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Posted on: 21 April, 2021

Tips for Online Slots – The Best Times & Tactics To Play

Tips for online slots

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If you’re seeking some advice about how you can beat an online casino that has online slot games, then you’ve probably already read a lot of opinions online. Some of it might be useful, some of it not so much. Everyone loves online slots and it’s easy to identify the good advice and that that doesn’t come from true experience.

There is a countless number of tips for online slots and strategies online but the ones really worth your time, can you spot them? Written from personal experience, the following ten slot secrets are the ones the casino sites online definitely don’t want players to know.

What is The Best Time To Play Slots Online?

Gambling is about chance and luck, mostly. There are a lot of myths about gambling because of this. People truly believe in superstitions. Players have a lot of opinions on when the best time to play is, certain tactics and various other magic tricks that they swear helped them to win big. As such, a lot of it is conflicting. Sadly, most of it is bogus. This article will outline some practical tips to improve your experience, but no one can promise you a jackpot.

The Reality is, There is No Best Time To Play

To understand why this is the case, you need to understand how slots work. Every single game uses a line containing many many symbols on each reel. These determine which symbol will appear. The pattern of symbols on each reel differs. If you want to understand how to play them to your advantage, you need to understand the timing of the slot.

You need to know that your result is determined the moment you hit ‘spin’. The animations shown, any graphics, videos, etc, are just for show to enhance your experience of the game. Slot machines use a random number generator (an RNG) to determine the position of the symbols on your reels and hence when they stop. If the RNG spins in your favour, you win.
By nature of being random, the time of day has zero impact on your result. It does not change if it’s light or dark outside. It also doesn’t matter if it’s just you, or a million people are playing the same game; every player and every spin has the exact same chance of winning. Therefore, there is no peak time.

Fear not! It doesn’t end here just because there is no “best” time for slots. Here are some hot tips for online slots that the casino sites don’t want players knowing.

Benefit From the No Deposit Bonuses

A zero deposit bingo bonus is basically free cash. If you’re given a £10 zero deposit bonus on sign up, take advantage of it as it’ll increase your odds of being able to play online slots for free. This will also give you the chance to win real cash.

Naturally, if you’re lucky enough to get a substantial win, you’ll have to make a deposit to cash out these winnings.

Check Out The Competition

Online casino competition is fierce, so the aim is to attract new players. This can be used to a new player’s advantage. This could be free spins or bonuses, so make the best of these online casinos who are clambering to win your attention and get your sign up.

So what’s the difference between a regular online casino from an awesome one? Firstly, you need to figure out the wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is a condition stating the amount you have to bet before the casino will release your bonus in cash.

In an online slot strategy, a tip is to find a casino bonus that does not come attached to a maximum cash out. Some online casinos have a tendency to limit the amount you’re able to withdraw from your bonus winnings.

Look For a Loose Slot

Chances are at some point you’ve heard the phrase ‘loose slot’. This goes back in the history of slots when mechanical machines had a defect that loosened a slot and made it more likely to pay out more frequently.

In today’s digital realm, online slots use random number generators, there is some accuracy in this theory. One secret to winning an online slot game is to look at the payout frequency rate.

Learn Which Slots Are Worthwhile

If you haven’t won on a specific online slot game that you’ve been consistently playing for some time, then it might be worth moving on from it. It’s key to remember random number generators when you’re picking a game to play. Every time you spin the reel, it’ll be a unique action.

The more money you put into an online slot game or machine does not increase your odds of winning at that game or on that machine. The random number generator ensures that each of your spins is totally fair so each spin has exactly the same chance of winning regardless of the bet size.

Saying that, if you’re experiencing a period of bad luck, it might be time to move on and pick another slot to try.

Network versus local jackpots

You’ll find two kinds of jackpot, network and local. Network, or progressive jackpots, are jackpots which pool money from players participating in various online casinos within an agreement to do so. They create an ever-growing gigantic jackpot, from multi-slot games.

A local jackpot typically belongs to a specific casino where the money comes from players playing one particular slot game. The jackpot for that game will vary between online casinos.

Slots aren’t created the same, so you’ll find slot machines offering different rates. The advice is to go with a local jackpot. The pot will inevitably be smaller, but the odds of grabbing a win are a lot more compared to grabbing a progressive jackpot when competing against a bigger pool of players.

