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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

How to play online slots? A beginners guide.

Playing slots online

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Have you ever fancied a go at online slots, but weren’t sure how to start playing? We’ve devised a guide for beginners for you. We’ll go over the basics and the elements that make up a game of online slots. You’ll learn how to use them and how you win. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to enjoy everything the incredible world of online slots has to offer you.

Things to Look out for when searching for the best online casino

When looking to join online casinos, there are things to consider. Likely more than you first thought. Here’s what to be aware of before you sign up:

Variety of games: Don’t just look at how many games the casino is offering, but also the type of slot game and the variety within that particular category.

Banking methods: Not all casinos accept the same banking methods; it largely depends on the region you live in. Check the casino you’re thinking of using accepts your preferred banking method.

Bonuses and promotions: Pretty much all online casinos offer a welcome bonus and some sort of promo. Shop around for the best bonus with the fairest terms and conditions.

Safety and Security: Ensure your chosen online casino has a good reputation. Making sure it’s regulated will be a good start. Check that they’re monitored by a known gambling commission. You want to know that your personal and financial data is safe. 

Customer service: No site will be 100% unproblematic. Life happens. Things happen. When a problem arises, you want to know the casino has FAQ & accessible customer service. Ideally this will be 24/7, but if not, you want to know they’re responsive during their working hours. Look out for a casino that offers multiple methods of contact.

Settling on an online casino can be daunting when there are so many. We’re here to make that decision easier to make. We’ve reviewed a number of sites for you, so you can trust our experts have done the legwork for you. 

How to Play Online Slots – The Basics

Your aim is to spin the reels and align rows of matching symbols. Slot games differ in the number of reels they offer you. Hula Hula Nights Slot Review. The main process is the same across games. You spin the reel by clicking the ‘spin’ button and bet on each spin. You’ll win money if you match three or more matching symbols on the payline (we’ll define this in a moment). The amount you win is down to how much you’ve bet in the first place. Also, it’ll depend on how much that symbol is worth. Slot games will have varying symbols and therefore different values.


Always check out the paytable before you play any slot. If a symbol is worth a lot, you’re less likely to see it. The paytable is often found in the main menu of the slot games. Here, you’ll find the game rules as well as the function and value of the symbols.


The rows on a slow are called the ‘reels’. On a physical slot machine these spin. In video slots, reels simply look like they spin. A Random Number Generator (RNG) selects the symbol that will appear after the reels stop spinning. 

Traditionally, slots have five reels. There can be more or less than this, though. Some have just three. Others may have more. The number of reels has a dramatic effect on the level of probability of the symbols being shown. Which, of course, impacts your winnings and any bonuses you receive during the game. Make a note of how many reels and columns there are before you play.


A payline is the way a slot machine knows if you’ve got a line of matching symbols or not. Think about the physical version where you need 3 matching symbols on the same middle row. That’s one payline. Traditionally it’s read from left to right and when the symbols match on the line; you’ve won!

Unlike classic slots, modern slots work with more paylines. You can get anywhere from one to a few hundred paylines, but this depends on the individual slot. Following each spin, there will be a check to see if you’ve got matching symbols on the lines. Your payout will be based on how much money you’ve bet and your paytable rules.


This is a tangent. But, it’s worth a bit about betting. If you’re betting money, you don’t bet all your money on the payline you might win. You only bet a certain amount of that per payline. If your total bet is £1 and you have 10 active paylines, the bet is actually 10p per line. If you match on a line, you win the 10p for that line only, not the whole pound. You see, the remaining 90p doesn’t count. If you were to win two lines, your total win would be the total win from the original 20p and not the remaining 80p.


Face Symbols: These are standard to all games. If you match some of them, you win your bet. Simple!

Wild symbols: These act as a substitute for other symbols with the exception of scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbols: These typically activate bonuses or substitute all symbols.


Wild symbols act as substitutes for any of the face symbols. They allow you to build a combination of symbols even if you have only a few or they’re spread across the payline. 

A wild symbol will largely be restricted to only certain reels or be few in number. You can’t create a line of wilds, either. Wilds have a value but they only count when you have a complete line – between two face symbols.


Scatters activate bonuses. These might be free spins to more imaginative and incentivised mini-games. Where a Scatter appears, it means there is a bonus game ahead. If you land three in a row and you’ll be given a bonus round. The chances of this are low, though.

Scatters might sometimes be used similarly to Wilds, but they can substitute all symbols, including Wilds. This, again, is a rare occurrence.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are like having a secret weapon. The basics aren’t always enough, you need some added excitement. 

Great slot games offer something extra in the form of a surprise. Bonus rounds become typically activated by spinning certain Scatters a given number of times. Your bonus round will automatically start. 

Bonus rounds take you away from the base game. Some of them are really a world apart from the original game you were playing (which you’ll be returned to). Let’s have a quick look at the types of bonus round you might get:

Free Spins

Free spin mode is what it sounds like. The slot gives you free spins! Your bet remains what it was on activation of the free spin bonus round. You’ll be given a set number of free spins. You win the total amount of whatever you’ve won during the free spins. Some games might chuck an extra wild symbol or even a multiplier which makes those spins worth even more.

Wheel of Fortune

This is the same as spinning a reel but it’s in the fashion of the old game, Wheel of Fortune. You have a wheel with prizes on it. You could win free spins, multipliers or straight up instant cash. Spin the wheel as many times as you’re given and enjoy your prizes!

Dice Rolling Board Game

Instead of spinning the reels, not you’re throwing dice. A board game-like scene will be presented to you and your objective is to move your character along the board. Spaces will have a positive or negative consequence; you might get some free spins or cash prizes. Simply roll the dice and see what you land on.

How To Play Online Slots: Conclusion

That’s it for now! Hopefully, that’s given you a great idea of where to start finding the slot that will bring you the most joy!

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