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The most important step toward great online entertainment is finding the best online casino, followed by registration, and third comes finding the best way to fund your online casino account. An array of different options is available for both depositing and withdrawing from online casinos and includes credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, bank or wire transfers, money transfers, e-wallets, or courier cheques. We take a look at what benefits are available to the player by using the following banking methods.

Virtual Wallets and Digital Wallets

In the not-too-forgotten past, people carried cash and checks in their purses and wallets to make purchases at local stores. If you wanted to pay someone across the country or internationally, you had to send a check that took weeks to arrive and clear a bank. Wire transfers from your bank to theirs were available for exorbitant fees and also took many days to process.

Now we’re modern and lucky and have digital wallets and virtual wallets to handle our banking and purchases. It’s easier, safer, and oh so much quicker. But how does it work?

Virtual wallets came first, as a place to store your money and use it to make online purchases without the need to go through a bank each time you wanted to move money. You still had to set up the first deposit (usually a bank), but you could move your money from one vendor to another afterward. For online gamers, that generally involved depositing currency into a casino and then withdrawing it to the same net wallet or virtual wallet. This is still an excellent option.

Digital wallets came next, maximizing the power of mobile devices. Your information and currency still travel across the internet, but you don't have to be at home or on your laptop; you use your phone.

Popular digital wallets include Samsung Pay, ApplePay, and Google Pay, which require you to download an app that can handle your transactions. iPhone and Apple Watch enthusiasts lean towards ApplePay, while Android users are more likely to use Google Pay and Samsung Pay. It's easy to set up when you get your new phone.

And, you can load cash safely into digital and virtual wallets via pre-paid bank cards. So, let’s look at some of the most popular virtual wallets and virtual payment systems available for easy casino deposits and withdrawals.

Skrill Account

Skrill is one of the oldest online-virtual banking businesses and has been in existence since 2001, when it started as Moneybookers. It is now part of the Paysafe Group. This multinational online-payments company was formed in a merger between other successful web-wallet originals Neteller PLC, Netbanx Ltd, and Optimal Payments Limited.

Today, Skrill calls itself the virtual wallet for money movers and makers, a service it has provided for millions of customers for nearly 20 years. No doubt, having a net wallet makes joining online casinos and funding them quickly much more straightforward than any other method. Once you've verified your name and account information at your net wallet, you will be able to avoid repeating the process of providing banking information when you do find the right online casinos with the best blackjack games to deposit your funds in.

How to Get a Skrill Account

Like other digital wallets, Skrill is readily available online by downloading their app from Google Play and the App Store – Apple. There is no charge, and the app downloads quickly.

Skrill is supported in over 40 currencies. You can use your Skrill Card balance to buy goods and services at retail locations across the globe. You can also use your card to download cash to play at your favorite online casino. Later, you can upload winnings to the same card virtually and even use the card to withdraw money at ATMs.

Knect is a unique Skrill loyalty program that helps you earn points and rewards for nearly all transactions. Even for times when Skrill charges no fees, such as using your wallet online. It's also free to receive money from friends or even send money to an email or a different Skrill wallet.

Eligible members can get a free Skrill Visa Prepaid Card. Your imagination only limits the possibilities!

Neteller Account

Neteller is another of the oldest net wallets, initially founded in 1999 before being listed in an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange in 2004.

Today, Neteller is part of the Paysafe Group and continues its tradition as a waystation, or money transfer service to move currency to and from merchants. Those merchants include online gaming sites. Accounts are free to set up, and as an industry leader, Neteller was processing payments for over 80% of the world’s gambling merchants.

In 2003, the Neteller Card was launched and later became the Net+ card – now a MasterCard prepaid debit card.

You can quickly begin moving your cash from a debit card or a bank account to Neteller online with your laptop or desktop or downloading the app. It's free and easy.

Although some early casinos and virtual money vendors had security issues, the crème has risen to the top. Although the best web wallets use heavily encrypted systems to protect your transactions and personal information, it’s always a good idea to do some of your own safety steps.

Neteller suggests several things to improve your experience and safety, including upgrading your browser. If you aren't using the newest versions, you are likely missing updates and security patches. You can get these from your developer's homepage.

No matter how many or how few transactions you make, it’s always a good idea to check your latest transactions. If at any time you find questionable issues, change your password immediately and then contact the casino’s customer support number!

As for your computer itself, make sure you have a working firewall and some sophisticated antivirus software. Opening strange emails and files from unknown sources can make you vulnerable to Trojans and viruses that can infect your computer and compromise your security.