Free Spins

Seeing as the online casino market is so fiercely competitive, casinos are desperately seeking innovative ways to attract new players to their site. To do this, or to entice older players back into the fold, many of the online casinos will offer up free spins on selected online slot games.

Make sure to claim these and benefit from them straight away. Free spins are the best way to trial a chosen online slot game, or to test where best to put your bets, and, if you’re lucky, win without spending a penny.

Should You Max Bet?

A lot of advice posts will tell you to always met the maximum amount. The logic behind it is that having multiple paylines when you do max bet will allow you to cash out a big amount on multiple winning lines. Which is basically true.

At the same time, though, it’s key to keep in mind that with random number generators, your odds of a win will remain exactly the same regardless of betting all the paylines or not.

Betting the maximum won’t increase your chances of a win. You’ll have to consider that in every online slot game there is a level of volatility. Online slot games with high volatility don’t pay as frequently as you might like them to, but as and when they do, they typically give out bigger winnings.

A slot game with low volatility typically pays out less, but more frequently. To capitalise on the high volatility slot machines, it helps to bet a bit higher. Consider factors like multiples, which could take a big win to a massive win.

As for low volatility slot games, it’s best to stick to lower bets and take a more relaxed approach with the goal of, longer-term, making more wins.

Check The Pay Tables

When researching your chosen online slot game it is best advised to have a look into the pay tables and do your homework on the best games before you pour your own money into them. Every slot has devised its own paytable and the number of variations is surprising.

Small variations in the paytables do actually make a huge impact on your bankroll, in the longer term. You should evaluate your chosen site’s reviews, making sure to cover their slot features like scatters, wilds and multipliers.

Learning which online slot games have what features, and using those to your advantage, can and will raise your bankroll dramatically.

Free Play

The best method of improving your slot strategy whilst learning more about the specific online slot game you’re going to bet your real cash on is to try it for free. Most online casino sites offer the chance to play your chosen game with free money and you can develop your strategy without costing a penny.

It gives you a great chance to educate yourself on the pay tables, features and various in-game options like wilds and multipliers.

Finally, it’s an opportunity to try bonus rounds and get your head around the odds. An awesome way to learn if you actually want to play an online slot game with your actual money, or if you want to try another.

Benefit From The Bonuses & Free Spins

Another incredible way to increase your bankroll is to benefit from the online casino bonuses that come up sporadically. Online casino sites typically offer bonuses weekly, or seasonally. Another bonus might be if you’ve been inactive on their site so they send you a promo to entice you back to play again.

Often a deal will pop up without warning. Thanks to the marketing department at the casino, they can offer things that seem sensationally fruitful. Special promos can surround a new game about to be launched or a particular event. They’ll come in the shape of free spins and reload bonuses. Ensure you read every email and text sent to you by the casino as these offers have a habit of being incredibly generous and you don’t want to miss out. All in all, a solid slots strategy is a sure-fire way to improve your chances of a win. By taking advantages of a new account bonus and special offers, your homework about paytables of the various casinos you’ve chosen to play.

Choosing the perfect online slot game and adopting the right betting strategy for you will make the world of difference in improving your wins for the better.

Reel Races & Tournaments

The basic premise for both of these things is that there is a specific time period where your real-money playing earns you points and these push you up a leaderboard the more you get. This is done by wagering on the eligible games. Your points eventually mean prizes. This might be additional bonuses or cash. The timing of these events is important.

There isn’t usually a spending requirement to enter. You might have to deposit by a given time to qualify, though. This might very well suit what you were going to do anyway.

Aim to start as early as the promotion allows, to give yourself maximum time to take advantage of it. They last from 24 hours to a full week. So the earlier you start it, the more time you have with it. Starting early means you can take a break if needed.


Online casinos typically offer a cashback deal if you play on a given day or during a set time period. These offer you additional value in various ways, dictated by the individual terms and conditions of the site. They all offer you something of value on the basis of when you play. This can impact the time you play and when a given period holds more value than others.

Tips for Online Slots: Summary

There is a lot of talk about whether or not there’s a better time to play online slots. The overall answer is no because this wouldn’t be fair. There are ways to utilise time-sensitive promotions to enhance the value you get out of playing, however.

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