Aviator Game Review: Best Crash Strategies [2024]
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Aviator Crash Game Review

Slot Details

Official game providerSpribe
TypeVideo slots
Maximum win$10,000
Game FeatureRecommended, Hot

Aviator Game Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Supports in-game chat to allow gamblers to connect.
  • Availability of lots of robust in-game features that ticks boxes around.
  • Demo mode allows players to test their skills before wagering real money on the Aviator game.


  • The unpredictability of the game makes it very frustrating at some point.

About Aviator

Aviator is a social multiplayer game consisting of a plane that moves in an upward direction and could crash anytime. This exciting game was launched in 2019 by the Spribe software developer team. Since its introduction, it has become one of many gamblers' favorites, not just because of its simplicity, but the uniqueness it brings to the online casino gambling realm. Unlike many other casino games, Aviator facilitates networking while gambling, allowing players to connect with fellow gamblers via chat and make new friends while playing the game.


Moreover,  Aviator is packed with many innovative features that you won't easily find on any online casino game, and the amazing thing is you can employ its features to spice up the fun of the game.

What Is The Aviator Game?

Aviator crash game, just as the name suggests, is a kind of aviation game that uses modern technology to keep online gambling interactive and engaging. The idea of the game is the same as that of Jet X and Spaceman – “Cash out your win before an ascending body crashes or explodes”.

In the Aviator game, a plane moves upward, drawing a curve on the screen and showing its ‘Multiplier'. The higher the height attained by the plane, the greater the player's winnings. However, the plane is prone to crash at any time, and should that happen, the player would lose their bet. So, they must cash out the wins before the crash occurs.

Players stand a chance to win within the range of 1x to 1000x of their bet playing Aviator game, and the cool thing is you can cash out your wins at any point of the game. You just have to ensure the moving plane does not crash before you click the ‘Cash Out' button.

How To Play Aviator Game

The Aviator game is simple to play, and anyone can understand the logic. You only need to have a good strategy of when and how you wish to cash out your win before the moving plane crashes to the ground.

We've explained how to play the Aviator game below;

  1. Find the best Aviator game casino platform: The first thing you should do your research on the best Aviator game casino. Then register an account with them. You can find the best Aviator casino by reading Aviator reviews like ours.
  2. Place Bet: After registering your account with Aviator casino, fund your gambling account – Don't forget to collect the welcome bonus and first deposit bonus offered at the casino platform. Then start the Aviator game and place a bet. You can even set multiple bets if you want.
  3. Start the Game Immediately: The plane will take off and start to gain altitude. During that time, a number will be displayed on the, and it'll increase as the plane goes higher.
  4. Cash-out Wins:  As the plane gains altitude, your bet will be multiplied by the number (Multiplier) displayed on the screen, and you can claim the win by clicking on the Cash Out button. For example, if 1.5x is the multiplier on the screen, and you place a bet of $200, you will have a total of $300 to cash out – that's a profit of $100.

Note: Each round of the Aviator game lasts for only 10 seconds, and the point at which the plane will crash is unpredictable (it can be seconds after the plane takes off). So, players who do not cash out their win before that time will lose their bet.

Best Aviator Game Casinos Canada

Below is a list of casinos in Canada where you can't start playing Aviator. They offer a top-notch gambling experience;

  • DuxCasino
  • Party Casino
  • 7Bit Casino
  • YoniBet
  • RocketPot
  • BitCasino
  • CloudBet
  • Golden Star Casino
  • TonyBet

Also, depending on the casino you choose to play the crash game Aviator, you could get access to the following promotions;

Rain Promotion – Rain promotion is a special promo feature that gives gamblers access to free bets. You could get access to this offer via the chat section and it becomes available when you meet the requirements attached to the offer.

Aviarace Tournaments – Since Aviator is a social multiplayer game, most casinos usually host

Aviarace tournament allows players to compete with each other to win free bet prizes. This is one way to spice up the fun of playing Aviator.

How To Win At Aviator

Aviator uses Random Number Generator, so it's impossible to predict the outcome of a round. However,  any time the lucky plane flies and starts to gain altitude, your main priority should always be to cash out your wins before crashing back to the ground level.

