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Sic Bo is an online casino table game that has gained popularity over the years because of its simplicity and huge money wins. 

However, a lot of folks make mistakes in considering Sic bo as another version of craps just because they have similar tables. Unfortunately, they are not. 

Unlike craps, Sic bo is played using three dice, and the game comes with different rules, bet types, and strategies. So, to help gamblers get a clear idea of what a Sic bo casino game is, we've explained how the game works and given tips to help enhance players' knowledge about Sic no. Plus, you'll discover the best online casinos ever to play Sic bo safely without any kinds of complications.

Play the Best Sic Bo Online Casinos in Canada [July 2024]


Video Slots Casino

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Royal Vegas Casino

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Slots Magic Casino

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Sloto Cash Casino

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Slots Capital

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Slots Million Casino

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Silver Oak Casino

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Rizk Casino

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Regal Wins Casino

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PlaySunny Casino

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PlayOjo Casino

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Luckia Casino

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LibraBet Casino

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Jetbull Casino

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Guts Casino

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Goliath Casino

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Fair Go Casino

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Dunder Casino

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Cherry Casino

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Codere Casino

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It can be very tricky to choose the best sic bo casino from hundreds of online casino sites available on the internet. 

To help you narrow down your search, we've curated a list of the best Canadian sic bo sites in 2022 where you can play sic bo games at their finest. So, don't hesitate to check them out.

  • Jackpot City – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,600 + 80 free spins
  • 888 Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $300 + 25 spins 
  • Party Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $500 + 120 free spins
  • Slot Nite – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,250 + 200 free spins 
  • Twin- 100% welcome bonus up to $1,200+ 200 free spins. 
  • William Hill Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $300
  • Magic Red- 100% bonus up to $1,500
  • Pokerstars Casino- 100% bonus up to $3,000 + 300 free spins
  • Rapid Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,000 + 300 free spins and 
  • Royal Panda – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,200 + 50 free spins

How To Play Sic Bo?

Sic bo is one of the online casino games filled with lots of fun and excitement, and it doesn't require any special techniques. Just follow the procedures outlined below to get rolling.

  • Firstly, to get started playing sic bo games online, make sure you've registered on a legit licensed and regulated Canadian casino site.
  • After you've completed your registration, go on to check the kinds of bets available at the sic bo table. The bet type is always the same at all online sic bo casinos, irrespective of the country you're playing from. However, the software provider, payout, and house edge of bets might vary depending on the online sic bo casino you're using. Thus, always make sure you check the bet payouts before you select your preferred sic bo bet. 
  • Up next, place a bet on the preferred net section on the table. Then wait for the sic bo dice to be rolled. If the outcome falls on your prediction, you win, but if otherwise, you lose. 

You see, playing sic bo online is very easy, and the process is the same irrespective of the number of rounds you want to play.

Note: Before you start playing sic bo at any online casino, make sure you read through the terms and conditions of the site.

Online Sic Bo

Online sic bo, as stated earlier, has gained popularity because of its simplicity and huge money wins. The online version of the sic bo game is of two types; The sic bo table and the live sic bo game, and the method of playing is just the same as that of land-based casinos. 

The live sic bo is played with the presence of a real human dealer from a casino studio. In contrast, the sic bo tables involve playing against a system programmed with advanced technological algorithms.

Also, chances are you can get free bonuses like welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and lots more when you play online sic bo at a legit casino platform.

Below is a table comparing the top 3 sic bo online casino game providers.

Bet TypePlaytechMicro GamingRealtime Gaming
Big1 to 1 (2.78%)1 to 1 (2.78%)1 to 1 (2.78%)
Small1 to 1 (2.78%)1 to 1 (2.78%)1 to 1 (2.78%)
4 & 760 to 1 (15.12%)62 to 1 (12.5%)60 to 1 (15.12%)
5 & 1630 to 1 ( 13.9%)31 to 1 (11.1%)30 to 1 ( 13.9%)
6 &  1517 to 1 (16.7%)18 to 1 (12.0%)17 to 1 (16.7%)
7 & 1412 to 1 (9.72%)12 to 1 (9.7%)12 to 1 (19.72%)
8 & 138 to 1 (12.5%)8 to 1 (12.5%)8 to 1 (12.5%)
9 & 126 to 1 (18.9%)7 to 1(7.14%)6 to 1 (18.9%)
10 & 116 to 1 (12.5%)6 to 1 (12.5%)6 to 1 (12.5%)
Specific triple180 to 1 (16.2%)180 to 1 (16.2%)180 to 1 (16.2%)
Any triple30 to 1 (13.9%)31 to 1 (11.1%)30 to 1 (13.9%)
Double10 to 1 (18.5%)11 to 1 (11.1%)10 to 1 (18.5%)
Combination5 to 1 (16.7%)6 to 1 (6.7%)5 to 1 (16.7%)
1 Die 1 to 1 (7.8%)1 to 1 (3.7%)1 to 1 (7.8%)
2 Dice2 to 1 (3.7%)2 to 1 (7.87%)2 to 1 (7.8%)
3 Dice12 to 1 ( 3.7%)3 to 1 (7.8%)3 to 1 (7.8%)

Sic Bo Bets

Just like many other online casino games, sic bo also have different types of bets, and we've briefly explained them below to help you understand how they work.

