Sic Bo is known for being one of the more simplistic casino games that originated from China. All that a player needs to play this game are three dice, a table, and someone to deal the dice. This game is based on the principal of guessing the total outcome of the dice for each round โ€“ and whoever guesses correctly is declared the winner. However, sic bo can also be played by guessing the outcome of two of the dice, or a singular dice โ€“ allowing the players to increase their odds of winning. Nowadays, sic bo is being featured on an array of live casinos due to its similarity to roulette.

One casino, Opus Gaming, is an Asian based casino that has added sic bo to their gaming library. Due to the loves dealers being of Asian descent, they have a deep and concrete understanding of the inner workings of sic bo, which allows them to provide an even more interesting game. Furthermore, Opus Gaming live casino is assistance through mobile devices powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. Players should note that Opus Gaming takes an array of currency -making it one of the best casinos for international players to play Asian themed live casino games.

Type of games

Opus Gaming features one sic bo table variant ion: Classic sic bo. Though with their single sic bo variation, players can place two side bets: small and big. The small bet being that the dice total will range in between 4 through 10, and the big side bet being that the dice total will land somewhere in between 11 through 17. Other than those two side bets, players can also call certain combinations, such as the specific triple, which will give the player an even higher payout and will increase the players original betting amount by 150x. However, players are offered the option to choose different tables for different betting ranges: regular, VIP, and high roller. Each one of the ranges for these three tables will be deleted below. Players should note that no matter which table they choose to play at that they all follow the rule of having a 20 second period in which players can place their bets, and multiple bets if desired, before the next dice spin.

The Opus Gaming sic board setup is easy to understand and features an extremely user-friendly interface. The left hand side shows the playerโ€™s information such as their winnings, in-game funds, along with hot and cold numbers. The hot numbers being the most drawn numbers within the last 150 games while the cold numbers being the numbers that were drawn the least. The right-hand side of the screen shows real-time in-game statistics that could be helpful for the players. Players should take notice that the board is divided into three main sections as well: the top section being the three dice combinations, middle section showing the two dice combinations, and the bottom section displaying the single dice combinations. An interesting customization option that players are given is the ability to view the live sic bo game in different ways: 3D, 2D, and the standard 7 seat view. Plus, players are still given a chance to use the live dealer chat which will allow them to communicate with the live dealer when any questions arise directly.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Opus Gaming only offers one variation of sic bo, that being classic sic bo. I will have to say that my favourite game is the only one offered. For starters, the game is extremely well-designed and functional when using it on a desktop and mobile device. Plus, I enjoyed how the players had the opportunity to place an array of side bets which could easily double their total winnings while playing the game. The in-game real-time statics was a nice touch as well and easily benefited players who wanted to plan a strategy while playing. Lastly, allowing players the choice between three different tables with varying betting ranges can easily make players more comfortable if they wanted to bet more money or less.


Opus Gaming is becoming a growing online gambling company in the online casino industry. They offer an array of casino games, such as lots, keno, lottery, and their newly developed live casino โ€“ which is extremely functional and executed perfectly.

Overall, I am going to give Opus Gaming and their live sic bo a 9/10. I found no issues while browsing their site and looking over their services. However, for an Asian based company, I would have expected them to have more sic bo variations. Though, maybe in the future, the company will add more tables and variants of the game. Despite that, their services are still exceptional and are perfect for international users.