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Posted on: 25 June, 2021

Enter the Slot Universum: Can You Predict Your Win at Online Slots?

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Thanks to their high entertainment value, the fantastic additional features, and profitability, online slots quickly become the most popular online casino game. Talking in general, online slots are nothing more than the digitized versions of those classic slot machines. 

Their popularity is a result of the availability from anyone to play the games. All online slot games are fair and secure. Keeping in mind that all online casino software providers are heavily regulated, there is no chance of someone creating faulty or biased software. 

Furthermore, all software providers, no matter how reputable they are, must have all of their games certified before they can reach the customers. This certification is done by a Testing House, which must have a gaming license that will ensure that the tested games are really not biased in any way. 

Today we'll cover every aspect of the subject – slots online from the bare beginnings of slots, including those old school slot machines, to today's technologically advanced online slot games. 

Online Slots vs Machine Slots

We all know that slots are available both in online casinos and in land-based casinos. However, a fact that speaks for the massive popularity of slots is that slot machines can be found even in some hotels and pubs. 

Although it may seem like the online slot and its land-based sibling, the slot machines are pretty different, I assure you they are not. Both types of slots offer different benefits, and it's up to the player to decide which one is the better option for one's needs. 

Let's get something clear from the start – the fact that online slot games usually have more additional features than their land-based counterparts doesn't mean that you cannot win big both online and live. 

Furthermore, the main difference between the two types of slot games that actually mean something is that the traditional slot uses reels, while the video slot uses an RNG. An online slot and the machine slot differ only in the way you deposit funds to play the game. 

Moreover, you'll need physical money to play a land-based slot, while online, you can pay with various online casino payment methods. Another great advantage that the online casino slots offer is that you are not obliged to play with real money, but some online casino sites offer free online slots. 

Also, playing slots online offers you a great convenience to play from anywhere, while logically, to play a slot machine, you'll have to be physically present in a gambling spot. 

History of Online Slots 

In the early '90s, with the rise of new technologies such as computers and the internet, online casinos had their first appearance in the real world. And while some parts of the gambling industry were busy transforming video games into video slots, other more visionary businesses brought the whole casino experience closer to the public.

Of course, later on, both innovations – the video slots and the online casinos collided into one – the online slot games. So how did the online casino clots come to be the dominant games of the online gambling market? 

In the 2000s, when mobile devices started gaining little by little the popularity they enjoy now, the first online mobile casinos were discussed and opened. So, in the event of being offered something new and by far more convenient than the traditional way of gambling, the gambling public turned over online casinos, and one of the best game picks of the moment – online slot games. 

Furthermore, playing slots online had a major advantage over the land-based slot machines – many online casinos offered the chance for a player to practice without actually charging him any money. 

Of course, the free online slots are another marketing trick, and the casino business doesn't lose anything. On the contrary, it gains more loyal and active players. With even more advanced tech like the promising VR that is slowly but steadily entering the greater picture that online casino slots are, the future ahead of online slots is very bright. 

How Do Online Slot Games Work?

Keeping in mind that game developers working on gambling projects are constantly asked to be innovative and make each game better, more compelling, and simply more appealing to the player than the last, as time goes by, the online casino slots are being made more complex. 

When we look back at the basic features of all online casino slots, we'll inevitably notice that all of them are exactly the same. So, what are the elements of surprise that change every time that makes all the difference in the world? Which special symbols pervade in the game, how are they combined to the player's benefit, and how are special features like bonus rounds and free spins used. 


In gambling, you'll find wild symbols in many different games, even in plain old table card games. So the wild card or symbol is actually used as a substitute to any other card/symbol in order to make the player win bigger. 

In simpler terms, the wild symbol is like the link between two rows/columns containing the same element, e.g., apple, book, etc., without the wild symbol to make the screen blow and connect the two separate rows/columns full of the same element you will win nothing. 

The wild symbol is substituting whatever other symbol might be missing in order to create a win line. So, the appearance of the wild symbol on the screen many times might be crucial for the player's game. They have the power to make a dry and dull game in a couple of seconds highly beneficial for the gambler. 

Sometimes, the role of a wild symbol can be dynamic, i.e., to have various other uses rather than the basic one to connect multiple symbols and create a win line. For example, in some more complex developed online slot games, the same wild symbol might be a trigger for some other events, too, such as bonus rounds or free spins. 


Another one of the most “famous” special symbols used worldwide to develop online casino slots is the scatter symbol. Usually, the scatter symbol is used to signal the start of a regular bonus round and sometimes interactive bonus rounds where one can win free spins. 

This unique symbol can make you win without appearing in a predefined order on the win line. Furthermore, to see one of the benefits of the scatter symbol, you'll have to get a certain number of scatters appearing on the screen at once. 

