How to win at Jet X: Tips and Strategies [2024]
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Jet X Crash Game Review

Jet X Details

Software ProviderSmartsoft Gaming
TypeVideo slots
Game FeaturesBonus rounds, Recommended, Hot

About Jet X

Jet X is a crash gambling casino game of chance that has become very popular over a short period. The prominent Smarsoft Gaming developed the game in 2019, and it's not only designed with simplicity but also packed with lots of fun and exciting features.


Jet X uses propulsion systems to keep a fuselage or vehicle body ( Jet plane or flying cars) in a forward flight until it crashes at an unpredictable time. However, as it rises, a player's bet multiplies. The goal of a gambler while playing this crash game is to get out of the jet before it crashes.

That being said, Are you looking to start playing Jet X at online casinos in Canada? We've reviewed every aspect of Jet X, and in this article, we will discuss all Jet X offers. From its features to the pros and cons, gameplay strategies, and lots more.


  • Boasts straightforward gameplay.
  • Many exciting features are available, and the game is very unpredictable, making it attractive.
  • Small wins add up fast.


  • It might not be suitable for some gamblers.

What is Jet X?

Jet X arcade type of game that functions using a simple game mechanic to facilitate easy gameplay. In this kind of casino game of chance, players have to always convince themselves not to stay too long in a jet or flying car that is programmed using propulsion systems to keep it moving upwards, and it's prone to crash unpredictably despite the fact it multiplies their bet.

In Jet X, the higher the jet rises, the more a player's bet is multiplied. However, if a player doesn't jump off the rising jet before it crashes, they would lose the bet and all profits made during that round. For example, if you bet $50, and the jet rises with a multiplier of 2x, you'll have $100. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, but how good can you predict the rising jet and collect winning at the right time?

How to Play Jet X

You don't need any technical knowledge to start playing the Jet X crash game. It doesn't even matter if you're a newbie or not.

As stated earlier, Jet X works using a flying jet with an unpredictable time of crashing. As the jet flies upwards, your initial bet is multiplied by the multiplier that's displayed on the Jet X interface. However, you lose your bet and the profit if you get off the jet before it explodes or crashes.

Here is a summary of how it works:

Firstly, find a reliable online casino that supports Jet X. We recommend you check out the sites mentioned on this page.

  • Create an account with the online casino platform and verify it.
  • Make your first deposit.
  • Locate the Jet X crash game on the casino site. Then place your bet. The minimum bet most times is usually $10.
  • Once you place a bet, the round will begin, and you'll see a jet displayed on your screen ascending upwards. As the jet or flying car gains altitude, the game interface multiplies increases.
  • To make money, you must jump off the moving jet before it explodes by clicking ‘Collect'. Doing so will multiply your initial bet by the multiplier shown on the game screen. You can even set an automatic withdrawal to automatically withdraw your bet as soon as it gets to a specific multiplier.
  • However, if you fail to jump off the jet and it explodes, you'll lose the bet and all winnings.

Jet X is very simple to play. All you have to do as a gambler is to know when to jump off the jet. Read on to see our list of best Jet X casinos in Canada.

Best Jet X Crash Game Casinos Canada

How to Win At Jet X

Like all other casino games, Jet X is a game of luck, making it impossible to predict the outcome of any round. Besides, a Random Number Generator determines the point at which the jet would crash or explode.

That being said, you need to have a good gaming strategy to win at Jet X. Although you might hear from some people saying they've got a good hack or a 100% winning to help you win huge money, it's not possible because Jet X is provably fair.

We at Casinovator have developed some helpful strategies that casino players can always rely on to manage their funds and increase their chances of winning while gambling at Jet X casino. Keep reading to learn these strategies.

What is The Best Jet X Strategy

Jet X wins are based on pure luck. However, our Casinovator team has tested these strategies repeatedly, and they've helped save us from going bankrupt.

Bet High on Low Multipliers and Vice Versa: Yes, if you're just getting started, wagering high on low multipliers and low on high multipliers will help you manage your bankroll and even allow you to win more. The idea behind this strategy is to help you manage your bankroll and make a good profit at the same time

Just as we started prior, the moving jet or vehicle body in Jet X has an unpredictable crash time. So, once you're looking to bet on a low multiplier, you should wager a reasonable high amount, and once you see a small multiplier, you should collect the win quickly. The minimum multiplier most times is 1.35X. For example, if you bet $500, and the moving jet gets to a multiplier of 1.35X, you'll get $675 total by collecting your wins, and that's a profit of $175.

Once you get such a profit, you could take $50 and bet on a high multiplier like 10x if you want. By doing so, you've bet low on a high multiplier, and If you're lucky you get a $450 profit, but if it goes otherwise, you'll still be in a profit of $125.

