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Posted on: 25 May, 2021

How To Play Online Hi Lo

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Hi Lo is a card game that is popular at all types of casinos, including online casinos. Hi Lo has simple rules ensuring that anyone can learn how to play and become skilled at the game. The name of the game gives you an indication of how to play the game. In the simplest terms, you must decide if the next card dealt is going to be higher or lower than the one on the table. If you make the correct guess, you can win money. If you guess incorrectly, then you lose the game. More details about the rules are lower in this article. Hi Lo is an excellent game for beginners to a casino. There are many free online Hi Lo games you can play until you get a good feel for the game. If you have not played any games at a casino, this is a great place to start.

Rules for Hi Lo

The classic game of Hi Lo is available at most online casinos. When you place a bet on the table, the dealer deals one card face up. You must then decide if the next card is going to be a higher or lower value than the card that is face up on the table. The pay out is displayed, and if you guess correctly, that is what you receive. If you are incorrect, you lose your bet and win nothing. Then the next round begins. 

Steps to Play Hi Lo

The basic rules for Hi Lo are listed below. There are some online games that have advanced betting options and payouts. More details about this are listed further down in this article. 

First, you place your bet on the table or select your wager by choosing the buttons online. 

Then, one card is dealt face-up on the table. The card that is face-up is called the base card.

You must decide if the next card is going to be higher or lower. 

The next card is dealt by the dealer by placing it face-up on the table. 

If your guess is wrong, you lose the money you bet, and then the games ends. 

If you want to play again, you have to place another bet. 

If you guess correctly, you win the payout amount. 

The last card that was placed on the table becomes the base card in play for the next round.

You can choose to play another round or collect the money you won. 

Hi Lo is not known for having a stable payout. There is no payable that is present for Hi Lo. The payouts are dependent on the base card. The higher the probability that the next card is easily guessed gives you lower payout odds. 

Odds and Payouts

The payouts for Hi Lo change from round to round. The odds for winning change based on the value of the base card. The higher the probability means, the lower the payout will be. 

Example: when the base card is a King, there is a significant probability that the next card is going to be lower. This means that the payout is going to be lower if the next card has a lower value. If the next card has a higher value, the payout will be higher. Your odds of winning are really 50 / 50 because the next card is going to be higher or lower. With all casinos, the house always has an edge. This edge is true for online casinos, also. Usually, with Hi Lo, the house has a 2.5 percent edge, which brings your odds down to 47.5 percent. 

What is House Edge?

All games have a house edge. The house edge is what gives the advantage to the casino. This edge ensures that over the long term, the casino will make a profit. You can determine the edge that the house has over a game by looking at the return to player (RTP). The RTP is telling you the edge the casino has, just in a different way. The RTP is the percentage of money that was wagered by all players that are then paid back to them over the long term. The higher the RTP is that means the lower the house edge may be. You can expect the RTP for Hi Lo to be anywhere between 96 percent to 98 percent. 

Online Variations of Hi Lo

When you are playing the table game of Hi Lo at an online casino, you will find many variations available to you. You are able to choose from anyone that you want to play. 

Hi Lo Switch 

This version of Hi Lo gives you the ability to play with three cards at any time. There are three cards placed face-up on the table. You must play all of the cards. To collect any winnings, you must win all three of the hands, which means you must guess correctly for all three cards. You start with the first card on the table to the left and guess if the next card is higher or lower. If you are correct, you move to the next card in the middle. If you are correct with the middle card, you move to the final card, which is the one to the right. If you guess all three cards correctly, then you win. From here, you can choose to play another round with three new cards, or you can collect your winnings. Hi Lo switch may be a great alternative to the traditional Hi Lo card game.  

Strategy for Playing Hi Lo

Hi Lo is an incredibly simple game which means that there are not many strategies that you can employ when plating this card game. You must make sound choices and decisions when playing if you want to play well and win. You may be drawn in by the higher odds; you are more likely to win the bets that have a lower payout. You want to carefully consider which bets you are going to make. Instead of choosing the higher winning each time, you should consider which outcome is most likely and bet that way. 

Some players attempt to count cards, and you may be able to do that and improve your chances of winning slightly. Card counting is not a recommended approach to take because auto shuffling is used online, and that prevents your ability to card count. 

You may want to apply the Martingale strategy to your gambling approach. This is a progressive betting strategy. You can apply it to bets of even money. This strategy is used for other online casino games such as roulette. You can also use these concepts for Hi Lo. 

The steps you take in this type of strategy are:

  • You make your first bet at the lowest possible stake.
  • You continue to place this same bet until you lose. 
  • After you lose, you then double your bet.
  • If you continue to have losing hands, then you should continue to double your bet each round.
  • If you win, you are able to recover any losses you endure in the rounds you have lost. You may be able to gain a small amount of profit. 
  • Then you start all over again with your initial bet and take the same steps.

This strategy does not promise that you are going to win. There is no strategy that can guarantee a win. When you approach any strategy, there are no results that can be guaranteed. You may find that you reach the maximum amount you can bet before you have been able to recoup any of your losses. You must keep you budget in mind. It may be easy for you to blow your budget if you are not careful. 

One of the downsides to this strategy is that you might reduce your bankroll quickly. If you are not careful, you could find yourself in a situation where you have spent all of your money without even realizing it. 

Be Successful at Hi Lo

Hi Lo, is an easy game to play. The rules are easy to learn, but it is not an easy game to win. You do not have the ability to count cards when you play online. You have to make sound decisions if you want to play Hi Lo well. There are a few tips that may help you be more successful at playing Hi Low.

It is critical that you learn the rules of Hi Lo. They are simple, but you must be sure to understand them well if you are going to be able to play the game and win. 

Practice, practice, and more practice. It may seem silly to spend so much time practicing for such a simple game; you should practice with a free version of the game. Practice is the best way to become familiar with the game without the potential for losing any money. 

You must understand that the payouts are always different. The payouts are going to change depending on the base card. It is going to change from one hand to the next. You should look at the payout odds before you decide if you want to bet higher or lower against the base card. 

You must select the best casino for you. There are many different casinos online that offer Hi Lo. They provide additional perks and incentives. It is important that you select the casino that will provide you with the promotions and bonuses that you prefer. 

You must play responsibly. You should set a budget before you begin playing and stick with the budget. A budget will prevent you from spending money you do not have or want to spend. You can also set limits within the casino. Many online casinos allow you to put limits in place, such as a limit on how much money you can bet per round. You can set a limit on how much time you spend playing the game. You can also put a limit on how much money you are spending. It is in your best interest to put some of these limits in place for yourself. 

Benefits of Playing Hi Lo Online

There are many benefits to playing Hi Lo online. These benefits include the ability to access these games any time you want, 24 hours a day. You have access to playing real games for money. You have the ability to play the classic version of Hi Lo or one of its variations. You have the ability to play with a real dealer from the comfort of your own home. 

When you play online, you do not have to worry about how you are dressed or leave your house to play. You are eligible to earn extra playtime with many bonus offers. You are able to play Hi Lo online from anywhere at any time using your mobile device or tablet. There is a large range of limits for betting that appeal to every type of player, no matter if you prefer high stakes or low stakes. 

It is important that you find the right casino in which to play. There are many options available to you, and you can find Hi Lo at most of them. Always remember to bet safely and pay attention to your bankroll, so you do not deplete all of your money. 

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