  • Small

Playing a small sic bo bet means a player predicts the sum of the outcome of three dice will be equal to one number ranging from 4 to 10. Payout is always 1:1 for this kind of sic bo bet!

  • Big

The big sic bo bet is the opposite of the small bet. This time, a player wins if he/she predicts that the sum of three dice outcomes will equal a number ranging from 11-17. Payout is the same as that of small bets; 1:1.

  • Single

This involves betting on a number to appear at least on one dice. Thus, payment will vary depending on the number of times the number appears. For example, if it appears once, the payout is 1:1, appears twice, the payout is 2:1, while if it appears three times, the payout is 3:1.

  • Combination (‘ Domino')

This sic bo bet predicts that two dice will show a certain number. For example, if you predict 1&3, the outcome after throwing both dice must be 1 and 3 for you to win. The payout for this kind of sic bo bet is usually up to 5:1.

  • Triple (Specific)

This sico bet involves predicting three dice to have the same outcomes. For instance, you predict that all three dice will have an outcome of number 2. That is, 2, 2, and 2! This kind of bet seems impossible for many folks, but winning will give you a payout of 216:1, making it more of a high roller type of sic bo bet.

  • Any Triple

The Any Triple bet is very similar to the Triple (specific) sic bo bet. However, this kind of bet involves players predicting the outcome of three dice to be either 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5, or 6-6-6. Payout is less than the Triple (specific) sic bo bet; 34:1.

  • Totals

For Totals bet, a player wins the bet when he/she predicts a number equal to the total sum of the outcome of all three dice. The payout for this kind of bet ranges from 6:1 to 69:1. 

Sic Bo Payouts

Small 1:1
Single1 Die = 1:12 Dice = 2:13 Dice = 3:1
Combination(Domino)6:1 or 5:1
Double10:1 or 11:1
Triple(Specific)180:1 or 150:1
Any Triple 30:1
Totals ( 4 & 17)60:1
Totals (5 & 16)20:1
Totals ( 6 & 15)18:1
Totals (7 & 14)12:1
Totals (8 & 13)8:1
Totals (9 & 12)6:1
Totals (10 & 11)6:1

Sic Bo House Edge

BetsHouse Edge
Small 2.78%
SingleUnder 7.8%
Triple(Specific)16.20% or 30.09%
Any Triple 13.89%
Totals ( 4 & 17)15.28%
Totals (5 & 16)41.67%
Totals ( 6 & 15)12.04%
Totals (7 & 14)9.72%
Totals (8 & 13)12.50%
Totals (9 & 12)18.98%
Totals (10 & 11)12.50%

Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Most times, online gambling is all about luck. But, sic bo players should never ignore the fact that having a strategy helps to reduce the risk of wasting their bankroll. 

In this guide, we've outlined helpful online sic bo strategies that players can employ when playing sic bo online. So keep reading to check them out!

Beginner Sic Bo Strategy

The sic bo beginner strategy is very effective for newbies looking to improve their sic bo gaming skills and enhance their chances of winning playing sic bo tables online.

Before opt-in for a sic bo bet, make sure you have a budget and stick to it, as it can be very easy to lose track of your bankroll when playing. Plus, sticking to a budget will prevent you from extraordinary losses. 

Since you're a newbie to the sic bo table game, it's always best to start with either a small bet or a big bet, as they tend to have a lower house edge compared to their sic bo bets; 2.78%. Although big and small bets are all about doubling the initial wager, it'll help you understand the logic of playing sic bo online before advancing to the more risky types of bets. 

Experienced Sic Bo Strategy 

For more experienced sic players who already understand the game's logic, you can take advanced moves to level up and win more. 

Using this strategy, you'll have to play on bigger bets with a high house edge and even bet on multiple outcomes per roll.

For example, placing a bet like a combination bet gives you a payout of 16:1, but the house edge attached is usually up to 16.7%.

All in all, the experienced sic bo strategy involves more mind games. 

High Roller Sic Bo Strategy

Are you thinking of placing bigger bets and getting more fun and excitement of playing sic bo online? The high roller strategy will help you enjoy playing high sic bo bets at their finest.

In this case, a player has to place as many bets that'll payout a specific amount as many times as possible per roll.