Usually, in the online casino slots manual, you'll find which prize corresponds to you for each number of scatters that appeared on your screen, e.g., for three scatters, there is a cash reward; for four, there is an x number of free spins. 


The multiplier feature is one of the most popular when it comes to features that are implemented into modern online casino slots. So, as the name itself explains, the multiplier feature offers multiplier symbols that will multiply your win by several times the actual value in case of appearance on your screen. 

Again, just as the scatter, this kind of special symbol doesn't have to appear in a predefined way in the win line to make sure you get paid more than the actual value of the spin's winnings. 

Moreover, the multipliers often can be seen in the bonus rounds or even in the free spins, and we have seen some exceptional online casino slots where the game developer has made it a reality for a multiplier to be part of the regular special symbols of the base game. 

It's important to note that all of the online slots use a so-called random number generator, which said in simpler terms is the machine's computer. So, the job of this computer is to select new results constantly, and those new results are entirely unique and unbiased, having nothing to do with the results the machine gave a few spins ago. 

Types of Slots Games

Online slots are based on an algorithm, making it possible to create immense variations of a single slot game. However, the online casino game providers usually develop one of these six types of online slots. 

  • 3 reel classic slot machines

Based on the original slot machines, this classic three-reel slot is extremely easy to play with a chance of winning if you match the symbols along the top, middle or bottom. 

  • 5 reel slots

The five-reel slots are way more exciting as well as visually attractive than the classic three-reel slots. In addition, the increased pay lines have created a greater chance of bigger and more frequent winnings. 

  • Progressive slots

These online casino slots are among the player's favorites because of the progressive jackpot whose value increases each time it's not won during a play. 

  • Mobile slots

Online slot games that have been specially developed for play on smart devices like smartphones or tablets.

  • Mega spin slots

These kinds of online casino slots allow one to play multiple slots simultaneously – all on the same screen.  

  • Multi-payline slots

Nowadays, most modern online slots are multi-payline slots rather than only one pay line, just like the classic slot games. Depending on the slot game the gambler is playing, the pay line type can vary from straight, zig-zag, or diagonal. 

Best Online Slot Games at Casinovator 

If you're a beginner in the field of online slots or you're an experienced slot player who's just too curious, and always on the hunt for a new online casino slot game, we've chosen the best of the best top 3 online slot games. 

  1. Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome

This captivating online casino slot game is inspired by the gladiator Spartacus. Featuring a two-set of reels with a combined pay line total of 100, extraordinary bonuses, a free spin feature, as well as wild and bonus symbols and multipliers, there is nothing strange at Spartacus – Gladiator of Rome being the top one game online slots Australia edition. 

  1. Queen of the Nile II

The sequel to the Queen of the Nile original slot game has both his physical land-based casino version and the online casino version immensely popular. Both the Queen of the Nile II and the actual first part Queen of the Nile are among the most popular online slots Canada. 

Based on the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, both the online slot games are developed by Aristocrat. Queen of the Nile II features an extraordinary number of features as well as five reels with three rows and a whopping 25 pay lines. 

  1. Mega Moolah

Another one of the online slots Australia favorites edition, Mega Moolah, has, without doubt, the most fans within the borders of Australia. Available on the most trusted online casino sites like Silver Oak Casino, Mega Moolah is a progressive online slot game. Furthermore, the game's theme is Africa, and you'll see lots of animals and trees in the game design. 

The scatter symbol in the game is represented by the monkey and the wild symbol with the tiger. The game has five reels and 25 pay lines, with some extraordinary features like free spins and multipliers.


From everything we've explained above, I hope you've come to understand that there is absolutely no way one would predict the outcome of online slot games because online slots are basically an RNG. However, precisely that is the beauty of the slots online, and that's what made so famous online slots Australia has become one of the nations that get the most excited about gambling. 


  • Can you win money playing online slots?
    • If you play online slots real money games, there is a high chance of winning real money. This is because some online slots offer multipliers that can make you win even more. However, there are also some free online slots where you can practice and check out the game without actually depositing a dime.
  • What is the best slot machine to play online?
    • Which ones are the best online slot games is a very subjective question, and the answer can vary depending on the player you ask this question. We have made a list including some of the most popular online slots and the best of the best are:
      Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome
      Queen of the Nile II
      Mega Moolah
  • Where can I play slots online for free?
    • The most important thing for an online casino site is that it is trustworthy, manages the whole security policy well, and offers the most popular online slots at its players' disposal. One of the best online casinos that stay true to these conditions are:
      Silver Oak Casino
      Cherry Casino
      888 Casino
      Uptown Aces Casino
  • Are online slots rigged?
    • The online slot game developers are so highly controlled that there is no way of anyone biasing the process, so you can be sure that if you're playing on a trustworthy online casino website like Silver Oak Casino, any of the online slots you play is totally fair and straightforward.

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