While this casino game is not as commonly heard of as others, it was derived from an ancient Chinese gambling game. When translated, the name of this game means “dice pair”. Currently, this game is largely popular in the Chinese region, Macau, and can also be commonly found in an array of online casinos that feature Asian based casino games. Despite the name sounding complex, playing Sic Bo is relatively easy. The game features three dice, a table, and a variation of betting options. To play this game, players must accurately guess the outcome of the roll of the dice. While this game may seem impossible to win, Playtech, one of the more prominent names in the online casino industry, offers additional features to help the player win the game.

When playing Sic Bo on Playtech, players must first place their desired wagers before the automatic dice roll, which the live dealer has no control over. Other than that, there isn’t much more to the game. The reason for its growing popularity on Playtech stems from the plethora of wagering options that could leave some lucky players with an extremely large payout by the end of their gambling session.

Type of games

Currently, Playtech only offers one variation of Sic Bo: Classic Sic Bo. This variation is not accessible on mobile devices, meaning that the only way to access this is game is by using a desktop. Classic Sic Bo also gives the player the opportunity to make two different kinds of additional bets: small and big. The small bets are for the dice total outcome to range from 4-10, and the big bet is for dice outcomes total to range from 11-17 – accurately winning these bets will gift players half of their original wagering amount back along with an additional bet payout. The sic bo game is divided into four horizontal sections of the screen when the camera focuses in on the table instead of the live dealer. The top layer of the screen focuses on the small and big bets, along with the double and triple bets.

The second horizontal layer shows the bets on the totals of the three dice, which wagers can range from four through seventeen. The third layer shows the different variations for the two dice combinations and the fourth layer shows the single dice combinations. The wagering amount for sic bo can vary, the regular minimum bet is $1 while the maximum bet is $300. However, the higher the players bet, the lower their maximum bet limits. Players should also keep in mind that they do have the ability to place multiple bets on different dice combinations (the three dice, two dice, and single dice), which increases their opportunities to win a payout. However, the only on-screen statistics shown in the display relate to the history of the small and big bets while not mentioning or showing trends or the history of other outcomes.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Playtech only offers one sic bo variation, I am going to have to say my favourite was Classic Sic Bo. I enjoyed how the game was moved at a high-speed pace thanks to the lowered betting time and the quickness of the dice roll. I also appreciated how players were given more opportunities to win thanks to the multiple options that they could bet on (three dice roll, two dice roll, and a single dice roll). Furthermore, the additional side bets also gave players the chance to increase their overall winnings if they guessed right. Lastly, I personally enjoyed how the game offered different language options depending on your region – which allowed for international players to enjoy this popular Chinese casino game.


Since its opening in 1999, Playtech has been on the constant rise of building a name for itself as a well-respected online casino software provider. The company has an extensive and innovative gaming library filled with an array of popular casino games, such as slots, table games, and their live casino feature. Moreover, several big-name clients have used and featured Playtech games on their live casino, thus proving that this company is worth the hype surrounding it.

However, I am going to have to give Playtech Classic Sic Bo a 7/10. My first issue with their game was that it was near impossible to find on their original website – despite the company featuring it on other online casinos. Moreover, the lack of having a roadmap featuring the history of outcomes and trends could make the game appear more complex for players. I can appreciate how the dealers were of Asian descent and seemed to have expert knowledge of the inner workings of the game. Plus, the live game is broadcasted in a state-of-the-art studio, giving the players a high-quality gaming experience.