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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

Could Online Gambling’s Future Lie In Smartwatch Slots

Future in smartwatch slots

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We live in a world where our mobile devices indicate who we are and what started out, as a convenient way to stay in contact with family and friends now is an integral part of our lives. Mobile devices are now used for work emails, banking, video recording, photography, social media and even online gambling is possible from devices that fit comfortably in the palms of our hands.

It Seems Almost Impossible That Mobile Devices Have Only Been Popular For The Past Twenty Years!

Could Online Gambling's Future Lie In Smartwatch Slots

In its short existence, mobile devices transformed our lives and became an ever-present companion in everyone's lives and all generation enjoy the benefits offered by technology.

Casinos Available On Mobile

Mobile phones have impacted our lives in varies ways and are used for communicating, watching movies, sending pictures, social media, and online gambling. Since the arrival of mobile and Internet availability, several mobile casinos now offer games via HTML5 and downloadable apps. Casinos from our recommended list also cater for mobile players, and games are optimized for play on iOS and Android devices, while mobile owners are showered with exceptional bonus offers.

Mobile Device Evolution

Mobile devices are part of an ever-evolving world, and new changes include virtual reality headsets compatible with mobile devices, and even smartwatches are now capable of offering users casino slots.

Virtual reality unlocks a world of opportunity for software developers, and the famous Gonzo's Quest video slot is one of the first that were adopted for VR play. Smartwatches are now also part of the online gambling space and could hold exciting opportunities for online slots.

Mobile Casino Games & Smartwatches

The focus is on making wearable technology more usable, and apart from being tracking devices for fitness fans and offering owners easy access to texting, casino gaming developers are adapting the way slots can be located.

Software developing giant, Microgaming is leading from the front and have already adapted two of its most popular titles for the smaller screen, which includes Dark Knight Rises and Thunderstruck II. The more functionality smartphones offer, the more its popularity will rise, and wearable’s created by Android and Apple aim to offer as many applications as possible including online casino gaming.

Slots On Smartwatch

Several of the leading software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are working on adapting more casino games for smartwatch devices. Their primary goal is to improve play, and the functionality of the game since the smartwatch slots rely on swipe action. Slots on smartphone require a swipe to access betting options as well as swipe action to spin the reels. Slots functionality is simplified for the adaption to the smaller screens without losing any of the games winning abilities, and due to the small screen limitation, currently mobile casinos do not offer banking functions.  Mobile devices provide the same functionality as available on desktops, and with time this could be possible on a smartwatch, yet at the moment there are limitations that still needs attention.

While smartwatches mostly appeal to sportsmen and women, it is bound to change shortly, and while it might seem strange that casino games are available on smartwatches, it was also an unfamiliar field when mobile devices were first introduced. There are several benefits offered by smartwatches, which include smooth multitasking, great looking devices, truly mobile functionality, convenience of not carrying a device, always having it with you and best of all its fun.

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