3%, meaning that it is more lucrative to play this variant of Tiger Dragon than the others.  The house take for all Dragon Tiger variants are higher than baccarat, meaning that if you are able to handle a slower and more complex game, you may make more money in the long haul.  However, if you want a dynamic and fast paced game, it's hard to do better than Dragon Tiger.  

Online Dragon Tiger 

If you are looking for a Dragon Tiger game, an online casino is a great bet.  While it creates cards randomly instead of using decks in a shoe, it is convenient and may offer more lucrative odds and returns than an in-person casino.  Remember that some of the best ways to make money when signing up for an online casino involve the benefits as well as the games: you may be able to play several turns of Dragon Tiger for free just by signing up.  You may also get rewards for time played, money wagered, or win streaks.  These allow you to turn good luck into more benefits, or turn bad luck into some kind of reward.  You may also get rewards for signing up friends to play.  

One of the major benefits of playing Dragon Tiger online is the easy socialization.  Some people gamble less to win money than to meet people and make friends, and Dragon Tiger is a great game for this kind of interaction.  There is very little input from the players during a round, meaning that much of the time can be spent chatting and sending messages.  Without a real-life dealer, furthermore, there's no problem sharing strategies or plans with fellow players, so that everyone involved can benefit from some good tips. 

How To Play and Win Online Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a hugely popular game because it is very easy to learn, very fast to play, and has many variants that lead to further wagers.  While it is most popular in East Asia, it has become increasingly popular in the United States and Europe as casinos adopt it and players flock to the tables.  Most online casinos will offer some variant of Dragon Tiger, including games that give you more wagering options than simple high/low bids.  Remember to remember or track the progression of hands to give yourself an edge when it comes to placing bets, and to take advantage of sign-up or membership bonuses that make your experience at an online casino more lucrative.  While so much of the game is simple luck, this can make it very fun, and you never know whether the next hand will be your chance to win big after coming up short.

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