Throughout the centuries, baccarat has always been a popular card game. However, it was originally only played by Italian aristocrats for years. The rules were vastly different than how baccarat is currently played today. For example, players then could bet against other players, along with betting against the house as well. Through, the game began to see its first chances of gaining traction when it made its way to other continents such as France and England, and America. By then, may players, regardless of their social standing, were enjoying the thrill of playing baccarat, and the same could be said for players today who still enjoy and love playing the popular card game.

Recently, online casinos have begun adding a live casino feature to their services. Ezugi Gaming, an online casino software supplier that specialises in live casinos, added baccarat to their gaming library. Their live casino is broadcasted from a state-of-the-art studio and is filmed using the most advanced technology around. Each live dealer is specially trained and assures that each player will have an enjoyable and authentic experience.

Types of game

Currently, Ezugi Gaming offered several different baccarat variations: Classic Baccarat, Knockout Baccarat, Baccarat Super 6, and Baccarat Dragon Bonus. All of which are accessible and optimised for multiple mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. Each table does not have a table limit, so a multitude of players can play at a given time, which means there’s a higher opportunity for players to interact with one another – thus giving them an authentic casino feeling. The overall user interface featured with each baccarat variation is extremely easy to understand and use. It shows the player an array of information, such as the players total winnings and in-game funds, tips on how to properly play the game, roadmaps that shows common trends appearing in each game, in-game real-time statistics, and additional information. Players are also given the opportunity to customise their gaming expense by choosing their live dealer, turning the dealers chat on/off, and having the ability to remove certain animations. Moreover, each baccarat tables offers multiple cameras which players can use to get a close-up view of the table itself, a wide view of the table and the dealer, along with a few other viewing options. Players should note that they can tip the dealer if they enjoyed their provided services.

Listed below is additional information about the most popular live baccarat variants, along with the player returns when using side bets.

Classic Baccarat

This baccarat variation follows the simplistic rules that every novice and expert know. It is available 24/7 and features six side bets. Players should note that it follows the basic setup of a baccarat table, which will allow for them to have an automatic understanding of how the game is supposed to be played.

β€’ Player Pair – 11:1
β€’ Banker Pair – 11:1
β€’ Big – 0.54:1
β€’ Small – 1.5:1
β€’ Perfect Pair – 25:1
β€’ Either Pair – 5:1

Knockout Baccarat

Knockout baccarat is one of the premium variations of baccarat offered to their users. It features a higher cash drop which serves as giving a player more motivation to keep betting and playing this variant. Players should note that is variant features several side bets, roadmaps, and in-game statistics which can be used for the players benefit.

β€’ 1,2,3,4 – 7:1
β€’ 5 or 6 –3:1
β€’ 7 – 4:1
β€’ 8 – 3:1
β€’ 9 – 2:1
β€’ Player/Banker Natural Win – 4:1

Favorite Live Dealer Game

Out of all the offered live baraccat variants, I would have to say that my favorite was classic baccarat. The rules were simplistic and easy to understand, no matter the players skill level. Plus, I enjoyed that the game was accessible 24/7 which would allow players to be able to partake in their favorite gambling activity no matter the hour. Moreover, the variant did not feature any table limits, which allowed for more players to play at a given time – which in turn increased the overall activity and engagement of the game.


Ezugi Gaming is a beautifully designed and well executed live casino provider. Their services are superb and each one of their live baccarat variations featured generous side bets and other player features which made the overall gaming experience more enjoyable. I am going to have to give this company and their live baccarat games a 9 of 10. They offered so many player benefits, such as the on-screen roadmaps, statistics, etc. Plus, the live dealers were professional, friendly, and skilled – which just added to the authentic casino effect that players received.