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Spaceman Crash Game Review

Pragmatic Play launches Spaceman finally. This is our Spaceman game review. Here, we're discussing all you need to know about the Spaceman game. From its pros and cons to the best online casinos to play in, and lots more.

Slot Details

Software providerPragmatic Play
TypeVideo slots
Maximum win$500,000

Spaceman Games Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The Spaceman game boasts a simple design and uses provably fair mechanics to ensure credible gameplay.
  • The chat feature makes the game more fun and interactive.
  • Lots of in-game features are available for gamblers to utilize to enhance their gaming experience.


  • It doesn't support bonuses.

About Spaceman Crash Game

Spaceman is an intergalactic crash game from a popular software developer ‘Pragmatic play', that launched in 2022. The game features a cartoon floating astronaut that moves upwards, and just like many other crash games, the moving astronaut is prone to hit the ground and crash anytime.  So, as a player, it's up to you to maintain a good balance between your zeal to win big money and the point when they want to cash out before the astronaut crashes.

Spaceman screenshot

Here was the chief business development officer of the team ‘Yossi Barzley’, statement about Spaceman in an official interview; “We are excited to release this intergalactic crash game with such a social atmosphere as per our current live casino vertical. The unique 50% cashout feature shows our commitment to the industry to deliver on player-centric experiences”.

What Is The Spaceman Game

Spaceman is a crash style game that uses state of art technology to offer gamblers exciting gameplay. The gambling game uses a cartoon astronaut as the main character, and players bet on the movement of the astronaut. As the astronaut rises, the multiplier increases, but it has the potential to crash at any time.

In the Spaceman crash game, the goal of the gambler is to cash out before the flying astronaut crashes to the ground. A gambler could hit a multiplier of 5000x his or her bet if the astronaut gets to its peak.

How to Play Spaceman Game

The Spaceman crash game boasts a simple and attractive format of gameplay. Yes, the highly-intuitive interface of the game makes it easy to navigate by any user. Plus, it's easy to understand.

To get started playing the Spaceman slot, you need to find a reliable online casino that supports Spaceman. Some online casinos even support a demo play mode for gamblers to test their skills and test the Spaceman game fun.

After you've found an online casino, you should create a casino account with them and verify it. Then, claim the given bonuses and fund your casino account with a preferred amount that you want to bet with. Some Spaceman casinos even support cryptocurrency payment methods.

Locate the Spaceman game from the available casino games on the site, and launch the game.

Since Spaceman is a multiplayer game, you might meet an ongoing round – You have the option to join or wait for the round to end – Most rounds usually end within a few minutes, so you don't have to wait for too long.

Now, place a bet and confirm it. You have only 10 seconds to place a bet for each round. After placing a bet, the game will commence and the astronaut will begin to gain altitude.

The multiplier will increase as the astronaut flies higher. However, it could crash to the ground at any time. So, you must click cash-out to win. By doing so, your original bet will be multiplied by the total multiplier displayed on the screen. Failure to cash out means you'll lose your original bet and the profit.

Below are some helpful in-game features that Spaceman game supports;

  • Auto cashes out enables gamblers to set a particular multiplier where the game automatically cash out wins.
  • Fine game features for players to set animation, sounds, and lots more.
  • 50% cashout features allow players to cash out half the bet’s win, and keep playing a round with the remaining 50%.
  • Availability of chat feature to allow players to enjoy an immersive and engaging environment while gambling –  it works similar to a live dealer casino game.

Best Spaceman Game Casinos Canada

The best Spaceman casino should have all it takes to satisfy your requirements as a gambler. So, to save you unwanted stress, we've curated a list of the best casinos in Canada where you can play the Spaceman game.

How to Win at Spaceman

Cashing out wins at Spaceman is between a gambler and his/her greed. While some gamblers prefer to take a little win of 1x/1.5x, others want to make a profit at 100x. So, it all depends on your target as a gambler.

That being said, certain strategies can always come in handy for you while playing Spaceman. We've explained some of them below.

What Is The Best Spaceman Strategy

Since Spaceman operates using Random Number Generator (RNG), it's hard to predict the outcome of a particular round. However, we at Casinovator have a strategy that helps us to manage our bankroll while playing this intergalactic crash game and enhance our chances of having more wins compared to losses.

