Playtech Blackjack is known to be a card game that requires intense concentration on the player’s side. Whether the player is watching the cards intently, deciding to either bet high or low or most importantly, realising if they are winning or losing, they must pay attention. However, the history of blackjack is important to have a deeper appreciation for the globally appreciated table game.

Initially, blackjack originated in parts of Spain and France, though it started to become more popular once it swept across all of Europe. The original name of blackjack was “Vingt-un” and translated; it means 21. Blackjack was based around the concept of card value with the goal of drawing a value without going bust. The popularity of blackjack stemmed from many players enjoying that it was a card game that required skill and concentration, rather than luck, to win.

Once the iconic European card game reached America, it received its official and current name of blackjack. Over the decades, as casinos become legalised, blackjack became a featured table game that could be found at many them. Nowadays, blackjack is also found on an array of online casinos, such as Playtech, so players of the game can enjoy playing it from the comfort of their own home.

Type of games

Playtech offers several exciting and interactive blackjack tables of different varieties: classic blackjack, ultimate blackjack, 21 duel, blackjack surrender, blackjack switch, lucky blackjack, Pontoon, progressive blackjack, along with a few more. Most of their blackjack  variants follow the same procedure of playing with eight decks of cards, a highly trained and professional live dealer, along with a few other players whose limit depends on the type of blackjack being played. One interesting feature of Playtech’s live casino blackjack is that the player has the choices to de-activate animations, increase the games speed, changing the cards size along with allowing the player to turn off warnings. However, no matter the blackjack variant, players must follow the maximum and minimum wagering amount for each game.

Each blackjack variant features varying house rules that the player and the live dealer must abide by. For example, the classic blackjack variant uses six decks, but players will have the option if they want to play the single or multiplayer mode. Regarding the dealer, they must stand on 17’s and must allow the player to place a double down bet once dealt two cards to each player should they elect to do so.

Listed below will be a brief description of a few of the most popular blackjack variants Playtech offers, along with the house rules and table limits.

Ultimate Blackjack:

This blackjack variation uses eight decks of cards, a live dealer who is specially trained to meet the players and Playtech high standards, and an unlimited number of players that can participate in one game. This version ensures that players will always be able to get a seat whenever they’re in the mood for a game of blackjack.

21 Duel:

In 21 Duel, players are given the choice to choose between one or three player tables for each game. This game features a few different house rules, such as both cards dealt face down to each player and the same goes for the dealer’s cards. However, two additional cards are placed in the centre of the table, and their value is automatically revealed. Other than this, the rules are like classic blackjack.

Progressive Blackjack:

Progressive blackjack is like classic blackjack as it follows the same rules regarding splitting and doubling down. However, in the variant, payers can place a side bet amounting to $1. The dollar is then added to the progressive jackpot pool, and if the player is lucky enough to get four aces in the same suit, they will qualify to receive a percentage of the jackpot.

Blackjack Surender:

This blackjack variant is played using six decks where the classic rules of doubling down and splitting are incorporated. The key feature in this game is the ability to surrender after the dealer has checked to see if they have blackjack. The dealer stands on any 17, and the player is allowed to place a wager for insurance bet, which will pay out 2:1.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of all the blackjack variants offered by Playtech, my favourite will have to be Lucky Blackjack. This variant is extremely exciting, tricky, and requires a large amount of concentration to understand and play. I personally liked that the player only needs to place a wager, and then try to predict if the dealer will show a card value ranging from 17-21, hit blackjack, or will go bust. Another feature of this blackjack variant that I enjoyed was that the game itself was quick, fun, and gave me an interesting challenge.


Playtech live blackjack is an extremely well-crafted feature that the software provider has constructed. The live dealers themselves are stunning, skilled, and gives the player an extremely fun, engaging, and authentic casino experience. While the blackjack variants themselves offered each player a unique way to play their favourite table game.

I am going to give Playtech live blackjack a 10/10. The games are beautifully designed, are extremely functional, and offers an array of interesting rules and limits that will give each player a well-needed challenge, that isn’t too extreme while playing on them.