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Posted on: 12 October, 2021

Sorare Will Be Under Investigation Because of Unlicensed Gambling Platform

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The Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom had a recent statement in order to announce that gambling players must be careful that Sorare is working without a gambling license, and it will be under investigation. In essence, the Gambling Commission will investigate if Sorare needs a gambling license and whether the operation is legal.

The statement they announced said: ‘’The commission is carrying out an investigation to see whether Sorare will need a gambling license or whether or not its services actually fall into the category of gambling.’’

The problem that the Gambling Commission points out is that Sorare is maybe operating outside of the needed regulations, and that is why they advise players to consider this announcement when they are deciding whether they are going to use the site and the gambling. In addition, no further comments will be released until the investigation is fully completed. Even though Sorare is not a strictly online gambling platform, they are on the line of it, and the commission has to be 100% sure if this follows all the necessary regulations.

Sorare Gives Response for the Situation

After the allegations, Sorare decided to respond right away and said that they do not use any form of gambling that is not regulated. Also, they confirm they have talked to their legal team and think that this can not be considered online gambling. 

Sorare claims that the platform has been working on it, and that it is not considered gambling as the commission sees it, and that it does not fall in the same categories. 

Nevertheless, they are ready to work with all the authorities and regulators and have a completely open dialogue about it. Also, it can include a dialogue about all the surrounding issues and how the game works. Sorare is also not surprised that regulators are interested since their technology is growing in popularity all the time. 

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