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Posted on: 15 February, 2021

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Visa and MasterCard Funding Solutions

Entropay offers online virtual debit cards so that users can fund their online casino accounts and thousands of other merchants that accept Visa and MasterCard. The cards are a simple solution for financing all types of gaming and sportsbook accounts where privacy and security are maximized with minimal personal information intrusion.

The virtual cards themselves (Ixaris Visa and MasterCard) are issued by Entropay Limited and IDT Financial Services Limited. Both Entropay Limited and IDT Financial Services Limited are Principal Members of MasterCard Europe SA and Visa Europe Limited.

Entropay Limited is registered in England and Wales with offices in London. They are registered and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority.

IDT Financial Services Limited is registered with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and is a regulated bank.

Ixaris considers itself a payment optimization company, offering Visa and MasterCard solutions that help individuals and companies make intelligent payment choices. They launched Europe's first virtual cards back in 2000 and have helped online gamers fund their casino accounts with easy-to-load cards accepted by hundreds of top bookmakers and casinos.

Unlike web wallets, Ixaris concentrates all its efforts on helping users seamlessly fund and use their virtual cards. They are London-based but have offices in Brussels and Malta and offer borderless instant prepaid card availability with hassle-free withdrawals of your winnings. 

The company also boasts coverage of 80% of the global market through GDS partnerships with 99.98% chargeback success for businesses. Their cards have received $58 million in rewards via $7 billion in total transactions through their use in 24 currencies.

Why You Want a Virtual Card or Web Wallet?

Although Entropay and Ixaris offer digital prepaid Visa and Mastercard only, the entire reason for using them is similar to a web wallet or e-wallet. When you sign up with PayPal or Skrill, you designate a bank account to fund your account and have the ability to “hold” cash in a place other than that designated bank. With Entropay, you are doing the same thing – placing your money in a place beyond your bank so you can put it to use instantly for goods and services on the internet or over the phone.

The best part is that you have parked your cash somewhere safe, somewhere convenient, and you can't ever be hacked or suckered out of whatever amount you have uploaded. There are no links on the card to your specific bank account or your personal information. Your name and personal data are safe, and you won't be a victim of identity theft.

As a MasterCard holder, you will be able to make safe and secure online purchases and deposit funds in more than 180 countries. Visa Cardholders have very similar privileges and are welcome in the same number of countries. And you’ll have the knowledge that you won’t be able to overspend – since you’ll be funding your card with cash from your bank or another web wallet.

If you are planning on depositing to a web casino, keep in mind that a huge benefit of playing online is taking advantage of the site's bonuses and deposit gifts. Rewards are often based on your first deposit, so make sure you read the rules and regulations, and policies carefully. Sometimes you'll find that a small “tester” deposit will get you 100% in bonus play, but you may be disappointed to find that later deposits offer a much smaller amount. Be sure you deposit with all bonuses and freebies in mind!

When you do deposit, you'll need to use your card's entire 116-digit account number and the expiration date. You'll also have to input the CVV2 number – an added security level for your card's protection, especially if you are using a card to reloading from future deposits or withdrawing winnings from later on.

Virtual cards and web wallets don’t have the advantage of ATM use, but many stores and banks can help you withdraw funds in cash from your card. That means you should always be careful with your card information, even if it is virtual.

Most web wallets are free. They make their income via fees by moving your money and having the merchant (yes, that includes online casinos) pay a tiny percentage for the deposit. Most smartphones already come with some wallet app such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Play.

Your Phone is Your Friend with Entropay and Visa

Web wallets can also store purchase information, so you won’t have to carry everything with you on the road. As long as you’ve got your phone and it’s charged, you’re golden. You can even leave your wallet at home if you want!

With swipe-to-pay and tap-pay integration and checkout payment systems, you can breeze through the purchase line quickly with one less thing to worry about. And if you are worried about security, you'll only see the last four digits of your card during checkout when you use a digital wallet. Your basic card information (including the whole number) isn't even stored on your device. It's super safe and super easy.

Your payment information is encrypted with a unique transaction code, coupled with a passcode verification or Touch ID or Face ID to double your security.

If you are ever on a casino site that does not allow you to withdraw directly to your Entropay – Ixaris card, you’ll need to put an e-wallet to use. Don't fret; it's easy to designate a PasSafecard or Skrill account to handle any excess cash or merchant-to-you uploads. Usually at no fee!

