Top online slots in Canada 2023 - Free & real money slots
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Top online slots in Canada 2023 – Free & real money slots

The spinning reels, the flashing lights, the life-changing jackpots – when it comes to exciting casino gambling, there’s nothing more endlessly thrilling than online slots. They’re easy to play, they’re fast-paced, and they deliver action-packed gaming from start to finish. What’s not to love?

That’s why our team has gone out of its way to try, test and review the best online slots in Canada, bringing you premium slots entertainment we know you’ll love. From playability to profitability, innovation, fun, and of course payouts, our online slots reviews are filled with all the inside info you need to get the ultimate value from your slots experience. Get ready – Canada’s best online slots are here to put a new spin on winning!

How we review online slots

When our team takes the time to review an online slot, there are a number of criteria they base their assessment on, so that when you take one of our online slots recommendations, you can be sure you’re getting the best online slots experience out there:

1. RTP

The RTP (Return to Player) is a theoretical percentage that represents how much you can win back from a slot in theory over the long-term. So if you’re playing a slot with a 97% RTP, in theory you should be able to win up to 97% of your wagers back over time. The higher the RTP, the better the winning experience for you, and anything over 95% or 96% is usually considered to be decent. It’s important to remember, however, that the RTP figure is a theoretical one, and not a guarantee, so no matter what an online slot’s RTP is, always manage your finances responsibly.

2. Volatility

Low volatility slots pay out small amounts often; high volatility slots pay out large amounts less often (with medium volatility slots a balance between the two). There’s no answer as to which is better – all that’s important is how you want to tailor your own online slots experience. Take a look at our reviews to find out more about a slot’s volatility (also known as variance) ahead of time, then use that information to decide whether or not to play it. If you want to win a little a lot of the time, go low; if you want to wait until the big one hits, go high – it’s your choice.

3. Playability

Is the slot easy to play, does it offer a selection of reels and paylines, is it filled with high-value symbols, bonus rounds and special features, and is it exciting to play? All of the answers to these questions and more go towards a slot’s playability, and the more interesting and engaging a slot is, and the more innovative its design, the more likely you’ll be to see it rated and reviewed here for your playing pleasure.

4. Profitability 

This goes back to a slot’s RTP and volatility, as well as its betting range and its prize offerings. Is a slot actually worth it to play if it has a low RTP and doesn’t pay out much, if and when it actually does pay out? Of course not! That’s why our team always ensures that the online slots they recommend will be worth your time and money. We can’t guarantee that a slot will pay out (because all outcomes are completely fair and random) but we can assure you that when you take any of our slots recommendations, you’ll have a betting range that’s affordable, a generous RTP, and a selection of prizes and jackpots that’ll be worth playing for – and that’s a promise.

5. Games developers

From Microgaming to Playtech, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and more, there are hundreds of games developers in the online casino space, some extremely well-known and some just starting to make a name for themselves. At Casinovator we support both – the leaders in the field who continue to move the industry forward, and the up-and-comers who use cutting-edge innovation and technology to help build their reputations. The advantage for you is that you get the best of both worlds, and an online slots experience that’s endlessly entertaining. 

Best Canadian online slot reviews [July 2024]


Spartacus Gladiator of Rome

Rating: 95/100

Xtra Hot

Rating: 94/100

Where’s the Gold

Rating: 94/100


Rating: 94/100

The Dark Knight Rises

Rating: 94/100

Samba Nights

Rating: 94/100

Rook’s Revenge

Rating: 93/100

Rain Dance

Rating: 95/100

Raging Rhino

Rating: 93/100

Queen of the Nile 2

Rating: 94/100


  • What is the minimum and maximum bet amount for online slots?
    • Each online slot has its own minimum and maximum bet amount. To choose your bet amount, simply increase or decrease the bet size with the + or – buttons on the slot. Remember to bear your bankroll in mind when choosing your bet size to ensure that you always manage your finances responsibly.
  • Are online slots fair and how do they work?
    • Online slots are completely fair thanks to the RNG (Random Number Generator). The RNG is an algorithm that works to ensure every outcome at the casino is totally fair and random. Reputable online casinos will have their RNG audited regularly to ensure its ongoing compliance and fairness.
  • Can I win real money by playing online slots?

    • Of course you can! Simply open a new real account, deposit funds into it, and choose your bet size according to your budget. You’ll then have everything you need to play for real money and hopefully win some money too.
  • How do I choose a slot game to play?
    • Your choice of online slot game depends entirely on what you’re looking for from your slots experience. If you’re looking for an action-packed slot, find a video slot that offers a selection of bonus features. For more ways to win, try one with a Megaways mechanic, or a tumbling or cascading reels feature. If you’re after a life-changing jackpot, progressive slots are the way to go. Whatever you’re looking for from your gaming, you’ll find just the slot to suit you!
  • What are the best strategies to win at online slots?

    • It’s important to remember that slots outcomes depend entirely on luck, so as a result, there are no strategies to follow. To help protect your bankroll, the best strategy is to manage your finances responsibly and place limits on the amount of time you spend playing, and the amount you wager. Other than that, just place your bets, enjoy your gaming, and hope for the best!