There are some reliable strategies we at Casinovator always use and we recommend them to gamblers as they work for us most of the time. I know you're thinking of these strategies to help you win anytime, but no it's not. These strategies help us manage our bankroll perfectly and increase our chances of more wins than losses. Read on to see these strategies;

What Is The Best Aviator Strategy?

1. Bet high on low multipliers and Low on high multipliers;

Betting as high as you can afford on low multipliers is a great way to enhance winnings when playing the Aviator game. Yes, since the crash time of the flying plane in Aviator is unpredictable, and the minimum multiplier is 1x, there are high chances that the plane would surely hit 1.2x – 1.5x. So, if you wager $500, and your target exit is 1.2x, you'll have a total of $600 once the plane reaches that number. That's a profit of $100. If you repeat the strategy multiple times, you'll have more wins than losses.

Betting low on high multipliers, on the other hand, is a sensible approach to limit losses and you could have more winnings if you perform the strategy repeatedly. For example, after staking the $500 and withdrawing winnings at $600, you could stake $50 out of the $100 profit and bet on a high multiplier like 200x (Up to 100x). If the plane hits the target multiplier, you'll make a total of $10,000, a profit of $9,950. However, if it goes otherwise, you'll still be in profit of $50. That way you've managed your bankroll.

2. Use the auto bet feature

The auto bet feature in Aviator is very helpful when you're playing the game. This feature allows you to set automatic cash out once the plane reaches the target multiplier. Doing this will reduce the chances of not cashing out your win at a good time.

That being said, we recommend using the small funds to bet when using this strategy.

3. Use the double bet feature

The double bet feature is highly recommended for mid-high roller players. You can use it to play multiple strategies – that is, bet high on a low multiplier and bet low on a high multiplier at the same time.

What's The Maximum Amount You Can Win Playing At Aviator?

The maximum amount you can win playing aviator is $10,000 since the maximum multiplier you can get is 100x and the max wagering amount is $100.

Tips To Be A Successful Aviator Player

Manage your bankroll and bet within a specific budget. You'll enjoy the game more by doing this.

Take advantage of all in-game features ranging from the chat room to the auto bet, double bet, and lots more.

Always keep in mind that a plane can crash anytime. So, never hope for a high multiplier and cash-out win once you see a decent multiplier.

Similar Games To Aviator

If you're looking for similar games to Aviator, we've compiled a list of some amazing ones that are worth playing. Check them out below:

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  • What Are The Rules Of Aviator?
    • The rule of Aviator is straightforward. Players can cash out wins at any point in time as the flying plane gains altitude, or else they'll lose the bet if the plane crashes back to the ground'.
  • Is Aviator Available On Mobile?
    • Aviator is mobile-friendly. So, yes, you can play the game on mobile devices.
  • Where Can I Play Aviator For Real Money?
    • You can play Aviator for real money at DuxCasin, Party Casino, 7Bit Casino, YoniBet, and other top reputable online casinos in Canada.
  • Can I Play Aviator For Free?
    • Aviator supports demo mode. So, if perhaps, you don't want to bet with real money you can just master your skills with the demo version. You can always find the Aviator demo version at any online casino that supports Aviator or Spribe official website.
  • Can I Play Aviator In Canada?
    • Yes, you can play Aviator in Canada. You need to register with an online casino in Canada that supports Aviator. We've recommended some top casinos in Canada that you can play Aviator on this page.
  • What's The RTP Of Aviator?
    • Aviator's RTP is 97%.
  • Is Aviator Fair?
    • Aviator boasts provably fair technology, which means everything that occurs in the game is randomly generated and any third party does not control it.
  • Why Is Aviator So Popular On Reddit?
    • Aviator is popular on Reddit because of the positive reviews shared by gamblers who not only enjoy the gaming experience but have also cashed out big wins from the game. Moreover, the statistics of the game wins define how huge people are winning from it.
  • Can You Play Aviator With Crypto?
    • You can only play Aviator with crypto if the online casino you are playing the game supports crypto currency payment methods.