Sic Bo is a popular casino game that was initially created in ancient China to gamble and pass the time. Sic Bo is an easily understandable game to play and participate in, seeing as all you need to play are three dice, a sociable and skilled live dealer, and a table. The purpose of this game is for players to accurately guess the total numerical outcome after the dice are rolled, and if the player somehow manages to guess correctly, then they are considered the winner of the round. While this may seem like an impossible game to win it should be noted that players can bet on the outcome of two of the dice, or, if they prefer the outcome of a single dice. In recent years, sic bo has become popularised in live casinos, especially ones that are based in Asia.

HoGaming, an online casino software provider, has added sic bo to their collection of live casino games. Their live casino games are accessible through an array of mobile devices powered by Apple, Android and Windows. Furthermore, each one of their live dealers is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in sic bo, and that makes the overall player experience more enjoyable and interactive.

Type of game

Currently, HoGaming features one variation of sic bo: Classic Sic Bo. However, they do offer five different tables of sic bo that features different wagering limits, which gives the player more comfortability to bet in the wage limit without feeling limited in any way. HoGaming also has added sic bo mini-games that can be played in their classic studio – these mini-games allows for players to earn more rewards during a quick game of sic bo. An interesting addition to this sic bo variation are the real time in-game statistics featured on the user interface. These statistics shows the history of the recently shown dice totals along with hot and cold dice. The hot dice are the dice numbers that have popped up over a select amount of times over the last few rounds. While the cold dice are the dice totals that have not appeared at all or very sparsely.

In the HoGaming sic bo live games, players are given 30 seconds in between the rounds to choose their wagers, place side bets, or just review the in-game statistics so they can plan their strategies. Players are also given the ability to customise their game by changing their live dealer, turning the dealer’s chat on or off, and by hiding some of the additional on-screen information. Plus, players can change their camera view to display a close of the dice roll, along with different camera angles od the live dealer and the dice. The display of the HoGaming sic bo board features three different horizontally divided areas: the first row displaying the three dice combinations, the second row displaying the two dice combinations, and the third row showing the single dice combinations as well.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since HoGaming only features one sic bo variant, I will have to say that my favourite game will have to be the classic sic bo. I enjoyed how the game featured an array of on-screen information that served as additional help to aid players in strategy planning, along with showing them common trends that could be used to increase their odds of winnings. Another featured I enjoyed were the side bets that could easily double the amount of winnings that a player could receive throughout the game. The mobile compatibility was a nice addition, seeing how it ran smoothly and, as it had the same high-quality, those accessing via a mobile device will experience the same quality as those using their desktops. Lastly, I enjoyed how the game could’ve been played in several different languages with live dealers who speak that native language, thus allowing international players a chance to experience HoGaming live sic bo.


HoGaming has made a name for themselves thought Asia due to their extensive gaming library that features an array of popular casino games such as slots, table games, poker games, and their live casino option. Overall, I am going to give HoGaming a 9/10 for their services and their live sic bo. Their live sic bo featured a ton of additional information that enhanced the overall player experience. Furthermore, the different tables that offered different wagering amounts was a nice addition to add so players would not feel limited in the amounts that they could and could not bet. Lastly, their live dealers were friendly, sociable, and extremely professional throughout the whole game, which leaves players with the experience that they would receive from an authentic land-based casino.