As online casinos grew in popularity over the last few years, many of them begun developing an adding an interesting and unique game called Hi-Lo or sometimes referred to as the elongated version, High-Low. Despite whatever the casino may call it – Hi-Lo is a game based off developing a strategy and guessing. The player must guess if the next card drawn either is going to be higher or lower than the currently drawn card. The odds of winning this game, or at least guessing the majority of the cards correctly, depends on how well a player knows the deck and the probability of future cards being drawn.

Playtech, a prominent name in the online casino industry, added Hi-Lo to their live casino services. The game features a lively and attractive live dealer and the simplistic set up of the Hi-Lo table. Players should note that the Hi-Lo game is not mobile and tablet accessible, meaning it can only be played on a desktop.

Type of games

Currently, Playtech only offers one variation of Hi-lo: Classic Hi-Lo, which is only streamed from their European studios. However, the company does offer multiple tables which allows for multiple players to have the opportunity to play without waiting for a seat top open. The Hi-Lo table games use one deck of 12 cards, which half are red, and the other half are black that are randomly shuffled after every round, thus making this game a bit more challenging to guess correctly and win. Another feature of Playtech Hi-Lo is that players can make side bets throughout the game. Though, unlike other live casino games produced by Playtech, Hi-Lo does not feature multiple camera views other than the standard view of the live dealer, the table, and the cards. Players should take note that this live casino game is not offered for 24/7 play, and players are only allowed to play during the selected time slot schedule. Doctor Love on Vacation Slot Review

While playing Hi-Lo, players are only allowed 15 seconds in between each card draw to place their wages and make their decision whether the next card drawn will be a higher or lower number. After this, the dealer will burn three more cards before revealing the result card – which will then become the new base card. The payouts in the game can vary greatly as the minimum wagering amount is $2 to $20, while the maximum amount being $200. Playtech Hi-Lo live tables allow players the opportunity to communicate amongst one another and the live dealer using the dealers chat option, and they can see the dealers hand history on-screen as well.

Seeing how Playtech only offers one Hi-Lo variant, I would have to say it is my favourite one to play. I enjoyed the overall set up of the game which featured an easy to understand table layout, the on-screen showing of the recently drawn cards by the dealer, and the lively casino-like atmosphere. Furthermore, I appreciated the random card shuffle machine which assures each player participating that they are providing a fair game where no fraudulence is going happening on the other side of the screen. Lastly, the large range of betting options gives any player, no matter their skill level, a comfortable area in which they want to bet – which can lead to a higher variance of payouts for each player if they are able to choose the correct card.


Playtech offers a well-designed and professional live casino for all their international users, each game runs smoothly, is functional, and prompts the players to be more interactive which in turns increases the likeability of being in an authentic land-based casino. Despite the company only featuring one Hi-Lo variant, the game itself is functional, fun, and offers each player a comfortably competitive environment that they are sure to enjoy fully.

Overall, I am going to rank Playtech live Hi-Lo game an 8/10. While the game itself is functional and executed professionally – I did not enjoy that there was only one variation of the game offered. Seeing how Playtech is a larger online casino software provider, I would have expected to have more variations of Hi-Lo, especially considering the players could easily get bored with the only variation due to the lack of customisation options offered. Furthermore, I believe that they could have used a more professional room to broadcast their Hi-Lo games in. Though, despite these shortcomings, the games are broadcast using advanced and modern technology, thus giving the players an overall better experience.