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Posted on: 21 May, 2021

How To Play Online Slots

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Slot machines are ideal for gambling online. They are easy to use and quick to learn. Once you learn how to play, you will have hours of fun playing an online slot machine. 

Step By Step Instructions for Online Slots

Step 1 – Learn How Slot Machines Work

The first thing you should do is learn how slot machines work. More on this later in this article. There is a wide variety of slot machines you can play online. While they all look at little different, they have the same basic rules. Slot machines involve symbols, reels, and pay lines. There are video slot machines that have advanced interfaces. They include symbols, wilds, and scatters. They are intended to enhance your gaming ability. 

Step 2 – Find a Casino 

Find an online casino that has a reliable and wide variety of slot machines. Most casinos have a lot of slot machines for you to play. There are casinos that specialize in just slot machines. If that is where your interest lie, that is the type of casino you should find. They usually have thousands of games. A slot machine casino provides you an easy way to filter for games. You can filter by theme, pay lines, and features. You want to make sure your casino is reliable by reviewing the licenses, policies, terms, conditions, and return to player rate. 

Step 3 – Try the Demo Mode

Many casinos allow you to play the games in a demo mode before you register or bet any money. This gives you the opportunity to browse the games in the casino, acclimate yourself with the slot machine games, and try them on for size. 

Step 4 – Register 

It is typically easy and straightforward to register with a casino. It requires information from you like your email address, home address, full name, and date of birth. The casino uses this information to verify your identity. They need this to make sure they pay out your winnings properly and make sure all of your information is accurate and correct. 

Step 5 – Choose Your Slot Machine 

Choose your preferred slot machine and open the game on any device you want. There are two items to consider when selecting which game meets your preferences. Those items are Variance and Return to Player (RTP). 

Variance is how often the slot machine has a payout. When a slot machine has a low variance, it means that it pays a smaller amount of winnings on a more regular basis. High variance slot machines have fewer wins but for larger amounts of money. 

Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage that the game gives back to the players over the long term. An example is when a machine has an RTP of 95 percent, which means that for every $100 wagered, $95 of it is paid out, and $3 is kept in the casino. This percentage may not apply to the game you are playing but over millions of spins made by all the players over the life of the slot machine game. You want to find a casino that is fully transparent and publishes this information. You may be able to find this information with the rules for the games.  

Step 6 – Review Paytable and Paylines

Now you are almost ready to play, but you want to take a look at the paytable for the game. This payable shows you what each symbol is worth. This way, you know which ones to pay attention to. Then you want to select how much you want to bet and how many of the pay lines you want to play. If you want to select all of the pay lines at one time, use the max bet button. 

Step 7 – Spin to Play

When you are ready, you can click the spin button to spin your reels. If you win, the game shows you how much you have won. You then have a chance to bet. This way, you have the opportunity to play bigger and bet more money to win even more money. You might be presented the opportunity to play a bonus game. You can spin the reels as much as you want. You must keep your eyes on your bankroll to make sure you have money. 

Step 8 – Knowing When to Stop is Important 

Playing a slot machine at an online casino is a lot of fun, but at some point, you need to stop. A great way to put a stop in place for yourself is to put limits in place. You can set a limit for your bankroll. You can set a limit on the number of hours you play. You can set a limit on how much you want to bet. You can also set a limit on how much money you can win. For example, you can set a limit of 30 percent over your initial deposit. This is another way for you to control your spending.

Understanding What You See on Your Screen

As developers continue to refine their craft and technology improves, online slot machine games become more complex and complicated. They are attempting to provide you an exciting experience. They have included new symbols to the game, such as scatters and wilds. These symbols can make significant increases to your game and winnings. It is important to know what these symbols mean, so you can look for them. 


There are Wilds in many games in the online gambling world. You may hear the term wild card. A wild card usually means that it is a card that can be substituted for any other card. It has a similar definition in the slot machine world. Wild symbols are there to help players create a winning line. They are able to do this because they substitute their wild symbol in place of whatever they are missing to create a line that is a winner. This can be an incredibly helpful symbol. The wild symbol can be dynamic or static, and in some games, they are triggers for another event. These events include bonus rounds and expanding symbols. The symbols can appear anywhere on the reel. They appear even when you have made a small bet. 


Another symbols that you will commonly find on a video slot machine is a scatter. This extends far beyond basic fruit and simple symbols. The scatter symbol appears anywhere on the screen and still give you points. It does not need to be on the win line for you to win with it. All you have to do is see the scatter symbol. The prizes a scatter symbol offers you can launch you into an interactive bonus round. You may be able to unlock free spins and cash prizes. You may even be able to get a progressive jackpot. You can have multiple scatter symbols appear on your screen at once, which maximizes the return you see on your bet. Like the wild symbol, the scatters symbol can appear anywhere on the reel. They appear even when you have made a small bet, just like the wild. 


Multipliers have been a long-standing favorite of those who play online slot machines. Multipliers give you the opportunity to increase your winnings quickly. You can raise them by two, three, or more, as much as ten times more than the actual value of the winnings. Multipliers are most often found in bonus rounds or free spin rounds, but they can also be found during regular gameplay. They appear randomly and are intended to increase the excitement you have for the game. Multipliers increase your winnings on your payline as your total bet to increases your total winnings. 

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are extra rounds in a game. You must unlock these rounds. When you do, you are given the opportunity to increase your winnings. The developers do this to increase your excitement with the game and encourage you to keep coming back to more playtime. The bonus rounds appear in different ways, including free spins, risk options, gambling options, and mini-games. The bonus rounds occur when a bonus symbol appears. This can include combinations of winning symbols, and they are set to randomly appear. There is no way you can determine when they will make an appearance. The bonus rounds can also be unlocked when you have completed specific goals inside the game. 

Can You Beat a Slot Machine?

Online slot machines have grown tremendously over the years. They can have as many as 25 or 50 pay lines. They include five reels and a large range of symbols. They have all the bonus round, random jackpots, bonus free games, and incentives mentioned above. All of these things make it harder to ‘beat’ a slot machine. You have to determine what you would like your strategy to be. By learning more about how a slot machine works, you can improve the odds of you winning. This allows you to have a good shot at some of the top prizes. 

You want to bet on as many pay lines as you possibly can. If you are being mindful of a budget, you want to decrease how much you bet on each line. You do not want to reduce the number of pay lines you play. 

You should always make sure that you understand the rules of the game before you play it. Often times, bonuses require a minimum bet. Sometimes they require that you spend a certain amount of money within a set timeframe. It is important to know these rules, so you are not left high and dry without any winnings. 

There are special features like fast play or auto play. You should use them to make your game go faster. Special features mean that you are able to win more and win faster. 

You want to practice as much as you can. It may seem silly to you to practice for a slot machine, but it is not. Practicing in demo mode provides you the chance to create a strategy and test it without risking any of your own money. You do not even have to register or download the game to practice or play in demo mode. It is highly recommended. 


There are various slot tournaments in the online slot machine world. You have the ability to win money or other prizes. These tournaments allow you to compete against other players. You have to rank at the top of the leader board. Each tournament has different rules on where you have to rank to get a bonus. The higher you appear on the leader board means, the more money you can win. Tournaments happen within a set time frame window. You may play directly against another player, or you can play at any time, and your score gets ranked on the leader board each time you play. The tournament may have heats where you play and move forward in the tournament based on your score. You may have to pay an entry fee for the tournament, and that is something you might want to know. To rank the highest in a tournament, you want to use the auto spin feature, play as many pay lines as possible, and use the max bet feature.  

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