Over the decades, Playtech Roulette gained popularity for being known as a casino game based around odds, statistics, and house edges. Many roulette enthusiasts personally enjoy the thrill of thinking on their toes to try to come up with a strategy for trying to guess where the ball is going to land. While the rules of this popular casino game may see simple – players should know that there are two different roulette wheels: American and European, though the only difference between these wheels is that the American wheel features an additional pocket, the double green zero.

However, many online casinos, such as Playtech, a well-known company in the online casino industry, decided to introduce a live casino feature that will give players the authentic casino experience they desire. The Playtech live casino features well-designed roulette options so lovers of the casino game will have the opportunity to enjoy it, even while they’re sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Type of games

Currently, Playtech offers several roulette variants for players: Single Zero Roulette, Prestige Roulette, Speed Roulette, Grand Roulette, and French roulette. Moreover, the company offers specialised roulette tables for their Asian and Romanian studios as well. All their roulette tables are mobile accessible and optimised for Apple and Android products. Along with the several roulette variations, Playtech also provides an array of tables so players will get always the option of choosing which live dealer they would like to overseer the game. Furthermore, each roulette table features personalisation options, so players will have the ability to tailor each game towards their personal preference.

Listed below are a few of the most popular roulette variants, along with their personalized house rules and table limits set by Playtech.

Single Zero Roulette

This roulette variant features a one-zero wheel, meaning it follows the European roulette wheel style. The house edge for roulette table is 2.7% for every bet. In total, this wheel features 37 numbers, 0-36, and is dubbed the perfect roulette table for novices due to the simplistic rules needed to understand and play the game properly.

Prestige Roulette

Prestige roulette features the American double zero wheel and has a few more features that will enhance the player’s experience, such as more camera angles to watch the round, slow motion replays of the ball dropping, and some additional glamour that is sure to enthral players who wanted a unique touch. With this roulette variant, the house edge is 2.7% per bet.

Speed Roulette

The speed roulette variant uses the one-zero wheel, or the European roulette wheel. The house edge for this variant is 2.7% per bet. This variant allows for a new ball drop every 35-40 seconds, making it the fastest roulette variant that Playtech offers. Speed roulette is known to be best for players who prefer a quick game of roulette without having to wait around, or for roulette veterans who enjoy the thrill of a quick game.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

From the several offered roulette variants, my favourite would have to be Prestige Roulette. This variant followed the American double-zero wheel, featured a reasonable house edge, and had a multitude of features so that players could get an even better experience compared to using a land-based casino roulette table. I enjoyed the additional features of the multiple camera angles that focused on different areas of the wheel and especially the slow motion feature that assures players that no cheating is happening on the dealer’s side. Plus, the slow motion feature allows players to try to make a more accurate guess on where the ball will land for the next round.


Playtech has earned its prominence in the online casino industry due to their outstanding services and well-designed game library. They provide their live casino to an array of popular online casinos, which has helped the company expand their clientele. Furthermore, along with their live roulette, they offer an array of other popular live casino games, such as blackjack and baccarat.

Overall, I will have to give Playtech live roulette a 10/10. I personally did not find any issues that ruined the experience for me, nor did it make the games any less functional. I enjoyed that Playtech offers their live roulette, and other live casino games, in over several languages so players of varying regions will not feel excluded. Moreover, the live casino featured amazing video and audio services, which made the authentic casino feeling, feel even more realistic.