Out of all the popularised casino table games, blackjack has grown to be one of the most well-known globally, which is not a surprise due to its diverse roots before becoming a prominent casino card game. Decades ago, in parts of France and Spain, residents would play a table card game that required an immense amount of skill, concentration, and quick-thinking to win – this game was called β€œVingt-et-un”, which roughly translate to 21. However, it is popular belief that this game is the result of combining other card games from this region that dealt with putting numerical values on a card.

Nevertheless, the game made its way to Europe, and then eventually America, where it received its now famous name – blackjack. This game features a deck of cards with an assigned numerical value to each card; the players then must try to get the card combination closest to 21, without going over that number.

Due to blackjack becoming a global success, online casinos have begun incorporating it into their live casino features. HoGaming, a software provider, specialises in producing the best live blackjack table games that an array of users from different regions, such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and a few others can use.

Type of games

Currently, HoGaming only features one variation of blackjack: classic blackjack. This variation can be played on your desktop using a Flash product, or on your mobile decide is desired. Though despite their small section of blackjack variation – HoGaming does offer the player to choose between two different modes to play the game – Classic and Grand. In the classic view, the live dealer is stationed in a room with other live dealers, which gives it a more authentic casino atmosphere. However, the grand view provides the player with a more personal atmosphere as the dealer is alone in a room. There are also blackjack related mini-games that can be using the classic mode, which will give players the chance to earn rewards for winning. HoGaming uses a traditional 7 seat blackjack table that allows for other players to wait for an opening, so they can enjoy playing their favourite casino card game. Furthermore, players can place bets on a currently seated player if no seats are currently available – this allows for more interaction to happen between the players themselves, and between the live dealer and the players who are waiting.

Listed below are the house rules for classic blackjack along with the table limits that were set by HoGaming.

Classic Blackjack

This variation of blackjack only allows for seven players to play at a single time. However, players who are waiting can place bets to push themselves higher on the waitlist. In classic blackjack, players follow the simplistic blackjack rules of being dealt two cards facing upwards. The dealer deals themselves two cards; one facing upwards, the other down, and allowing players to have the choice to either hit, split, stand or double down if desired. Moreover, the dealers are highly skilled, sociable, and quick with their games.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since HoGaming only offers one blackjack variant, I am going to have to say that classic blackjack is my favourite. I liked how they kept the simplified rules of the game which will allow novices and experts to play a fair and easily understandable round. Furthermore, the classic and grand modes are a nice touch to make the game more interesting, plus, the mini-games that can be used playing the classic mode are a nice way to pass the time and earn a few nice rewards. Overall, this blackjack variation serves as the perfect start for getting into the card game, along with giving a wide array of players with varying skills an enjoyable game to play on their desktop or mobile devices.


While HoGaming live casino is well crafted and designed, their lack of blackjack games is a bit disappointing for players who were looking for more blackjack diversity. The company features more game variations for their other live casino games, such as for baccarat and roulette. Though, their diversity regarding which regions can play with a native speaking live dealer is impressive.

I am going to rate HoGaming 10/10. Overall, this company is considered a smaller one, despite their connections with a few online casino giants based in Asia. Though they do lack a lot of gaming diversity that is needed and almost expected, from an online casino provider that specialises in live casino table games.