For centuries, baccarat has been played by the upper-class nobles in Italy as a beloved pastime. The rules were different, and the stigma around the popular casino game did not exist. As it began to expand to other countries, the rules began to change and many people, regardless of their social ranking, began paying this card game. Though, once this casino card game reached America, it began the process of being incorporated into an array of casinos – underground and legalised ones.

Though, in more recent years, online casinos started the press of adding a live casino feature to their services. Many of them featured popular casino table games, including baccarat. Opus Gaming, an Asian based online casino software provider, offers several different variations of baccarat for their international user’s enjoyment. Each game is filmed in a high-quality studio with a lively live dealer who makes the overall experience even more enjoyable and realistic for each player.

Type of games

Opus Gaming offers several different baccarat variations for its players: Classic Baccarat, 7 Up Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, and Baccarat squeeze. Each variant is accessible and optimised for an array of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that are power by Apple, Android, and Windows. Despite the operator being based in Asia, each game is provided in an array of languages and accepts dozens of currencies, which allows for more players to enjoy their favourite card game. Players should note that each variation has a different betting range minim and maximum. For example, the classic baccarat wagering range is between $2 through $7,500 while the 7 up baccarat wagering range is $2 through $3,000, players should take notice of this if the rather wager using a higher amount of money or lower.

The user interface featured with every game is extremely player friendly, easy to understand and prices players with enough information for them to have a successful and enjoyable gaming experience. It features the side bets, which will be detailed below, along with the player’s information regarding their winnings and in-game funding. Plus, the interface gives the player the option to change live dealers/tables, turn the dealers chat on/off, along with a few other customisation related options.

β€’ Big – 0.53:1
β€’ Small – 1.45:1
β€’ Player Pair – 11:1
β€’ Tie – 8:1
β€’ Banker Pair 11:1

Listed below is additional information about the most popular baccarat variations.

7 Up Baccarat

The baccarat variation follows similar rules as classic baccarat – however, the player will always start each round with a seven as the first card. Which in turn will have a direct effect on the probabilities of the games and the outcomes. This version of baccarat does allow players the ability to stake a maximum wager per hand of $3,000. Players should keep note that this variant features different side bets as well, which are listed below.

β€’ Player – 0.5:1
β€’ Super 7’s
β€’ Tie – 7:1
β€’ Banker – 1.5:1

No Commission Baccarat

This baccarat variant is popular amongst high rollers seeing as how it removes the odd fee, which means players are going to have to wager more, and in return, receive a possible higher and generous payout. No commission baccarat is ideal for players who enjoy a high-risk game for the presumption of possibly receiving better regards.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of the baccarat games offered by Opus Gaming, I would have to say that my favourite would have to be 7 Up baccarat. I enjoyed how the game still featured the easy to use interface along with the simplistic rules of baccarat. Though allowing the player to start with seven cards makes the game more interesting for players due to the randomised outcomes that can come from each round. Moreover, the side bets do have the potential to increase the player's winnings and give the more motivation to continuously play.


While Opus Gaming may not be well-known throughout western online casinos, many larger names in the online casino industry have picked up and used Opus Gaming games in their gaming library. Their live casino games are broadcasted in a realistic seeming casino using high-quality cameras which bettered the player's experience.

Overall, I am going to have to give Opus Gaming live baccarat a 8/10. They offer an array of interesting and easily understandable baccarat variants, which all featured interesting side bets. Plus, each variant is diverse as it allows for international users to play with a native speaking live dealer, along with giving them the chance to gamble using their preferred currencies.