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Posted on: 27 May, 2021

How To Play Online Roulette

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Online Roulette

Arguably the most popular casino game in all of history, roulette is a staple of the gaming industry and a surefire presence in virtually every casino in the world.  No matter where you are or what casino you want to play at, you can be sure that they will have roulette available.  Online casinos offer roulette just like in-person casinos, and while the game may be slightly different at an online casinos, the staples of the game and strategy remain the same.  Roulette is one of the few casino games where it is possible to make significant money with patience and some foresight.  

Playing Roulette

At the start of the game, players put their money on several different sections of the table, indicating what event they want to bet on: red or black, odds or evens, high or low, or the specific number from 00 to 36.  If the game has a dealer, they will drop the ball into the moving roulette wheel, and after a few seconds it will come to a stop: wherever the ball lands, payouts will be awarded, and if no person gets a payout, the house takes whatever was put on the table.  If you feel lucky, wager your money on a specific number of the roulette wheel, and you'll win 35-to-1 on that number.  Since there are two green slots (usually 00 and 0), the casino takes its cut whenever the ball falls on one of these unique colors.  Depending on the game, the rules, and the casino, players may be competing against one another, but more often they are gambling against the house.  The players then collect winnings or lick their wounds and plan for the next round, where the process goes all over again.  Most casinos will put up information about previous spins, hoping to lure gamblers who see a trend and want to profit from it ending or streaking.  

It sounds easy, which is an attractive part for many gamblers do not have the patience for longer-paced games, and a game of roulette rarely lasts longer than a minute from start to finish.  It's common for people who have never gambled before to start at the roulette tables because the rules are easy and the returns are consistent.  Even experienced gamblers can appreciate how quickly a game goes by since it means that they are that much closer to a win, or better yet, a winning streak.  However, the easiness of roulette is disguised by a great deal of math behind it.  There are many ways to exploit the math behind roulette, which allows players to come away with more money in their pocket than those who gamble based on whatever they feel will win the next spin.

Strategies For Winning at Roulette

The key strategy behind roulette is understanding odds and probabilities.  There's a reason that this gambling game is featured in countless math tests at school: since the odds are close to being 50/50, the game comes down to the few times when it is not an even split.  To create a strategy, first think about which variant of roulette you'd like to play.  With 38 total slots on the wheel (1-36 plus 0 and 00), you can expect that any number will hit within 40 games, and with just two colors (and two odd/even splits) you won't have to wait long before the wheel hits one or the other.  This does not mean that every number will hit within 40 spins, but it is true that over time the odds are totally even, and no number will ever escape those odds.  As such, plan a roulette strategy based on past performance.  While five reds in a row does not guarantee that black will come up next, it does become progressively more and more likely.  After seeing a lot of odd numbers, it's a better idea to bet evens, while a lot of low-numbered spins means a higher spin is increasingly likely.  Online roulette is no different from wheel roulette, and indeed may be slightly more fair (in the event a mechanical issue, or even the gradient of the casino floor, influences the roulette spins).  An accredited online casino will have its games tested for randomness, so they can't cheat their players, and you can be sure that online roulette wheels are not more likely to come up on double zeroes.

A key strategy is to bet based on your losses, but not your wins.  For example, if you bet $1 on red and lose, then betting $3 on red the next spin will be as if you won the previous round.  This can be tricky for a gambler, however, especially whenever they encounter a losing streak and find themselves chasing a single good occurrence.  However, the high odds (nearly 50%) of hitting red (or black, or odds or evens, or high or low) means that it is never long before a win is around the corner.  This does not mean a gambler should bet $1 on red, win, and bet $2 on red the next time: this will result in compounded losses.  Instead, stay steady and methodical, risking no more than a maximum amount on each bet, and the consistency of the table will pay off in the long run. 

