For centuries, blackjack was a popular table card game for multitudes of people. It required skill, concentration, and a dedication to winning. Blackjack originally came into existence due to the combination of popular French and Spanish cards game with the original name being “Vingt-et-un”, which simply means 21 when translated. Eventually, the popular game of skill made its way to Europe and instantly became popular among the people, the same result happened when the card game came to America as well. Despite from its regional transition, the idea of blackjack remained the same – having the cards represent certain values while having the players draw cards that are close to a certain value, all without going bust.

In more recent years, online casinos have begun incorporating live casinos into their gaming library, such as Evolution Gaming, whose entire casino game library is filled with an array of love casino variants. Evolution Gaming is currently known to be one of the leading live casino providers across the globe. They specialise in creating, perfecting, and producing some of the highest quality live casino games around, including blackjack.

Types of games

Evolution Gaming currently offers several different and professionally crafted variants of blackjack that can be played on desktop, smartphones, or tablets. Their blackjack variations are classic blackjack, blackjack party, bet behind, perfect pairs ad 21+3 side bets, and pre-decision. A majority of their offered live blackjack games follow the similar set up of using eight card decks, an attractive, lively, and skilled live dealer, along with the option to play alone or with other players, whose limit will depend on the selected game rules.

Though it is important to note that Evolution gaming itself has come up with its own rules regarding its blackjack tables such as blackjack will pay 3:2 and dealers standing on a soft 17. They also do not allow surrender, splitting is only allowed once, and players will have the ability to double on any original two cards.

Listed below are the house rules and table limits for the most popular live blackjack tables offered by Evolution Gaming. Doctor Love on Vacation Slot Review

Classic Blackjack

This live blackjack variant offers the highest number of standard, and VIP, tables for players on an array of different devices. This game only allows seven players to participate at a single time. However, players on the waiting list can up their betting amount and automatically get moved to get the next available seat. Classic Blackjack follows the basic rules of the card game of whoever has the card set that is valued as closely to 21 wins along with the simplified rules regarding bust, stand, double down, split, etc.

Blackjack Party

As the name suggests, blackjack party is a lower stake, party style version of the popular table game. It follows the same rules regarding classic blackjack, such as allowing seven players and following similar card rules as well. However, this blackjack variation features rich betting, which will allow players to include insurance, pre-decisions, and perfect-pair side bets, along with a few others.

Bet Behind

This blackjack version allows for an almost limitless number of players to bet behind the original 7 players seated at the table, which allows for an ample amount of multiplayer stability along with an even higher payout potential. In this game, players who are considered hot, or on a winning streak, are highlighted with a gold medal next to their name that proudly shows the number of game rounds they have won. Furthermore, bet behind offers a low stake variation which will allow novice players to get a sample of the thrill received while playing blackjack.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Considering the various blackjack variants that Evolution gaming offers, my favourite would have to be Bet Behind. Firstly, I liked how interactive all the live dealers were towards the participating players, along with the other players who were betting behind the original seven players. Furthermore, the recognition that players would receive if they were considered a hot player due to the number of games they won served as a nice incentive to challenge other players to win even more games. Another incredible feature of bet behind is the offered lower stake version for newer players. This would allow for them to test out the atmosphere regarding this blackjack variant before commenting and joining the regular bet behind version.


Evolution Gaming offers some of the best live casino game options for players who enjoy a lively round of their favourite casino card game. The live dealers are appropriately trained, skilled, and sociable, and the other players make the overall atmosphere even more incredible, no matter if a player is an expert or a novice.

Overall, I will have to give Evolution Gaming live casino a 10/10. Their live casino services were exceptionally well-done, and they earned the right to be labelled as the world’s leading provider in live casino games. Furthermore, they offered a plentiful and engaging list of blackjack variants that all players could enjoy.