Blackjack is one of the most well-regarded casino table games due to its multitude of variation and its extensive history. The game gained popularity since it required skill, quick-thinking, and a decent strategy to win. Initially, the game first appeared in the French and Spanish regions as a game that required wit. Many residents would spend hours just playing “Vingt-un”, which translated means 21, just to see who out of the group was the best player. As the game grew in popularity in these regions, it was not until it was picked up across all regions of Europe, who started to make different variations of the game. It was not until the game made its first appearance in America that it received its iconic name – blackjack.

As the popularity of playing casino games online grew over the last few years, the demand for live blackjack grew as well. Many gambling enthusiasts wanted to feel an authentic casino experience while playing blackjack online, which is what Portomaso provided for its users.

Type of games

Currently, Portomaso offers several variations of blackjack: Classic Blackjack along with three Oracle Lounges that provides blackjack games as well, which are all accessible from a desktop along with mobile devices. The company also offer a multitude of tables, so players are given the ability to play any of the blackjack games, no matter how many other players are using this service. Moreover, the live dealers are highly trained, professional, and offers a lively atmosphere, so all players are receiving the authentic casino experience from home. It is important for players to know that unlike other live casino games, the live blackjack tables are not opened 24/7. The blackjack games also feature on-screen information such as the dealers ten most recent hands, tips, and clear animations, so the player will always know what’s going on.

Listed below are the house rules and table limits for classic blackjack and Oracle lounges that were directly set by Portomaso.

Classic Blackjack

Portomaso classic blackjack follows the same rules that are used in the simplistic form of the game, and it allows up to seven players to play at a given time. The live dealer deals the cards to each player, then allows them the opportunity to either double down, split, hit, etc, then the dealer deals their own cards. This blackjack variation does not allow players to use the well-known bet behind, but players who are waiting for a seat in a game to open can view other live casino games in the meantime.

Oracle Lounges

The oracle lounges are exclusive to Portomaso, and there are currently three that players can choose from. It is important to note that these blackjack variants are on a timed schedule, which means that they will eventually close until the next day. These blackjack variations follow similar rules as classic blackjack. The only difference being that players have more options which allows them to customise the game to fit their personal preference. Only seven players can play at one time, and this variation does not include a bet behind option.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of all the live dealer blackjack games offered by Portomaso, I would have to say that the Classic Blackjack variant is my favourite. The simple look and feel of the game added to the overall experience of being in an authentic and relaxed casino atmosphere. Furthermore, the game follows the simplistic blackjack rules, so novices and experts will have an opportunity to enjoy the game without worry of having to understand new, and possibly more complex, rules. Moreover, the live dealers feature all had unique personalities and made the player feel as if they were speaking to a skilled dealer face to face, rather than from a computer.

5 Brands That Use the Live Dealer Games

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While Portomaso may not be big in the online casino industry, their land-based casino business is thriving. They offer phenomenal services and have a loyal following of gambling enthusiasts that enjoy their services both offline and online. Furthermore, Portomaso having mobile compatibility is extremely impressive and should be used by those who want to play a quick game in their live casino.

However, despite their services, I am going to give Portomaso a 6/10. While I do enjoy the different variations of blackjack, I felt like the only difference between them were the names of the game being that they all followed a classic blackjack setup. Moreover, not giving the players the ability to customise the game more will eventually make certain aspects of the live game repetitive for some players as well.