Poker is known to be an internally recognised and enjoyed game. Since the last 1,000 years – poker has been found to be played by an array of people across several different continents and cultures. The most interesting facts about this is that they all developed similar rules for the game with different turns and twists to make it more interesting.

However, it would be until France during the 17th century that poker would start to resemble the way we currently play it now. During this time, poker was being played as a game which gave each player three cards and encouraged them to bluff about what cards they truly had. The game eventually made its way to America where it where it incorporated the 52-card deck and began dealing players a five-card hand.

Since online casinos were made and they began to rise in popularity globally, many of them incorporated a live casino option that featured a live dealer and gave players a more realistic gambling experience that they could receive while in a land-based casino. Playtech is one of the software providers that added poker to their gaming library and used their advanced and high-quality broadcasting studio to ensure that the games are of a high-quality for their local and international players.

Type of games

Currently, Playtech only offers one poker variation: Casino Hold’em. It is available and optimised for an array of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that are powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. This poker variation follows the Ante paytable number of 3 and features a house edge of 2.16%. Furthermore, players should take note that if the dealer does not qualify with their current hand, and the player has a flush or a better hand, the player will be awarded the full amount of the Ante bonuses. This poker variation allows for an almost limitless number of players to gain the table as they are going to be playing against the live dealer rather than playing against one another. This game is played by dealing each player 5 cards and following the basic rules of a classic poker game. Plus, each game is checked by a dedicated hand shuffler who ensures that each round is completely fair and legitimate. Players should take note that there are addition side bets that can be sued while playing, such as the AA+ side bet that increases the house edge by 6.2% per round. The user interface is simplistic and easy to understand. It shows the player the table wagering limits, information about live dealer, the dealer’s chat, and real-time in-game statistics and history that could be used for the players benefit. Moreover, the player has the ability to customise their interface to their preferred preferences, such as: switching the dealer’s chat on/off, changing the live dealer, and accessing more information that isn’t automatically shown on-screen.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Playtech only offers one live poker variation, I am going to have to say that their live casino hold’em was my favourite to play. The game features a simple layout which any player, regardless of their knowledge on poker, would be able to easily understand. Plus, the live card shuffler helps reassures the player that each game is going to be completely fair and legitimate. I also enjoyed how an unlimited number of players could join a single table, mainly because it prompted for more social interaction between the players themselves and the live dealer hosting the game.


Playtech has been in the online casino industry for years. They are considered one of the giants who constantly provide an array of well-designed, modern, and unique slots, table games, bingo, lottery, and virtual sports bets. However, they have received more popularity thanks to their live casino feature that is executed professionally. Furthermore, their live casino is filed in a high-quality studio using advanced technology to enhance the overall player’s experience – no matter if they are using a desktop or a mobile device.

Overall, I am going to have to give Playtech and their live poker variation a 7/10. While the layout was simplistic and easy to understand – it felt like it was missing something extra and it felt as if players were using an older software to play. Furthermore, the lack of having multiple poker variants seemed odd for such a large casino software provider, especially considering how easily players could get bored with only having one version of poker to play.