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Posted on: 25 May, 2021

How To Play Online Video Poker

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In general, poker is a popular game. You can find a poker table in just about every traditional casino you can find. It is available to play online, which only adds to the enjoyment you can get from playing poker. When playing poker online at a casino, you can lose something from the experience. While playing poker at an online casino is a great way to play poker from the comfort of your own home, you may lose the feel of a traditional casino. Some people thrive on the sounds and smells of a casino. Enter online video poker to help fill in some of the missing pieces. Online video poker gives you just about the same experience you would have if you were in a casino. 

When you play online video poker, you can use the same strategy and expect the same chances of winning as you can receive in a live poker game. The screens and sounds in online video poker do a fantastic job of mimicking the real deal. 

The Details of Playing Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most accessible games to learn to play at an online casino. Within 10 minutes, you will feel completely comfortable and ready to play on your own without any assistance. There are many casinos offering online video poker, and it is vital to find the right one for you. Every online casino offers something special and different from the others. Check them out to see which one gives what you want. Once you have settled on the site on which you want to play, now it is time to actually play the game. 

Create an Account 

You must create an account and deposited money into the account to play. Setting up an account is simple and straightforward. You fill out an online form requiring some personal information that the casino uses to identify you. You also have to set up a way to deposit money into your casino account and where you want any withdrawals to go. 

Determine How Much to Spend

Now that you have funded your account online, you should think about how much money you want to spend while playing in a session poker. This spending account is called your bankroll. Any time you make a wager or collect winnings, it goes to your bankroll. The more money you have in your bankroll, the more poker you are able to play. You bankroll updates in real time as you spend or win money. At any given time, you can see how much money you have available to you. The money available to you will present to you in a way that makes sense for the game you are playing. 


When you are playing online video poker, a coin is worth a certain amount of money. One coin may be equal to 25 cents, and that is how it presents to you. Two coins are 50 cents, etc. If one coin is worth 20 cents, two coins are worth 40 cents, which will display to you. When you enter into a game, it is essential to understand how the credits and coin system works. This way, you are betting the amount you expect you are betting. You will also have a better understanding of how much you can win and why. 

Consider Your Strategy

It was mentioned above that you could use some strategy when playing video poker. You can begin using that strategy as soon as you make a wager. If you do not consider your wager carefully, you could make an error that impacts how much you receive in your payback. You are typically able to make bets in increments of one coin. You usually have a limit of 5 coins. This limit means you can bet one, two, three, four, five coins at a time. You have the ability to change your wager with every hand, or you can hold it at the same rate. 

When playing video poker, your chances of winning do not change as you play the game. You cannot time when you are going to win or lose. You should not make a bet because you think it is time for you to lose. The chances of you winning are based on the probability of cards. The decks in online video poker are simulated. They are shuffled quickly to guarantee every deal is random. 

Max Bets

One of the best ways to play online video poker is to bet the maximum amount that you can. This maximum amount is referred to as the max bet. You should play the max bet every hand that you play. The max bet is incredibly important because it can earn you the most winnings from a Royal Flush. A Royal Flush is the highest paying and rarest hand in video poker. If you bet one to four coins and get a Royal Flush, you can expect about 250 coins for each one you bet. If you bet five coins (max bet), you can win 800 to 1, possibly higher. The higher amount is an excellent incentive for using the max bet. Royal Flush winning is not typically related directly to the number of coins you bet. 

What this means is for every hand other than a Royal Flush, your winnings are related to what you bet. For example, if the winnings are 25 coins, if you bet one coin, you win 25. If you bet two coins, you win 50. If you bet three coins, you will 75. If you bet four coins, you win 100. If you bet five coins, you win 125. However, with a Royal Flush, the winnings are 250, 500, 750, 1000, 4000. 

Actually Playing Your Hand

Video poker is exactly like the pattern of play for Five Card Draw. In this style of play, you are dealt five cards. You must decide which cards to discard. You then draw cards to replace the ones that you discarded. You are attempting to make the best five card hand for poker that you can. When playing at a traditional casino or at a poker table, it is a multi player and interactive game. When you are playing online video player, it is your own experience. You are not playing with anyone else. The good news about this is you do not have to be concerned with bluffing. Your only focus is creating the card combination that you feel will win in the game you are playing at the specific pay table. 

The paytable makes a difference because it may mean that you need a specific hand to win. There are a standard set of hands that you are aiming to have in order to win the game. Some hands require that you have all five cards actively in your hand (like a Flush), whereas others only need some of the cards (Two Pair).

Those hands are:

  • A pair of Jacks or Better
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight (five consecutively ranked cards, 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8)
  • A Flush (five cards in the same suit)
  • A Full House (Three of a Kind and Two Pair together)
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush (A Straight with the same suit) 
  • A Royal Flush (Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace in the same suit)

The winning hands are listed in order of easiest to hardest to obtain. The payback increases as the hand are more challenging to get. The intention of online video poker is enticing you to get the most difficult hand you can to get the most money. 

Once you make a wager, you then hit the deal button that appears on your screen. The amount you bet is automatically deducted from your bankroll. You then get your deal of five cards. The cards you are using are a standard 52 card deck. Once you are given your five cards, the remaining 47 cards are shuffled and ready for you to draw. When you draw cards, it gives you a chance to make your hand better. You determine how many cards you want to hold and how many you want to discard. On the next draw, the cards you discarded are replaced by new cards from the deck of the remaining cards. 

Example of a real life situation:

For example, you have five cards that include three of spades, four of spades, five of spades, five of hearts, King of Spades. You do not have winning hands with these cards. You have some options, but you have to decide which way you want to go. You could be just one or two cards away from winning. 

You could decide to use the Pair of Fives and get rid of the other three cards. This means you will discard the other three and draw three more cards. You could potentially end up with the Two Pair that you already have, or a Three of a Kind, Full House, even a potential Flush. 

You could decide to keep all of the Spades and discard just the five hearts. This means you discard one card and draw one new card. This also means that there are nine Spades left in the deck of 47 cards. Your chances of getting that card and obtaining a Flush are less than one in five. 

Another option is to keep the numbered Spades, which are the three of Spades, the four of Spades, and the five of Spades. You discard the King of Spades and five of hearts. The two cards you get in the draw could potentially give you a Straight, Flush, or Straight Flush. Now you need two cards to get those hands. Obtaining the right two cards is going to be harder to get, but the payout is much higher. It is wise to decide which hand you want to play based on your chances of winning. You have to balance the risk and the reward. 

The best way for you to make this decision is to make sure you understand the pay table. Casinos display their pay table directly on the screen when you are playing online video poker. The best way to read these tables is to match the amount you plan to bet with the amount you hope to win. Understanding this table helps you make the right choice of a hand that will pay less versus a hand that will pay more. 

Once you decide which way you want to play your hand, you select the area above the cards you wish to hold in your hand. Then you select the draw button. The cards you have chosen to discard go away, and they are replaced by new cards from the deck. Now, your hand is over. If you have won, those winning are added to the total in your bankroll. The money you bet has already been deducted, and if you did not win, you would not see a change in your bankroll until you make your next bet. You can continue these steps over as many times as you want. You can move more credits from your gambling account to your bankroll anytime you want. 

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