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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

How To Win at Online Casinos Every Time

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While online casino games are a form of entertainment, we admire the winners of the major progressive jackpots whose lives are changed forever. Several video slots offer high jackpots apart from an assortment of other lucrative bonus features although it's the progressive jackpot games that draw the crowds.

The Basics Of Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a pool of cash that increases every time the game/s it is linked to is played, and it continues to grow in value until it is won. When a progressive jackpot is won the jackpot resets back to a predetermined value and returns to increase under the same rules.

How To Win at Online Casinos Every Time

Progressive jackpots are offered in a variety of casino games including slots; poker and video poker and often multiple games are linked to the same jackpot. The jackpot meter displays the ever-progressing pot amount in bright, bold letters in LCD or Led and the larger the number reaches, the more players are drawn to test their luck.

Progressive Jackpot Strategies

Choosing the best progressive jackpot game starts by selecting a reputable online casino, and our list of recommended casinos are perfect to guide readers in the right direction. Progressive jackpot payouts are triggered by a rare sequence, and most online slots feature more than one progressive jackpot. Each jackpot is triggered by a different combination, while bonus rounds or mega wheels are used to make jackpot triggering more enthralling.

Online slots also offer in-game jackpots that reward exceptionally well while progressive jackpot games not only offer the highest payouts but are also bonus feature packed. Video slots offer a broad range of features to increase players chances of winning thousands via wilds, scatters, free spins bonus round, mini bonus games, bonus wheels and generally a five of a kind combination formed by wild symbols award a jackpot prize.

Combination payouts, as well as bonus features, are displayed on slot payout tables, and this is also the best place to learn more about how the progressive jackpot can be triggered.

Progressive Jackpots Types Explained

There are two major types of progressive jackpots, which include linked or pooled progressive jackpots and local jackpots. A single progressive jackpot could also be linked to several different games and players on all linked games then contribute to one prize pool. A progressive jackpot linked to several games can also be triggered from anyone of the games linked to it.

A local progressive can also mean that the jackpot is only offered at one casino and is contributed to by players of that casino only and can only be triggered by members of the particular casino.

The benefit of playing a local progressive jackpot game is that your chances are significantly increased of winning the jackpot since fewer players are participating. The downside is that the jackpot grows slower since fewer players contribute towards its growth.

Linked or pooled jackpots are progressives linked to several casinos, and members of all the interconnected casinos contribute towards the progressive pool. The progressive jackpot can be won at any one of the linked casinos, and the benefit is that the jackpot increases much faster in payout size and reaches astonishingly high multi-million payouts.

Progressive Jackpot Pools

There are also other types of progressive jackpots and while video slots jackpots are build from a small percentage of players wagers. Slots featuring a progressive jackpot are mostly high variance games that pay out less frequent although there is always the chance that the next spin could deliver a life-altering windfall.

In table games, a side bet mostly handles the progressive jackpot and there are many situations where smaller payouts and the fee for the primary jackpot combined define player’s returns on the side bet. Several bets are great from a house-edge perspective, and what players give up in edge they make up for in entertainment value while they still stand the chance of winning exceptionally high jackpots.

Winning A Progressive Jackpot

When you hit a progressive jackpot, there are often several rules in place, and only 90% of the jackpot could be awarded leaving the remaining 10% to start the next pot. It is vital to read the payout terms and conditions before wagering on a progressive jackpot as different software developers offer different payout structures. While leading developers are happy to reward the jackpot payout in full other will only payout in installments starting from the time the jackpot be hit.

Progressive Jackpots Are They Worth Playing

Several progressive jackpots trigger only when a maximum bet is placed, and this could be an expensive playing session. It ultimately depends on your reason for play, and if it is purely for entertainment, then it would be an amazing experience to win multi-millions from your hobby.

Progressive Jackpot Tips

Bet the Max

Betting the max is an ideal practice when playing progressives. It allows you to maximize your wins, and with today's progressive slots, it increases the number of times random jackpot bonus games will trigger.

Pay Attention to the Return To Player Ratio

The return to player ratio (RTP) is the amount the slot is paying out. If you deposit $100 and win $95, then the RTP is 95%. As a rule, have fun but also keep a watch on the amount your winning. If the slot is dry and not paying out, consider moving on to another game. It is not uncommon for progressives to offer a reduce RTP due to the jackpot contribution made each spin, so bear this in mind.

Do not focus all your energies towards one slot.

If playing and you find the payouts are poor, move on! The mindset that the big one is right around the corner is a myth. Slots operate using a random number generator as with that, predicting the next “big win” in literally impossible.

Play Progressives that Offer Big Wins with Small Bets

There are many progressive slots today that do not require a certain per spin wager. They range just as video slots do, and allow you the same opportunities to win its jackpot whether betting the minimum or maximum. This, of course, will be determined by your bankroll, but for those with smaller bankrolls, this is an ideal practice that can result in substantial wins.

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