Run Game on Autoplay: The Autoplay feature is one of the amazing features supported on Jet X. This feature allows gamblers to set an automatic withdrawal at a chosen multiplier. So, if you run the game on autoplay, Jet X will automatically credit your wins once the moving vehicle body reaches the chosen multiplier. We only recommend this strategy for high roller gamblers.

There are multiple ways you can enhance your chances of winning big when you play at Jet X. However, we recommend the above strategies as we've tried them ourselves.

What's The Maximum Amount you Can Win Playing Jet X

Luckily, the amount you can win is unlimited. It doesn't matter the number of rounds you're looking to play. The higher the stake the higher your win. However, betting high on a high multiplier is risky, and the chances of winning are based on probability. So, gamble responsibly.

Jet X Crash Game Bonuses

You can take advantage of several bonuses when you play the Jet X game. Some of them include deposit bonus, welcome bonuses, etc.

Cbet.GG – Deposit $10 and get up to 10 free Jet X Flights

At Cbet.GG casino, new players can take advantage of the deposit bonus to get up to 10 free Jet X flights. To qualify for the bonus, you have to deposit $10 and enter the bonus code ‘DISCOVER' within 1 hour of your deposit to verify the payment has been credited to your gambling account. This promotion allows gamblers to withdraw winnings up to $150 from the bonus.

Cbet.GG Jet X Bonus – 100% Bonus up to $200

Another bonus is the Jet X bonus which gives gamblers a 100% bonus up to $200. For this bonus, a player must deposit $10 to their gambling account, then contact Cbet live chat support to get the bonus credited to their account. This bonus can only be used to play Jet X games.

Tips to Be A Successful Jet X Player

Although Jet X is a game of luck, here are a few tips that can help you balance up everything while playing the game;

  1. Have a specific bankroll for betting and don't go beyond it. Doing so will save you from spending your wealth on the game. Also, you should have a specific amount you intend to bet for each round so you don't exceed your limit.
  2. Resist the urge to be greedy. We understand you're looking for a huge win, but don't let a high level of greed make you lose all you've profited from the game back to it. As we all know, the chances of the aircraft exploding increase as it moves upwards, so be less greedy and take profit.
  3. Don't let other people's wins influence your gameplay. Yes, never say that you should do the same because a friend is winning huge when he/she places a huge bet. Keep in mind that you're gambling and winning is by luck. Always gamble responsibly so you'll have the cash to bet another day.

Jet X Crash Game Review Verdict

After an in-depth review of Jet X, we could say the game is excellent and packed with lots of fun. It's simple to play, and you don't need to be a professional gambler to play. With Jet X, you can easily make small wins, stack them up and turn them into a considerable profit. Besides, the ball is always in your court to jump off the air force flying jet or moving vehicle (Rolls Royce) at any point you feel you're okay with the multiplier acquired before it explodes. I bet anyone would enjoy the ride gambling at Jet X.

Similar Games to Jet X

If you're looking for games similar to Jet X, here are some popular ones you can always find in top online casinos in Canada.

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  • Nyjah Huston Skate for Gold
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  • What is A Crash Gambling Game?
    • Crash gambling is a new online casino gaming experience that mimics crypto trading. In crash games, a gambler's bet increases as a line move in an uptrend, thus giving them a considerable profit. However, just like trading, the line is prone to move in a downtrend, and that causes loss for the gambler.
  • What Are The Rules of Jet X?
    • The only rule in Jet X is ‘A player must jump out a flying jet or moving vehicle before it explodes or crashes back to the ground'. Failure to do so indicates a loss for the player.
  • Is Jet X Available on Mobile?
    • Yes, Jet X can be played on mobile devices.
  • Where can I Play Jet X for Real Money?
    • You can play Jet X for real money at Casumo, Cbet.GG, BitCasino, 888 Casino, and many other licensed and reputable online casinos in Canada.
  • Can I Play Jet X For Free?
    • Jet X supports the demo version. So, if you're looking to test your skills before betting with real money, you can play the demo Jet X at SmarSoft Gaming's official website or at a casino that supports Jet X.
  • Can I Play Jet X In Canada?
    • Yes, of course. You can play Jet X in Canada via the online casinos recommended on this page.
  • What is Jet X Jackpot?
    • The Jet X jackpot is bonuses attached to different levels in the Jet X game. Jet X has three levels which include Planet, Galaxy, and Space. So, once the flying jet passes through any of these levels, a player will get a bonus – this bonus is considered a ‘Jackpot' in the game.
  • Can you Play Jet X on Any Other Casino Besides CBet?
    • Besides CBet, online casinos like Casumo, 1xBet, BitCasino, and others also support the Jet X crash game.
  • Can you Play Jet X With Crypto?
    • Yes, you can play Jet X with cryptocurrency as long as you play on a crypto-friendly casino website.
  • Why is Jet X So Popular on Reddit?
    • Jet X is popular on Reddit because many successful players share their wins and experiences with the game with the online gambling community on the platform. People also share reviews about the Jet X crash game on Reddit.