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Posted on: 03 September, 2021

How to Play Online Bingo and Win?

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Everyone has heard of the word “bingo.” It is one of the most popular words used to describe a winning moment in life, or we use it when we achieve something. 

But where does this word come from?

“Bingo” comes from the game bingo that is played a lot on the internet, and first, we will see how many players are there who play it online around the world and where it's most popular. 

Online bingo is the game of bingo played on the internet but not with balls used in regular bingo halls. Still, online bingo uses a random number generator with the option of chat functionality, and you can play online bingo with friends.

It is a top-rated game around the globe, and there is an incredible number of online players; throughout the years, there have been more than 100 million bingo players online. 

There was an online bingo game which is considered the biggest game ever in the world, and it was played in Japan with around half a million players participating in a single game. Some of the countries where it is most popular are the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Italy, Germany, and others.

But before we see the best tips or the rules of how to play bingo games online, first, let's see a little bit of the history of the game of bingo.

History of Bingo  

The game itself was not initially called bingo, and the beginnings were in Italy; it is believed in the 16th century around the year 1530. It was from the Italian lottery called “II Gioco del Lotto d'Italia,” and afterward, the game spread to France, where it was played by the French aristocracy called “Le Lotto.” The future famous bingo then migrated to Great Britain and other countries across Europe in the 18th century. 

As for the United States, it was in the early 1920s when Hugh J. Ward created a standardized game that was played in carnivals around West Pennsylvania, and he copyrighted it with a book of rules he published in 1933. The game was made even more famous by Edwin Lowe because he took it to New York after hearing about it in 1929 at a carnival near Atlanta called “Beano.”

The name “Bingo” or its origins are unknown to this day. The only information we have is only claims that one of Lowe's friends was so happy she had won that she instinctively yelled “Bingo”! 

Online Bingo History

Almost everything that exists today, especially in the gaming world, can be played online too. It is the same with online bingo games. 

One of the first online bingo dates back to 1996, and it was a free online bingo called “Bingo Zone.” Every player had to provide demographic information and receive targeted ads.

There is also another bingo game that was launched by Bingo Blitz back in 1998, which was called by the name “Uproar.”  

Of course, back then, even though it was basically online, you can easily guess that it wasn't designed nearly as well as it is today. But with time, it became better and better. It literally evolved into a social game, for that matter.

A quick fun fact is that online bingo became extremely popular in the UK right after the government enforced a ban on smoking in 2007. 

Players quickly realized that there are more benefits to playing bingo online and not in land-based casinos. 

Rules to Play

Bingo is probably one of the most popular games ever. However, Online Bingo comes with a twist of more fun and excitement. Here is how you can play and win.

It is fair to say that the rules of how to play bingo online are not complicated because bingo is a game of chance. However, it requires you to cross off numbers on your bingo scoreboard as the caller announces the numbers, and you have to cross off numbers before your competitors. 

The game begins when the first ball is drawn, and if you have it, you must mark the square off your card. 

Numbers will be drawn until one or more players have the winning bingo pattern.

There are several types of online bingo, and here we will see how to play bingo online. The most popular types are:

  • 30-Ball Bingo 

Here there are 30 balls in the pot, and each card has 9 numbers across a 3*3 grid, and usually, the player that gets a full house wins a prize.

  • 75-Ball Bingo

Here it is also best to make a full house by matching all of the numbers, but most variants will have prizes, too, since you can match vertical lines, horizontal lines, or diagonal lines.

There are 24 numbers across a 5*5 card.

  • 80-Ball Bingo

This game is interesting because it was mainly developed by online bingo operators. Players get a pattern before the game that has to be completed in order to win. There is a total of 16 numbers, and 4*4 cards are used for the game.

  • 90-Ball Bingo

The 90-Ball bingo game is the most popular one among the players online. At the start of every game, there will be 90 balls in the pot with 3 rows that are part of each card, and every row will have 5 numbers which mean that a card will completely have 15 numbers. 

You can win three types of prizes, one when a single horizontal row is completed, the second when a player completes two horizontal rows, and the last one when a full house is won when a player hits every single number on the ticket. 

Normally, this is the biggest prize, and if more than one player wins, it will be split between the players.

These are the rules of how to play bingo online, and one must follow them to have a chance of winning in a bingo game.