Although you probably follow reasonable safety procedures, never share your passwords or log-in credentials with others. And sign out of your accounts when you leave your computer. Don't use simple passwords. Instead, use a combination of random letters and special characters at least eight digits long.

As a final note, consider using two-step authentication, which means each time you sign-in to your account, you'll have to receive a code from your smartphone as well as your email and password. The extra step can be annoying but much less painful than having someone else playing your cash on your account! Be smart with your net wallet, and you'll be fine.


Paypal is a global multi-currency service that enables people to make financial transactions on many platforms to transfer funds in 25 currencies. It is currently used in 202 markets by more than 340 million users.

Signing up for Paypal is free, and most users attach their account to an active bank account to move funds. On Paypal, you can buy, sell, and send money. Online auctions and websites use Paypal as a primary connection for users to purchase or sell goods and donate money or receive donations.

Although initially designed to move funds from buyers to the seller, Paypal now allows free transfers (no fee) to friends and family and transfers for goods and services at no cost. The merchant pays a final fee for their total qualifying funds obtained.

For those wishing to use Paypal successfully to fund your online gaming ventures, many clubs take Paypal directly, or you can use the Paypal debit card. The debit card is handy for all purchases, and Efunds can be withdrawn at most ATMs.

Once activated, your Paypal wallet can store your credit card, debit card, and bank information securely. At checkout, you can use your current balance or whichever payment option you prefer.


POLi Payments Pty Ltd is based in Australia, owned by Australia Post. As an online wallet payment system, they have been most successful in allowing buyers to pay for goods found on a merchant's website without a credit card. The direct connection to the user's internet banking allows the buyer to use POLi without even registering for an account. The merchant still receives a receipt, and it's a great alternative to credit cards.

POLi doesn't store any of the banking information usernames or passwords used, and transactions occur using HTTPS transport-level security. Some of POLi’s largest merchants are Sportsbet and Sportingbet.

The service is free to users, so you can instantly transfer funds to the online casino of your choice at no cost and know your personal information is secure.

POLi Pay is supported by most leading banks in New Zealand and Australia.

In all likelihood, your POLi payments will get processed instantly. Transfers from your account will be made as soon as the amount arrives. Some transfers (from some banks) may take longer, but that's on the bank. POLi payments will go out when the funds have come.

Paysafe Card

Paysafecard is offered by Paysafe, the parent company of Neteller and Skrill. Strangely enough, it's not known as a card but a simplified way to make online payments at online shops for social media, films, entertainment, and yes, the best casinos.

Paysafecard is available in more than 50 countries and uses cross-border and cross-currency. It is not a credit card but a way that customers may use a prepaid online service. The service is based on vouchers that use 16-digit PIN codes, so there is no use for a bank account, credit/debit card, or personal information.

Paysafecard Limits and Fees

As a load-and-go card system, paysafecard charges a fee for each level of money loaded on a voucher. $2.49 is charged for a $25 deposit, $3.49 for a $50 or $100 load. Higher amounts can be loaded, but the amount allowed to be deposited at online casinos is sometimes restricted. This will depend on the casino and whether you are using a known-holder account or a known-account holder card.

Also, players who deposit funds with an account less paysafecard may not withdraw money to the same instrument. However, those who designate a “my paysafecard” digital wallet with a known-account holder (yourself) can withdraw directly to their paysafecard MasterCard.


Ecopayz is a web-wallet of sorts that uses a prepaid MasterCard for transactions. There is no fee to open an account, and you can top up your account in multiple ways without a bank account or credit card.

The parent company of ecoPayz is PSI-Pay Limited – an electronic money service. They have been working with MasterCard since 2009 and began offering business accounts in 2011. Virtual cards and ecoVouchers are also prepaid but can only be used online.

As with other web or net wallets, you can set up your account quickly online with the usual personal details and verify your email. EcoPayz will also verify your IP address, and you'll be ready to make deposits via your bank account or a variety of other options.

Deposit Options

Your deposit options vary depending on your country – where you've used your known address. They can include ecoPayz depositsVisa cards, ecoVoucher, POLipayments, and many other sources. Deposit fees depend on your method of loading your account.

Your ecoPayz isn't a bank account. It's a net wallet with a 10-digit number assigned to it that you can use as a payment service and send money to relatives at home or abroad, as long as they have an ecoPayz account at least at the Silver level.

As a Silver level account holder, you can receive currency from 46 foreign countries. And, the funds may be converted into your currency without the expense of Forex exchange fees.

There is no fee for an ecoCard MasterCard. Withdrawal fees start at 2%. Money transfer fees start at 1.5% – at the cost of the sender. There is no fee for the recipient.