Baccarat has been around for decades as a popular card game. It is one that, for the most part, has been considered a card game for men and those who have astute standing in society. The game was a common pastime in which players would bet items of value. The rules of the game were a bit different seeing as how there were usually four to six dealers per game, plus players could bet against one another along with betting against the house. However, as the game grew in popularity, it eventually spread to other areas of Europe such as France and England, its birthplace based on historical records.

Today, many online casinos have incorporated baccarat and other variations of it into their gaming library. Evolution Gaming, the leading provider of live casino games globally, was not exempt from this and are specialists in providing live casino games. Their games are always of a high-quality, entertaining, and beautifully executed so that those who engage in play can enjoy a fun session of playing their favourite live casino game. One of our favourite casinos to play Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat at is Casino Room. Their Welcome Bonus gives away up to €1000 in bonus cash and 100 free spins to first-time depositors. On top of that, you get the chance to play through the wagering requirements over a very generous time period!

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Types of Games

Currently, Evolution Gaming offers several live baccarat variations: Classic Baccarat, Multi-Camera Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat Control Squeeze, Speed Baccarat, and an array of side bets. Each one of these games are accessible via mobile devices powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. Also, a few of these tables offer a VIP option for players who want higher betting wages and a more luxurious and personal gambling experience. Another feature supported by each table are the new upgraded that Evolution Gaming made to improve its live baccarat, such as new and modernly designed bean-shaped tables, additional side bets, more roadmaps that show in-game real-time statistics and trends, along with a history showing the recently drawn cards for each round.

Listed below is additional information about the most popular offered live baccarat variations.

Classic Baccarat

This game has been updated and improved so players will feel as if they are getting the truly authentic feeling of being inside a top rated land0based casino. In this variation, the cards are dealt facing downwards to add to the overall suspense of the game. Classic baccarat features additional tools to enhance the game, such as special bets (Pairs), additional in-game statistics, and the ability to view their opponents moves throughout the game. Plus, this game features a dealer’s chat which prompts more interaction.

Baccarat Squeeze

This baccarat variation is ideal for players who love the classic ritual of squeezing their cards. This game features over 15 cameras that will easily catch every movement and second of the broadcasted game – especially the vital squeeze itself which is completed by the dealer as the cameras zoom closer to catch the action.

Speed Baccarat

This baccarat variant is perfect for players who enjoy a fast game that allows them to play using the maximum betting opportunities in the hopes of receiving a higher payout. Instead of each round lasting the stand 50 seconds, every round in speed baccarat only lasts about 27 seconds, which allows for more rounds to be played in a shorter time span.
Listed below are the side bets that can one can place wagers on with each live baccarat variation. Players should note that additional side bets: Player Bonus, Banker Bonus Perfect Pairs, Either Pairs, can offer odds up to 200 to 1.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of all the offered live baccarat variants offered by Evolution Gaming, I would have to say that my favourite is Classic baccarat. The user interface used in this variant is easy to understand and displays a plethora of importation information that will enhance the overall gaming experience. I also enjoyed the suspense that was gathered from the cards being dealt facing downwards before being flipped over. Furthermore, the additional side bets have the ability to give all players the needed opportunities to double or even triple their payouts. Last, the live dealers were extremely friendly, attractive, and sociable throughout the whole game – which helped tied together the overall casino atmosphere.


Evolution Gaming has earned their title of being dubbed as the leading provider in live casino games globally. Their games are featured at many online casinos, made popular due to their high-definition graphics and game quality. Adding to their attractiveness and popularity is the highly trained and skilled live dealers that collectively make the overall experience even better and more realistic for the player.

Overall, I am going to have to give Evolution Gaming and their live baccarat a 9/10. Their games were crafted beautifully, and all were well-designed. Furthermore, each one was easily accessible through mobile devices without sacrificing the quality of the game. The variety of baccarat variations offered only adds to their rating and ensures players will always have an acceptable number of games they can access at any given point of the day.