Bonus description

This Alf Casino Cashback Bonus is designed to reward regular depositors who are incentivised to increase their player status by this tiered promotion.

There are three different status levels from 3-5. Level 3 players can get 10% cashback up to a maximum bonus of €1000. For Level 4 players it’s 15% cashback up to €2000 and for 5th Level VIPs (you guessed it) it’s 20% up to €3000.

This bonus is available at the end of each game week and is credited on a Monday. Calculation of the bonus depends on the deposit amounts made during the previous week.

The crux of it lies in players having deposited at least 50% of the maximum bonus amount for his/her VIP status in the previous week.

How to claim

This Alf Casino Cashback Bonus is available to all registered users and in order to be obtained, players will need to contact the admin team.

This can be done via the Live Chat on the website or by sending and email to

This cashback bonus has a 50% deposit requirement. This means that in order for a customer to get the maximum available bonus amount for their VIP status, the deposit amount made during the week prior, must be at least 50% of the maximum bonus amount.

For example, as a 5th Level VIP customer, you would only get the €3000, if you had made a minimum deposit of €1500 during the previous week. Got it!

Time to go over the nitty gritty. (Everyone’s favourite part).  While we’ll do our best to recap the big-hitting terms and conditions, the full small print can be found here.

The minimum bonus amount is €5, while the maximum bonus amount players can receive is €3000.

The percentage of cashback and the maximum amount each player is eligible to receive is determined by their VIP status, i.e Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3.

For Level 1 it’s 10% cashback with a maximum bonus of €1000. For Level 2 players it’s 15% and €2000 and for Level 3 VIPs it is 20% with a maximum bonus of €3000.

The weekly cashback bonuses are awarded on Mondays. Calculation of the bonus depends on the deposit amounts made during the previous week (From Monday to Sunday). This is minus all credited bonuses and cash withdrawals in the specified period.

To get the bonus, the player needs to contact live support or send a request per e-mail to

Any withdrawal requests made before receiving the Alf Casino Cashback Bonus or any withdrawal completed within 24 hours will void any bonus eligibility.

Some good news here. Cashback goes straight into the real cash balance of the game account. When receiving this cashback according to the promotion, the player automatically agrees to fulfil the conditions of 1x wagering in the casino.

Promotions and bonuses at Alf Casino are received once for each account and any winnings obtained unfairly will be considered fraudulent and invalid.


Make no bones about it, this Alf Casino Cashback Bonus really targets the higher rollers or VIP status players.

Casual casino players have probably already been switched off to this promotion’s charms. It’s hard to blame you.

However, if you’re a committed online casino player then this really is an appealing bonus. The principal of getting some money back for the loyalty shown cannot be baulked at.

If you’ve suffered a particularly demoralising loss one week, this cashback offers players a welcome boost. While some players are always on the hunt for bonus funds, getting actual cash back in your account is a much more attractive proposition to others.  

Although this casino is restricted in its countries of operation, it is widely available globally and has received generally good reviews since its 2018 inception.