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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

Things About Live Dealer Casinos You May Not Have Known

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Real dealer online casino games have been around for about twenty years now. Indeed, their popularity has boomed and for online operators, they’ve been a game-changer. This is because they offer the player a real thrill they’ve only even known in a physical casino previously. What’s more, they don’t have to leave their homes for this!

Advancements in technology have pushed the experience to become more authentic than ever before. This is aided by the ability to communicate becoming easier and competition rising. So, operators have to continually upgrade their offering, including features. 

Choosing online gambling games

Those who like online casino gambling are often demanding people, and rightly so! As there is so much choice, players can be choosy. Therefore, operators cannot compromise on quality if they want to retain their players.

It might surprise you to learn that players do have a real choice in some online casinos. Often, a random number generator is used for fairness (and these are routinely audited). However, some games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat prefer not to use them and opt for a live dealer. This is because some say you cannot replicate the experience of a real dealer with an algorithm. With this in mind, you’ll commonly find popular table games in dual formats. Meaning, you get the decision of a live dealer or an RGN.

Those casinos who have the resource to expand will always be the most innovative. Resulting in a plethora of games for their account holders. Those running live dealer games give their players incentives and bonuses for an enhanced experience. 

What about other games?

The bolstered popularity of these games doesn’t mean other genres are dropping in numbers. For example, slot games are still dominating the online gambling industry. In fact, there are more slots available than all other games combined! This is because you don’t need to learn how to play slots and you don’t need a lot of money to play. Plus, it pays out big.

Online gambling user experience

Technology aids popularity. Online casinos use the tech to attract more users by enhancing their user experience. Next, they add more games with more offers and put an emphasis on live dealer games. Perhaps you’re not familiar with live dealer casinos yet? Essentially, players play in real-time against one another, where there is a live dealer being broadcast from a studio. Then those online can follow the game via a streaming link.

Things about real dealer casinos you might not have known.

Players interact with the dealer through OCR (optical character recognition) software. Here, the dealer will shuffle the cards in real-time from their studio and the player follows everything from their computer or smartphone. Then, the OCR picks up on the dealer’s cards and recognises what has been dealt. Finally, the card data is fed back as code and delivered to the players.

You can contact live chat during your live dealer casino game. Perhaps you have a question that needs answering during your game. After submitting, your dealer will respond. This is unlike other games online and you can expect immediate responses.

Evolution Gaming is a leading live dealer casino dealer. Specifically, they stand apart from others for their creativity and high-quality. Evo Gaming operates in Canda, Latvia and Malta. More, they have some of the biggest jackpots you’ll find anywhere online.  

Live casino operation costs a lot to run. So if you see limited live dealer casino games on a particular site, don’t think it’s a bad site. It’s just that it is a big expense compared to online games. Think about the equipment needed as well as paying the dealers!

With that in mind, did you know a live dealer can be paid anywhere between 30-50k per year? Indeed, it’s a lucrative job! More, a beginner can even bag a salary of 16-18k per year! Not only this, but they receive the usual benefits you’d expect from another job, like health insurance, holidays and other perks.

Dealers need to pass a course to be qualified for the job. In fact, it’s six weeks long. This includes everything there is to know about the games as well as the legal side. Additionally, topics like appropriate dress code and behaviour conduct!

Perhaps the above has piqued your interest? If so, becoming a live dealer is down to looks and personality. If you pay attention to their style of dress, manner and how they interact with players you could learn a lot. Remember, it’s about being professional and sophisticated.

Live Dealer Casinos: Conclusion

Here we have it! You can see live casinos are the answer to the demands of a fast-paced and tech-sensitive generation of online casino gamblers. Of course, the leading operators will continually invest into more live dealer casino games and this means they’ll only get better and better. For example, we can already see examples of 3D and even Virtual Reality casinos with live dealers and you can read more on those in our article here.

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