Dragon Tiger is the new casino table game that has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years. The reason for its growing popularity is due to two reasons: the simplistic rules and in the interesting Asian theme that it follows. To play dragon tiger, the player must guess and bet on which side will be higher, the dragon or the tiger. For each round, two cards will be drawn randomly for both sides, and if the player guesses correctly – they win the round. Evolution Gaming, the leading software provider for live casino games, took notice of this game and quickly added it to its gaming library.

While the rules are simple, Evolution Gaming developed a strategy to keep players consistently captivated in by making each round extremely fast-paced (usually taking just over 30 seconds to complete) and by offering a new and improved environment where the game is broadcasted from. This gives players a new live casino atmosphere that isn’t commonly found.

Types of games

Evolution Gaming only offers one dragon tiger variant: Classic Live Dragon tiger, along with two additional side bet which players can use to enhance the game. This dragon tiger live casino game is accessible via desktop and on mobile devices powered by Apple and Android. Evolution gaming prides itself in stapling their live dragon variant as a game that fellow baccarat players will enjoy and take an instant liking to – which has been proven to be true based on the popularity of the game. This game features an attractive live dealer dressed in red Asian themes clothing along with being broadcast in a traditional Asian based environment. Moreover, this game features a large array on on-screen information, such as roadmap statistics showing the player the common trends and history of the dealt cards, along with more information about certain terms, rules, and the ability to switch live dealers if the player desires. Plus, Evolution Gaming features two side bets that players can use: Tie Bet and Suited Tie Bet, which if used correctly, can increase the total payout the player will receive.

Listed below is additional information about each side bet set by Evolution Gaming.

Tie Bet

As the name suggests, players assume that the cards dealt for both the dragon and the tiger are going to be equal in rank. If the player correctly guesses the tie, the player will receive half of their original main bet along with the tie payout of 11:1.

Suited Tie Bet

Similar to the tie bet – the suited tie bet is placed when the player is under the assumption that the dragon and the tiger cards will be equal in rank and suit. As an example, if both cards are 4 x six of diamonds. If the player correctly guesses the suited bet tie, they will receive half if their intimal main bet along with the suited tie payout of 50:1. Players should note that suited ties can happen due to dragon tiger being played with a shoe which contains eight card decks.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Evolution Gaming only offers one dragon tiger game, I would have to say the classic dragon tiger game is my favourite. I enjoyed the quickness of each round, and the overall aesthetic of the game is something that is both unique and modern. Plus, while the game is traditionally a guessing game – the provided roadmap of the history of dealt hands and the trends gives players the needed information to help them successfully play the game and possibly come out with a large winning. The side bets offered with this variant was a nice additional touch that gave players an incentive to keep playing in the hope of turning out a higher payout by the end of the Dragon Tiger session.


Evolution Gaming deserves its title of being the leading software provider of live casino games globally. Each one of their live casino games are innovative, well-designed, and executed perfectly. Moreover, their servers are used by an array of big name clients in the online casino industry, thus showing their servers are superb and ideal. Plus, it is nice that all their live casino games are optimised for an array of devices other than desktops – which gives players the chance to play their live casino games no matter where they are.

Overall, I am going to have to give Evolution Gaming a 9/10 for their live dragon tiger game. While the company only has one variation of the popular casino game – it is expertly crafted and designed so players will not get bored of playing this exciting and high paced game. Furthermore, the side bet options offered to give players even more of a reason to continuously play this easy casino game in hopes of winning a larger payout.