Unfortunately, even if you can withdraw winnings to your card or e-wallet, you may find a per-issue or weekly limit. Although your casino or favorite bookie may say they have set limits for your safety, some players believe it is a practice adopted to keep your cash for as long as possible to make you reconsider a complete withdrawal. If you've got money in your casino account, there's an infinitely better chance that you'll make more wagers with it than if your bookshop lets you withdraw everything, and you have to make another deposit. Do what you want with that thought, but it’s psychology at work.

MasterCard and Visa don't charge you any fees for deposit or withdrawal or for making purchases, but banks do have fees – as do many merchants.

Entropay Fees

Opening a new account is free, but if you forget about your balance and don't use your card, you'll incur a $5 fee for inactivity. That fee can be imposed regularly for lack of use, so be careful.

Although you won’t pay fees to Entropay for your online purchases, there will often be currency conversion fees if you are purchasing or depositing across borders – and that means up to 2.75% deducted from your deposit. Also, and a 1.95% fee can happen when funding via third parties is necessary.

Depositing money to your bank account from merchants – including online casinos – to personal bank accounts is charged anywhere from $2.99 up to $14.99. 

The Benefits of Using Entropay at Online Casinos

Entropay is a long-known, established company that has issued more than 6 million cards while processing more than a billion dollars. Your card can be used at many online casinos because it has a proven track record, trusted internationally by customers and merchants.

Once your online account gets established at a web casino, you'll be able to deposit funds securely with Entropay while knowing your data is safe and secure. Your account details are never shared with second parties, and the MasterCard and Visa names are synonymous with simple banking integrity.

After more than 20 years of handling online and virtual debit cards, Entropay is the perfect solution for your everyday money transfer needs. It has created a vast network of providers who are ready to accept deposits for gaming and payments for all types of goods and services. You need not look any further.

Entropay – Ixaris Sercurity

Ixaris has a 99.95% uptime guarantee for their cards and services based on a predictive and proactive monitoring approach to their overall business. Their high-performance standards rely on a highly experienced team and a dedicated Technology Director.

The core of their uptime and performance record gives users peace of mind, knowing Ixaris has the highest quality security systems in force with firewall-protected servers and 128-bit encryption. Your user account login, password, and any history of personal data and transactions are safe from hacking. Cyber security is a serious issue these days!

Many users swear by Entropay for its ease of use and security. And because getting a virtual Visa or MasterCard does not involve a credit check or background screening. Patrons who may have had trouble securing a credit card will be pleased to know that they can indeed get a prepaid Visa or MasterCard without having to pay a security deposit or a high annual fee that so many banks demand.

How to Create an Entropay Account

You’ll find it easy to create your Entropay account in just minutes. Keep in mind that you are the first step in keeping your data safe online, so never share your account information with anyone else. It is always suggested that you use only your phone or personal home computer to initialize any transaction.

Using shared computers can make your personal information available to unscrupulous hackers who may have wireless access to computers or even Trojans already lying in wait on a public computer. Don't take chances!

Always use your current name and address when setting up a new virtual account. If you are about to move or don't have a valid ID, you should wait to start a new account. When you first logon, you'll need to designate a user name and password. Again, don't share those items with others.

As with any web-access site, you'll need a current email address – one you are in charge of – that other persons can't open. Once you've provided your email, you will be prompted to validate it.

After the initial startup, you'll need to provide a government-issued ID – with a photo – such as a Passport, Military ID, Driver's license, Residency permit, or another National ID card. It must be current!

To verify your address, you’ll need a dated utility bill, bank statement, or mobile phone bill that lists your name. Your phone can then be used as a second source of validation, and two-step security is always a good idea for any money-processing applications.

Final Notes for Gaming and Entropay

With any luck, you'll find that using the Entropay issued Visa or MasterCard is a breeze. And, you'll see how easily you can join many online casinos and take advantage of their exciting selection of games while taking down monster bonuses and credits for starting a new account and making your first deposit.

Remember that all gaming comes with risk, so you might not always be able to withdraw immediately, especially if you haven't had a good run of luck. When you get a chance to make a withdrawal, keep in mind that there is always a bit of a time delay, whether it is to verify your identity or simply a 24-48 hour limit before any funds can be released.

Longer delays are a part of withdrawing funds from both casinos and merchants, and some do not process requests immediately or during weekends or holidays. Plan and don't be surprised if it takes a while to get your funds moving back to your virtual card or even your web wallet.

You should also be aware that a newly processed withdrawal may not be available for immediate deposit to your bank account, even when it shows as a balance on your card. Be patient, and before you know it, you'll have your funds ready for new purchases or new deposits to accounts you choose!

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