Over the last few centuries, baccarat was known to be a card game played by aristocrats in medieval Italy. Initially, the game was played differently than how it is currently played today – for starters, there were four people who dealt out the cards, each player had the opportunity to be the banker of the round, and players were given the chance to place bets against other players along with betting against the house. However, as the game travelled across Europe and the globe – firstly to France, then England, and finally America – the way the game was played changed into what we are commonly familiar with.

Since the creation of online casinos, many of them, such as Playtech, has incorporated baccarat into its gaming library. Playtech is known for being a giant in the online casino world and having a high-quality and well executed live casino potion. Their live casino is filled with an array of games; however, they are most notably known for having a multitude of baccarat variations, which have grown in popularity amongst its users.

Type of games

Currently, Playtech offers sever variations of baccarat for its users: Baccarat 7 Seat, Baccarat Squeeze, VIP Baccarat, and mini-baccarat. All these baccarat variations are accessible and optimised for an array of mobile devices powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. Each variant follows the same basic house rules regarding betting that was set by Playtech, all of which will be detailed below.

β€’ Players Victory – 2:1
β€’ Dealers Victory – 2:1 with an additional -5% commission
β€’ A Tie – 9:1
β€’ Big Bet (5-6 cards were dealt) – .54:1
β€’ Small Bet (four cards were dealt) – 1.5:1
β€’ Either Pair (The player or dealer receives two cards that have the same rank) -5:1
β€’ Player Pair (Player receives two cards of the same rank) – 11:1
β€’ Banker Pair (Dealer receives two cards of the same rank) – 11:1
β€’ Perfect Pair – 25:1

The user interface is extremely easy to understand and provides players with all the tools needed to have a successful and enjoyable baccarat session. Players can access certain customisation options such as viewing the game in regular or video mode. Regular mode splits the screen into three separate parts for the player's convenience. Video mode allows the player to view more of the live dealer while having a smaller scaled down view of the baccarat table. Moreover, the user interface features on-screen information such as the dealer’s chat, betting information, and the player's information regarding their in-game winnings.

Listed below is more information regarding the most popular baccarat variations offered by Playtech.

Baccarat 7 Seat

This baccarat variation only allows for seven players to pay at a given time. Thanks to the sociable and skilled live dealer, this game gives players a lively casino-like atmosphere while they are playing the game. Players can play for as long as they like as long are they are active in each round.

VIP Baccarat

VIP baccarat allowed for seven players to play at one table at a given time. Due to the higher betting wagering and the unique layout, players will automatically get the feeling as if they were in a classy and upscale casino while playing their favourite casino card game.

Mini Baccarat

This baccarat variant is a simplified version of their classic 7-seat baccarat option. Multiple players can play at one time. Players can also play and access this variation while using other casino products such as the Sportsbook.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of all the offered baccarat variations, I would have to say that I enjoyed mini baccarat the most. I enjoyed how the game did not feature table limit and that it was an even more simplified version of classic baccarat. Another enjoyable feature was that players could play this game while browsing other casino-related things – thus making it one of the more relaxed and convenient baccarat variations offered. The user interface offered with the baccarat variation was also well-designed and provided an adequate amount of information for the players.


Playtech has made a name for itself since its opening in 1999. Their exceptional services have gained them a loyal following of gambling enthusiasts, and their platform expanded thanks to their games being featured on an array of other online casinos.

Overall, I am going to have to gibe Playtech live baccarat a 9/10. Their games were well-designed, engaging, and plentiful. Each one gave users a similar yet unique experience while the game itself ran smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices. The professional and skilled live dealers were also a plus as they made the overall experience seem more realistic.