1. Bet low on high multipliers

As we all know, the higher the astronaut goes, the closer the point of crashing. So, because the upward movement of the astronaut is very unpredictable, we always wager the low amount that we can afford to lose on high multipliers. This allows us to easily manage our bankroll while predicting that the astronaut will get to a very high multiplier.

2. Bet high on low multipliers

Since it's very difficult for the astronaut to reach a high multiplier, we tend to stake a higher amount on low multipliers like 1.5x. By doing so, we have a higher chance of cashing out our wins, and we can even set the game to auto cash out. For example, if we stake $1000 on a 1.5x multiplier, we would get a profit of $500. If we repeat the process with the $500 profit, we get $250. If we do this continuously, we always tend to have more gains compared to losses.

3. The auto feature is helpful too

Irrespective of whether you're betting high on a low multiplier or betting low on a high multiplier, always make sure you use the auto cash-out feature so the game will automatically cash out your win once the astronaut gets to a chosen multiplier. We recommend this feature for high roller gamblers.

4. Use the double bet feature

The Spaceman game also supports the double bet feature for moderate-high roller gamblers. The feature allows players to use multiple strategies in actual game rounds. You can bet high on low multipliers and bet low on high multipliers using this feature.

How Is The Spaceman User Experience?

The Spaceman game, honestly, is filled with lots of fun, and it offers players an immersive and engaging environment to enjoy the gameplay.

Our experience playing the Spaceman game was top-notch, and it's a game we would recommend to any gambler looking to play the high-quality crash game.

Moreover, the game has a very simple design, and with the availability of the chat option in such a social atmosphere, gamblers can enjoy the perks of playing Spaceman and make new friends at the same time.

What Is The Best Spaceman Strategy?

The best Spaceman game strategy is that which helps you win more and lose less while playing the game. For us at Casinovator, we always stuck to the strategies mentioned on this page. The strategies have helped us win more and it works almost all the time.

We've outlined the best strategies to play the Spaceman slot game below;

  • Bet high on a low multiplier.
  • Bet low on the high multiplier.
  • Use the autoplay feature
  • The 50% cash-out feature is also helpful.
  • Always cash out early between the range of 1x – 1.5x or a maximum of 2x.

What Is The Maximum Amount You Can Win Playing Spaceman?

The maximum amount a player can win while playing the Spaceman game is 5000x and the maximum bet he/she can stake is $100. So, if you place a bet of 100 coins, you stand a chance to win a maximum amount of $500,000.

Is Spaceman The Right Game For Me?

It all depends on what kind of online casino game you fancy playing. If you love playing casino games that requires too much involvement from players, Spaceman might not be the right option for you. Also, due to the fact that the Spaceman game is random, it might not be a great option for players who like to place high bets to chase big wins.

With that said, the Spaceman game is a great option for gamblers who prefer to place bets on small multipliers. Yes, it's safer to gather small wins consistently, and it becomes fun that way. Besides, you tend to stay longer in the game if you're betting on the low multiplier.

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  • What Are The Rules For Spaceman?
    • Spaceman rule states that gamblers must cash-out wins before the astronaut crashes. If a player cashes out timely, he/she wins the bet. Otherwise, the bet will be lost.
  • Is Spaceman Available On Mobile?
    • Pragmatic play made the Spaceman game mobile-friendly. So, irrespective of the mobile device you're using, you can play as long as you've got a stable internet connection.
  • Can I Play Spaceman For Free?
    • You can play Spaceman for free in the demo mode. To play the Spaceman demo, you can visit any online casino that supports Spaceman or just go to the official website of Pragmatic play.
  • Can I Play Spaceman In Canada?
    • Yes, you can play Spaceman in Canada on any online casino Canada that supports Spaceman. Casinos like Slotum, King Billy, Casumo, and others mentioned on this page are reliable casinos to play Spaceman in Canada.
  • What Is The RTP of Spaceman?
    • The RTP of Spaceman is 98.5%
  • Is Spaceman Fair?
    • Spaceman is from a very popular software developer team ‘Pragmatic Play’, so fact is the game is 100% provably fair.
  • Why Is Spaceman So Popular On Social Media?
    • The Spaceman game has a very large community, and this is because players can always keep track of different round outcomes and what other players are winning.
  • Can You Play Spaceman With Crypto?
    • You can play Spaceman with crypto as long as the online casino you're using to play supports Crypto payment options.