Dragon tiger has been steadily growing in popularity globally due to it being dubbed as one of the easiest casino games to play since baccarat. The idea of this game is for players to correctly guess whether the dragon of the tiger will be higher, or if the cards will end in a tie. While this game may seem to be one that is based off pure luck and speculation, online live casino software providers, such as Opus Gaming, has designed their version of dragon tiger to give players all the needed information to help increase their shot of winning.

Opus Gaming is an online gaming platform based in Asia, which gives them a unique perspective to provide dragon tiger and Asian themed casino game. Other than live casino games, Opus gaming is known for providing an array of other popular forms of gambling, such as sportsbooks, slot games (Doctor Love on Vacation Slot Review), keno, and lottery opportunities – thus giving them a wide array of customers who enjoy their content.

Type of games

Currently, Opus Gaming only offers one variation of live dragon tiger: Classic Live Dragon Tiger. This variant of the game follows the simplistic rules that all players, no matter their skill level, will appreciate and enjoy. In Opus Gaming version of dragon tiger, their live dealers are dressed in the traditional red and black outfit that they wear for all other live casino games, and when dealing for dragon tiger, the live dealers use eight card decks. Plus, the cards are randomly shuffled each round using a machine which assures players that each round will be truly fair.

Players should note that they are given the opportunity to make side bets during the game for either the dragon card or the tiger card. These bets can either be even/odd or big/small and if guessed correctly, can increase the total payout received. Furthermore, each game has a detailed and easy to use user interface that features an array of information, such as a roadmap showing the recently drawn cards and trends, information about the dealer, along with the rules and terms to help the player understand the game. Players should note that they are given the opportunity to customise their gaming experience by either turning off/on the dealer’s chat, changing their live dealer or hiding some on-screen information. Another piece of information that players should keep in mind that the betting range can vary with the minimum amount being $2 and the maximum being $5,000.

Favorite Live Dealer Game

Since Opus Gaming only provides one variation of dragon tiger, then I would have to say that my favorite game was the classic version. I enjoyed the quickness of every round and the real-time statistics that were updated every few seconds. The roadmap that was featured on-screen also provided an adequate amount of information needed so players will have the opportunity to increase the likelihood of winning. Plus, the game gives the players the opportunity to replay the last cards drawn which is helpful if their attention was drawn elsewhere. Lastly, I truly enjoyed how diverse this game was by offering their services to be available in over several different languages via the dealer’s chat.


Overall, Opus Gaming provides exceptional services for a multitude of larger name online casinos across the globe. Their popularity can be thanked to an array of things such as their advanced and expansive gaming library the features unique and engaging slots, sportsbooks, and live casino options. Plus, the company allows for a multitude of different currencies to be used so more players can play on their services while betting with real money with ease. Moreover, each live casino game offered offers multiple viewing modes: 2D, 3D, multi-tables, and seven seats, depending on the live casino game being played. One feature that I personally found exciting and helpful was the mobile compatibility offered for the live casino games, which ran smoothly and functionally.

I am going to have to give Opus Gaming a 10/10 for their live dragon tiger game. While the company only featured one live dragon tiger game – it was extremely well-designed and executed perfectly. The players were engaged, the live dealer was professional and sociable, and the user interface was easy to understand and use. While this company may not be as well-known as others, they provide such amazing services that all local and international players are given the opportunity to experience a unique and modern Asian based casino software provider.