The game of baccarat is one that was played by those with affluent status in society that those with higher standing chose to engage in during their leisure time. However, its rules were dissimilar as they are known today. Initially, there were as many as six dealers in one game, and players had the ability to bet against one another and the house. It was not until the game enjoyed a global presence that the rules began to change. This increased its popularity with not only those of affluent means but the lower and middle social class as well. With the inclusion of online casinos, baccarat growth has risen steadily, and that has been heightened with the addition of live dealer casinos online.

Portomaso Gaming, an online casino based in Malta, added baccarat to their growing live casino game library. They broadcast their games in a state-of-the-art studio and uses some of the best technology around, thus adding to their authentically as an online casino software provider.

Type of games

Currently, Portomaso Gaming only offers one variation of baccarat: Classic Baccarat. However, the company refers to their baccarat as Punto Banco, which when translated means North American baccarat. However, two tables are offered: one for lower limits and the other for higher limits. Players can choose which table they would be most comfortable playing at – along with choosing which live dealer that they would want to host their game. Moreover, Punto Banco is available and optimised for mobile devices powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. Plus, this variation allows players to take part in the occasional contest where they play against one other player. This table allows for side bets to be drawn and used by the player: Player, Bank, and Tie. What makes Punto Blanco a unique variation of baccarat is that the cards are dealt automatically, which means it is perfectly suited to be played online and on mobile.

The Punto Banco user interface is extremely well-designed and easy to understand. The game features the player's information, such as their in-game funds and total winnings on one side of the screen. While on the other side of the screen players can see real-time in-game statistics showing trends, the recent results of the last few games, and an up-close view of the players and bankers cards. Furthermore, on the top of the screen, it shows the players total amount of won bonuses. Those wishing to tip dealers have the option to do so, and two viewing options can be used: classic view and video view.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Portomaso Gaming only offers Punto Banco, I am going to have to say that it is my favorite game offered. For starters, I enjoyed how the company offers the player a chance to play a demo of the game before signing up and playing with real money. I also liked how simple and easy the user interface was to use and how smoothly the game ran on mobile and desktop. Furthermore, I enjoyed how the game featured on-screen updated and real-time information such as the recent draw history, the table limits, and the option to repeat so players can review and re-watch the most recent outcome of the game. Plus, the zoom feature that automatically happened each time the banker displayed the cards was a nice touch and assured players of having a fair and honest game.

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Portomaso Gaming is a popular online casino that provides their services to an array of other online casinos globally. They offer an array of casino games, such as slots, table games, and their growing live casino options as well. Moreover, each one if their games are designed nicely and executed in a pleasant way.

Overall, I am going to have to give Portomaso Gaming and their live punto banco a 7/10. While the user interface was easy to use, and understand, certain features ruined it for me. For starters, the game was broadcasted in a dark room and the camera quality was not superb. Plus, the game featured a robotic automated voice that stated when to place bets and when betting was closed – and after a while it just became annoying. Though, these were the only two issues – overall, this baccarat variation is worth the play.