Best Crash Gambling & Crypto Crash Games in Canada
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Best Crash Gambling Sites & Crypto Crash Games in Canada

Crash gambling has been in the online casino industry for quite some time. However, lately, it has become prevalent among gamblers within Canada, and the trend is getting bigger every day.

This online casino gambling is known for its simplicity and offers gamblers a modern technology gaming experience inspired by the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. Yes, crash gambling was only limited to the crypto casino world as far back as 2014 when it was launched in the online gambling space.

That being said, It's no surprise to see many gamblers in the industry pick a crash game as one of their favorites. And the amazing thing is some of the top gaming studios in the online casino industry have launched lots of exciting crash games for gamblers to enjoy in crash gambling. 

If you're looking to join the crash gambling trend, you've come to the right page to get heads up on everything you need to know about crash gambling. From the best crash gambling sites in Canada to its rules, features of crash games, and lots more. Stick to this page to find out more.

Crash Gambling Sites in Canada [May 2024]


7bit Casino

Rating: 99/100

100%+ 100 FS /Up to $500 or 5BTC


Video Slots Casino

Rating: 95/100

100% up to €/$/£200 Welcome Bonus


William Hill Casino

Rating: 77/100

100% Buy-in Bonus up to £/$/€ 300


TonyBet Casino

Rating: 79/100

100% up to £300/€300 + 50 bonus spins


Swift Casino

Rating: 76/100

100% up to €100/£100/$100 + 50 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead


Rizk Casino

Rating: 76/100

€100 and play with €200 + 50 Bonus spins


Regal Wins Casino

Rating: 76/100

100% up to £500


Rabona Casino

Rating: 79/100

100% Welcome Bonus + 200 Bonus Spins


PlaySunny Casino

Rating: 80/100

50% up to €500 + 150 Bonus Spins


Light Casino

Rating: 83/100

C$500 + 200 Bonus Spins


King Billy

Rating: 80/100

100% UP TO €/$500 + 100 FREE SPINS

Here is a list of gambling sites that ticks boxes of our criteria for the best sites in Canada. They boast all qualities that any gambler could ask for from an online casino gambling platform. Don't hesitate to check them out.

  1. Casino
  2. Rocketpot Casino
  3. Fastpay Casino
  4. Stake Casino
  5. Cyber.Bet Casino
  6. All in Casino
  7. Jackpoty Casino
  8. Casino4U
  9. BitStarz Casino
  10. Lucky Nugget Casino

What is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is a casino game of chance that works similarly to cryptocurrency trading. In this kind of game, gamblers place bets on a moving line and as the line rises, your winnings multiply until it crashes. However, you're allowed to cash out winnings before the crash – You can even use auto cash to cash out wins.

Since crash is unpredictable, it's advised to always cash out your wins as the line graph keeps multiplying because if you fail to do so, chances are you'll lose all your investments.

Here is how it works;

  1. A gambler places a bet.
  2. The game will be initialized.
  3. The line (multiplier) starts increasing, and the player is expected to cash out winnings.
  4. The game ends at an unpredictable point when the line crashes. That is usually after a few seconds.

Crash Gambling Canada – Pros and Cons

Before you make up your mind to start playing a crash betting game, here are some of its pros and cons you should know;


  • It supports lots of probably fair games, and many user reviews prove it.
  • Gamblers can play social multiplayer games and connect via live chats.
  • Boast simple gameplay.


  • Crash game's design and interface could be better.
  • You could get tired of the games because they don't have extensive features.

What are The Most Popular Crash Games in Canada?

The most popular crash games in Canada right now are;

These games are packed with lots of innovative features. They boast simplicity, and their design is colorful, which leaves gamblers with an amazing experience. 

What Are The Rules When Playing Crash Game Gambling?

Just like many other online casino gambling games, there are specific rules players need to abide by when playing crash gambling games. However, these rules usually vary depending on the gambling site and the studio provider.

We've outlined some of the rules that are very common among gambling sites in Canada:

  1. Players must place a bet before the round starts
  2. The game will start and the multiplier will increase for a given time.
  3. A player must cash out as the winning increases. Failure to do so could lead to a total loss of investment and the round could crash anytime.
  4. A round usually ends as soon as it starts in most games. So, there are instances where you might lose instantly.
  5. A round is more likely to end as the multiplier increases. So, when chasing high multiplier wins, remember that the more the line ascends, the higher the chances of the round crashing down.

Those are the top rules you should always have in mind when playing at any crash gambling website. 

What are The Key Features of A Crash Game?

Although the game rules might vary at different crash casino sites, the features of crash games are quite similar. So, read on and learn more about a crash game's different key features.

1. The Multiplier

You've heard the word ‘Multiplier', but what does this mean in crash games? Well, a multiplier determines if a player can win a round in crash games. This feature is always present in all crash games, and it's displayed in the middle of the game interface. For example, when a round starts in a crash game, the multiplier will increase till it crashes. However, if a player cashes out winnings before the multiplier crashes, his/her original bet will be multiplied by the multiplier displayed on the screen.

