Dragon Tiger is a new and upcoming Playtech casino game that is quickly growing in popularity internationally. It follows an Asian theme, and it is one of the easiest live casino games to understand. The rules of Dragon Tiger are simplistic as the player must guess whether the dragon or the tiger will win.

Playtech, a gaming giant in the online casino world, has incorporated this new online casino game into their live casino gaming library and it became an automatic success due to the uniqueness. For starters, the live dealers are dressed in a stylish Asian themed costume while they are dealing the game. Plus, the studio the game is broadcasted in has an overall more relaxed and traditional atmosphere, making it a new experience that many players have not experienced.

This game is played using an eight deck shoe while one card is dealt for the dragon and the other for the tiger. The player must them decide and choose which card will be the higher out of the two drawn, and if guessed correctly, the payer wins. Overall, it is a very simple game to pick up, and novices and experts alike have enjoyed it greatly.

Type of games

Currently, Playtech offers two dragon tiger variants: Classic Dragon Tiger and Dragon Tiger Mixed. Both games follow the same simplistic rules which means layers will not have to learn any more extensive tricks to enjoy the game. However, the dragon tiger mixed variant is more extensive and has more on-screen information regarding the game that players should pay attention to. In both dragon tiger variants, the player can make either odd/even bets, or big/small bets if desired. Like the other live casino games offered by Playtech, the dragon tiger variants feature a live dealers chat which encourages more player interaction between themselves and the dealer of the game. Furthermore, the user interface is extremely easy to understand and allows for the player to customise the game in the way they see fit. This includes the ability to add or remove the dealers chat, changing the broadcasting quality, changing dealers, or accessing information about the game, rules, and what certain symbols and terms mean. Players should note that as the game is played, baccarat styled roadmaps are created and featured in the game. These roadmaps will show the results and trends of the shoe as the hands are currently being drawn, which can help the player asses the trends and history of the game, allowing them to gain more of a chance of winning. More chances to win at Giant Gems Slot Review

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of the both of the dragon tiger variants, I enjoyed playing the classic variation the most. The dragon tiger mixed was a bit more detailed then I would’ve preferred, but it would be perfect for players who enjoy a more innovative approach to the game. In classic dragon tiger, the player is given an array of choices to each and change the game, so they can earn a potentially larger payout, such as being given the opportunity to bet odd/even or big/small on either the dragon cards, the tiger cards, or both. Plus, the roadmaps that are featured in the game give the player the additional help needed to create a strategy that will give them a higher chance of winning. I also enjoyed the style of the game – the Asian based theme is a nice change from traditional live casino games, and the overall atmosphere created a new and modern user experience.


Playtech will always be known as a gambling giant since the company’s opening in 1999. Since then, they have provided an array of casino games such as slots Doctor Love on Vacation Slot Review, table games, and their live casino feature. Many players across the globe rave about their high-quality services and gaming library – and many of their games are featured in some of the largest online casinos in the industry. Moreover, due to the companies over 140 licenses – they have created an array of casino games based off of iconic pop culture media.

Overall, I will have to give Playtech live dragon tiger a 9/10. Their games are beautifully constructed, extremely functional, and easy to play and understand. Despite them only featuring two live dragon tiger variations – both are equally well done and interactive enough, so players will not have the opportunity to get bored. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art recording studio gives players a realistic and authentic experience of being in an authentic land-based casino while they are playing from home.