Tips on How to Play

No matter what you play online, there must be some tips that will help you become a better player and have a bigger chance to win. Tips can be valuable, especially if you are new in the gaming world.

Let's see the best tips on how to play bingo online and win:

  • Timing

Timing can be very important in playing online bingo. When you play a game at a time when everyone else is playing, there is a much smaller chance that you will be able to win. 

The prize of a jackpot will maybe be the same, but playing when the internet is not crowded gives you a much higher chance to win. 

Playing at quieter times is the first tip on how to win online bingo games.

  • Look after your budget

When playing bingo, it is crucial to prepare a budget, money that you are planning to spend on a game. It is important to know when to stop because it is a game of chance, and you can easily end up in a losing streak.

  • Amount of cards

Most sites have an auto dab option that can mark your card automatically. This is a good option, especially if you are new to the world of online bingo. A lot of sites will also allow you to buy multiple cards that increase the chances of hitting a number. But be careful since there is nothing more nerve-wracking than to realize that you did have the number, but you were looking at the wrong card. 

  • Reviews

It is important to read reviews when playing online. And even crucial to read honest and fact-approved reviews on how to play e-lotto in general because knowing the facts will improve your game and put your chances of winning at a high rate. 

  • Make Friends

As mentioned earlier the online bingo games usually have chat rooms where you can communicate with other players, and it is known that the bingo community is enormous. So use that to your advantage, and make new friends online who will help you find out which prizes are up for grabs. 

Are There Any Famous Wins of Bingo?

Every player's dream is to get lucky and win a big jackpot online, and there are some players who had the experience of fulfilling that dream.

So it is true that there are some famous bingo wins. The biggest online bingo winners are:

  • John Orchard – Back in December 2012, Orchard was the luckiest person on the planet by winning the biggest online bingo jackpot ever by winning 5.9 million pounds.
  • Lisa Potter – This is also one of the highest wins in online bingo history. Lisa Potter is a 33-year-old woman who decided to have a little fun, and she put on 5 pounds, and only on her second spin, she won a stunning 1.3 million. 
  • Anne Marie Ferrar – A single mom that even though unfortunately, didn't know how to manage the money and returned back to her regular job, Anne placed a bet that won a fabulous 3.4 million pounds back in February 2015.
  • Georgios M – There is not a lot of information about this gentleman aside from that he is a businessman who was only 36 years old when he won the second biggest prize ever, which was an astonishing 5.1 million pounds on an online bingo game. 

Can you cheat at playing online bingo?

Of course, you can cheat as you can cheat in any online game there is on the internet.

But, cheating in bingo or in any other online game is not in any way or form advised for any player.

And not only because it is inappropriate, but a lot, more importantly, it is forbidden, and you can get into some severe trouble if you get caught.

Cheating on any licensed online casino site or on any bingo game is illegal and punishable by law. 

Online casinos are fair, and there is no need to cheat when it comes to playing since they have a mathematical system responsible for making online casinos safe, which is the RNG that stands for Random Number Generator. All licensed online casinos are checked and inspected all the time by government authorities and 3rd parties to ensure that all games are fair and that all the RNG numbers are really random.     


You can see that bingo is an immensely popular online casino game. Millions and millions of people from all around the globe are playing all the time, and it is also a chance to have a lot of fun, have a little bit of excitement, and make new friends from different countries and cultures. Playing online bingo gives you the privilege to play any time you want anywhere. 

Follow the rules on how to play bingo online, and use the tips to have a higher chance of winning, and why not be the next biggest winner in the history of online casino bingo games.

It is also valuable to read all the time to gather knowledge faster and become a better player.


  • Can you win money playing bingo online?
    • Yes, you can definitely win some real money by playing online bingo; you just need to sign up at an online casino, and before playing, you have to make a deposit. After that, you can choose a game and play, and withdraw all the money you won when finished.
  • Can you cheat by playing online bingo?
    • As mentioned earlier, with the progress in cybersecurity, you will probably get caught, and there is no need to cheat because there are legitimate ways to win. Cheating on an online bingo game is punishable by law.
  • Can you play bingo online for free?
    • You can certainly play free online bingo since there are a number of free bingo games which are free to play with no deposit required.
  • Is online bingo a con?
    • Online gaming can give you a lot of fun, excitement, and edge-of-the-seat moments, particularly with bingo, but it is not a con; online bingo played at regulated sites is safe and fair.

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