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Posted on: 21 May, 2021

How To Play Live Dealer Games

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What Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Online casinos have been a great way for players to enjoy a casino game without having to leave the comforts of your home. Online casinos stepped it up a notch when they added the ability to play in real-time with a live dealer. This transformed the way a player can interact with a casino game online. You can interact with a dealer without ever having to come into contact with a person. 

A live dealer game is one that you play with a human dealer. The other option is to play with a dealer that is a computer. You can find these games online, where you can play from the comfort of your own home. It looks different from if you were standing in an actual casino playing these games. A live dealer is the next best thing. When you play with a live dealer, the game is streamed to you. Keep in mind the cards are large, and they may look silly to you. They are this big, so you are able to see the card value. 

The live dealer type of game has been available since the mid-2000s. Many people had access to broadband internet around this time. High-speed internet was affordable, and many people had strong connections. The availability of affordable internet was the perfect timing for streaming an online casino. Prior to this, video streaming was choppy, and often the connection was lost. Some casinos allow you to play with a live dealer from your smartphone or other devices. Depending on the casino, they may have a live dealer only during specific hours. If so, those hours are promptly displayed on the casino. 

What Options Are Available From a Live Dealer?

This concept was first launched around 2006, and those in the industry were not sure about it. It became apparent quickly that players loved this way of playing. Evolution Gaming started with one studio with enough staff to allow players to pick the dealer they wanted. Players were able to select the game they wanted to play and the dealer to go along with the game. Evolution Gaming is now just one of many software companies with studios to provide these options to their players. These games happen in real-time with a real person as a dealer. 

How to Play a Game with a Live Dealer

Once you select the online casino that has live dealer games, you have to create an account. You will not be able to play with a dealer if you do not have an account. Once you have completed the account creation step, you need to make a deposit into your account. You need money to play. Once you do all of this, you will be ready to play. You have to navigate to the live casino portion of the casino. It most likely will be called Live Casino. From here, you will be able to see all the tables that are available to you to play. Once you select the game you would like to play; you will see that there are multiple tables for each game. The tables are usually separated by stakes. When you see the table that matches your preferences for betting, select it, and then you are presented with another screen that allows you to pick your dealer. Once you have completed these steps, you get a new window that shows your table and your dealer. The online live dealer uses the traditional equipment you have come to expect from a casino. The dealer uses cards for blackjack and baccarat. The dealer uses a roulette wheel and balls for roulette. You will not have chips with which to play. You watch the screen and interact with the live stream of the game. You use an electronic wagering system to place bets with real money. 

What To Expect From a Live Dealer

You will not be able to speak to the dealer, but the dealer will talk to you. You are prompted to make a bet. You are able to make a bet by clicking on the bet buttons that are integrated into the interface in your window that shows your table. You may not be the only person at your table, depending on the game you have selected. If that is the case, you wait for everyone to make their bets. Once that is complete, the dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards, depending on the game. The game plays the same way it would if you were at a land-based table in an actual casino. When it is finally your turn, you are prompted by the dealer to do what you must to take your turn. Once the hand is complete, all winners are paid. Your balance then reflects the way the hand turned out. If you won any money, it would show up in your balance. 

Additional Features to Look for in a Live Dealer Casino Game

There are a large number of online casinos available for you to find a place to play. You should look at the software that each casino offers. All online casinos do not use the same software. A change in software means you will get additional features from some casinos versus others. When selecting an online casino, you definitely want to select one that has an option to play with a live dealer. It is important to understand the promotions that are available to you when you play. Additional promotions include bonuses, loyalty programs, and cashback offerings. 

Differences Between Online Casinos and Live Casinos

Most online casinos offer the exact same games that you find in a traditional casino. They use random number generators to determine the outcome of the game. The interface is full of graphics that allow you to see the entire game play out. The online live dealer moves faster than a traditional Casio. It also tends to be a little more accurate. There is no need to travel to play an online live dealer game. 

Some additional advantages of an online live dealer include being able to interact with the dealer in real-time the same way that you can in a traditional casino. You have a more secure feeling about playing with a live dealer because a real person is controlling the spinning of the wheel or dealing with the cards. You are not relying on a computer to handle the dealing. The payouts are electronic, which also makes them a little more accurate and faster. The money immediately shows up in your account without any action needed on your part. There is no room for human error. You will not get shorted from the money you are owed. You are able to play more hands and have more spins each hour than in a traditional casino. Playing more hands faster also means you have more opportunities to win. 

Strategy for Games with an Online Live Dealer

The games found online with a live dealer are the same as in a traditional casino. It makes sense that you would employ the same strategies online as you would in a conventional casino. 

Blackjack Strategy

One of the most popular blackjack strategies is card counting. Online casinos make use of random number generators online has made card counting impossible. Online live dealers in blackjack have made it possible to count cards again. Casinos do not approve of card counting. There is a 50 percent cut card penetration online, making the ability to counting of cards challenging. There are many guides online that can help you play blackjack. These guides can help you work your strategy until it is perfect. Perfecting your plan can help you avoid making expensive mistakes. 

Roulette Strategy

When players are betting on roulette in a traditional casino, they are able to track the results of the roulette wheel. Every wheel is slightly different, and the tendency of the wheel shows itself. When playing online, the casinos use random number generators, making it impossible to track the wheel. When playing online with a live dealer, the best strategy is to manage your bankroll. Managing your bankroll means you should stay in your means when you bet. You should set limits for losses and even winnings. You may not be able to maximize your winnings, but it helps you reduce your losses. You can use the Martingale progression betting strategy. This strategy means you double the amount you bet after you suffer a loss. Another method is to increase your bet after every time you win. These have proven to be effective strategies. 

Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is not a skill-based game. You have to make your bet before any of the cards are dealt. There is not much in the way of strategy when it comes to playing online. You can help to increase your odds of winning at the game. If you place bets on the wager with the smallest house edge and do not make bets on the most significant house edge, you can help to increase your odds of winning. Making smart wagers also means you should not bet on the banker and watch out for the tie bet. 

Last Things to Consider with Live Dealer Games

You have more control over the game when you are playing live dealer games. These games live stream from a gaming studio which gives you the ability to control the entire process. When a casino offers games with a live dealer, it shows you that the casino is successful and reliable. Random number generators are not used in live dealer games. It is impossible to use these generators with a live dealer like they can with online games controlled by a computer. There is complete transparency of the game flow, which you can watch the entire time. You are in a gaming setting that closely mimics a traditional casino. The best part of it is that you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. You do not have to travel to get there, and you do not have to get dressed up to go to the casino. The games offered by a casino with live dealer games are updated on a regular basis. The gaming software provides updates and new products on a continual basis. When there is a constant update to the games available, you have a wide range of diversity presented to you. A wide variety of options means that you will never run out of games to play, and you will not get bored. When you are playing a live dealer game, you can tip the dealer just like you would when you play at a traditional casino. There are many perks to playing in an online casino environment. There are additional perks available to you when you play with a live dealer. Once you try playing a game with a live dealer, you will not want to play any other way. You will find that you enjoy all of the benefits to playing in real time with a dealer, and you will not want to play any other way. 

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