Variants of Roulette

Since roulette is so well known and so popular in casinos, you can be sure to find variants of the basic game whenever you look around for a table.  Some tables divide the numerical value into thirds or quarters, meaning that you can win 3-to-1 on thirds and 4-to-1 on quarters.  You may also be able to wager on rows (0 or 00), splits (adjoining numbers), streets (horizontally linked numbers), or corners (adjoining numbers in a block), which pay out at rates between 17-to-1 to 8-to-1, depending on their rarity.  You can bet on both the rows and columns of the table (the horizontal and vertical numbers).  The biggest payout remains betting on any single number, including 0 or 00.

Like the wagering strategy for the basic game of roulette, the strategy for these variants of the game is to wait it out and see how patterns are performing, whether streaks are occurring, and whether there is reason to think that it is increasingly likely the ball will fall on a particular slot.  The chances of playing 10 games and having all 10 of them hit black is not impossible, but is hugely unlikely, and it is far more likely that red will be the next color than black.  Casinos may offer a recording of past events, but if not, persons with the best memory and the best strategy will be the ones who come away with the most money in their rolls.  If you're just gambling casually, you may not wish to keep track of all the details.  However, streaks constantly begin and end in roulette, meaning that a person who knows the progression of events is a person who has a better chance of profiting from it.  A gambler stuck in a rut who uses probability and deduction will have a better chance in the span of multiple games.  Of course, there are no guarantees in roulette, and gamblers can quickly get frustrated after betting on odds and watching the ball land on evens multiple times in a row.

Odds, Margins, and House Take

When you come to the roulette table, you should know both about the odds of any one event, and the house take of any one event.  Since the odds of a win on a straight bet (red/black, odds/evens, high/low) runs just under 49%, it is tempting to think that you have a straight 50/50 shot at a straight bet.  While this is true in terms of a gambling strategy, it is not true on the table, and this slim margin has built many hotels in Las Vegas.  The good news is that the house take is roughly even for every bet: no matter what you wager on odds, evens, or zero/double zero, the expected win margin is equal across the board and adds up to about 5% loss per spin.  This is beneficial for several reasons: it means that any particular bet in roulette is no less risky than any other: if you want to stake your bankroll on nothing but double zeroes, you are no more or less likely to suffer for it than if you simply wager black/red.  Without ties or split pots, furthermore, there is no way to be behind due to a bad wager.

Playing Roulette Online 

If you are looking for a roulette game, an online casino will be able to help, since they offer online tables for both private gamblers as well as social gamblers to play.  Their spins are random instead of real-life, meaning that they are convenient, able to be played at any time, and may offer slightly higher margins than a traditional casino.  As with most online casinos, a rewards program can keep gamblers at the table and give you rewards for milestones like 100 spins, meaning you can get rewards for having fun at the table.  If you want to play roulette online, you should do your best to look for rewards that benefit you the more you play, boosting your winnings and trimming some of your losses.  Interaction at the table, by chatting with other players, also allows you to share a strategy or success story so that you are able to figure out how people are doing, and whether you are making any mistakes in your approach to the game.  What's more, at an online casino, you can find variants of roulette that you could never find at a traditional casino, such as games where the wheel runs up to 100 instead of stopping at 36.  Some variants of online roulette are based on themes like pirates or ancient Egypt, so that they are fun even if they are not a total change from the classic game.

How To Play and Win Online Roulette

Roulette remains one of the most popular games worldwide, found in casinos from Monte Carlo to Macau, and any online casino will be sure to feature it among its traditional table games.  Remember that the game is not entirely luck, as certain events are more likely to happen based on past events, and that strategic gambling on outcomes will serve you better in the long run by rewarding your patience.  Since it is so popular, it is never difficult to find a game, while it's well-known format means that casinos offer variants that allow you to gamble in new and exciting ways on an old classic.  Think carefully about the progression of rounds as you play to make certain your bet has the best odds behind it, and always capitalize on an online casino's membership bonuses, so that your time spent at the table gives you the most rewards possible.  Although there is a huge element of luck involved in roulette, this makes it a challenge as well as an enjoyable game, and behind the luck lies the simple progression of mathematical probabilities.  This means that any roulette turn can be a chance to come up big, because anything can happen once the chips are on the table and the wheel begins to turn.

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