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Posted on: 24 November, 2021

Gopher Exits Takeover Battle for Online Casino Software Developer Playtech

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Even though it was previously announced that the Honk Kong investment firm Gopher will fight for the takeover of Playtech, apparently the firm has a different opinion about the situation now.

Last Friday Gopher announced that it has pulled out of this battle of taking over the online casino provider Playtech. It seems like the firm isn’t that interested in the online casino game world after all. But, Gopher doesn’t entirely retreat back from all the previous plans. 

Gopher pointed out that this announcement has nothing to do with the agreement for a 250 million dollars deal to buy Finalto, which is the financial trading division of Playtech. This enormous deal is expected to close in the second half and by the end of 2022. So, even though the battle to take over the online casino gambling software company is over, Gopher is fully committed to the acquisition of Finalto. 

This does not come as a surprise at all since Gopher is a shareholder in Playtech, and a significant one as well, since this company is the second largest shareholder. And because Gopher is now out of the battle, this will make some of the other contenders a lot happier in the battle of acquiring the online casino game provider. 

Now, with Gopher out of the battle, that leaves the software company JKO Play with its considered bid of three billion pounds, and the previous contender Aristocrat with its A$5 billion cash offer. It is still unknown who will take over this online casino business, and whether the offered price will be considered enough and accepted. Nevertheless, the game is on, and the battle will be important for both contenders since the online casino industry is massive and provides many different opportunities. 

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