2. The Minimum and Maximum Crash Point

There's no specific minimum or maximum crash point in online gambling. The crash point is where the multiplier stops when a round in the crash game ends.

That being said, we could say the minimum crash point is the earliest point at which a round of a crash game can end – this is usually as low as 1x.

The minimum crash point, on the other hand, could be considered the highest point a crash can reach before it ends – this is usually 100x – infinite depending on the game you're playing.

3. The Minimum Cashout

The minimum cash out of a crash game is the earliest point when a gambler cashes out their winnings. This could also vary depending on the online casino gambling site. 

4. Crash Game RTP

Before you think crash game gambling odds are the same as RTP, they're not. RTP only determines the percentage of bet amount a player can win from playing crash games.

5. Crash Game Gambling Odds

Crash game gambling odds mean the probability of the outcome of a crash game. This usually varies depending on the game. However, one thing is certain in crash gambling – ‘The longer a round runs, the closer the crash event'.

6. Autoplay

Autoplay features like auto cash and auto bet/low-risk auto bet are very important when playing crash games. Auto cash can always come in handy to help you automatically cash out winnings so you don't lose all your investments. The auto bet feature, on the other hand, helps to automatically start a new round when a prior round has come to an end.

How Much Money Can You Win Playing Crash Gambling Stimulator?

Crash gambling is a game of chance. So, it's impossible to tell how much money one can win from playing crash games at online casinos. Besides, the amount you can win also depends on the game developer, specification, and title. So, it's safe to say there's no specific amount of how much money that can be won from playing crash games. Some websites even set maximum wins for crash casino games.

What Currencies Can You Use When Playing?

Most sites accept both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. So, whether you want to engage in crypto-cash gambling or play a crash game with your local currency doesn't matter. Chances are there would be a variety of options for you to choose from.

Crypto Crash Gambling

Below are the popular cryptocurrencies you can use for crypto sites:

Bitcoin image

Coin Crash Gambling

Some players may not be into using crypto-currencies and for them, there are options. Crash gambling real money is possible even if they are not well acquainted with the crypto world. There is an option to choose between investing in Euros or American Dollars. Some sites also provide PayPal crash gambling opportunities with currencies of other countries for you to gamble in.

crash gambling real money screenshot

What Happens if You Get Disconnected From The Game?

Given the way crash casino games function, a sudden disconnection could affect gameplay.

For instance, if the game crashes before the game is registered, nothing will happen as you haven't placed any bet and can continue betting afterwards. However, if there's a disconnection after the bet is registered, the bet round could crash before the gambler reconnects, which will be registered as a loss if the player hasn't cashed out.

Most licensed and legit casinos will refund your original bet if the disconnection is from the crash gambling casino you're using.

How to Deal With Log And Disconnections?

If you, unfortunately, encounter a game error or disconnection while playing crash gambling at any online gambling site, you should do the following;

  1. Screenshot the screen displaying the approximate time of the disconnection.
  2. Verify if the disconnection is from your end of the crash gambling site's server.
  3. If it's from your end, try to resolve it as soon as possible. But if not, be patient until the game is activated back.
  4. If the disconnection caused you to lose money, don't hesitate to contact the casino customer support.

Note: Always ensure to play crash casino games with a stable internet connection. This prevents any connection issues from your end.

How to Choose The Best Crash Gambling Game?

You should always look out for several factors when choosing a perfect crash gambling game. We've mentioned some of the most important ones below;

1. Game Interface

Always look out for crash betting sites with a simple interface that is easy to understand. For example, the crash casino sites mentioned on this page all boast a minimalistic and plain design that gamblers at all levels can understand. Besides, you get a better fun experience playing at a crash gambling website when the design is easy on the eye, just like a graph with the X-axis and Y-axis.

2. Game Features

The game features are another important thing to check. A good crash game website must have sophisticated game features that enhance the quality of the game and give players the best experience. Features like a multiplier, autoplay, and others mentioned on this page must be supported on any online crash gambling website you intend to use in playing crash games.  

3. Maximum Multiplier and Maximum Win

Always choose a crash casino game title with a high maximum multiplier and maximum win. By doing so, if you eventually win a round with a high multiplier, you'll stand a chance to win a large amount of money.

4. Minimum Cashout

Another thing you should opt for is a crash casino game with a very low minimum cash-out (as low as 1x). Crash games are very unpredictable. So, choosing a game with low minimum cash out will enable you to cash out every little profit you make.

5. RTP

RTP, as stated earlier, determines the percentage of bet amount a player can win from playing crash games. This means the higher the RTP of a crash game, the higher the percentage of a player's original bet amount over time. But remember that RTP is always calculated based on billions of simulated rounds. Many gambling websites would offer an average RTP within the range of 96-97%.

6. Bonuses

Don't forget bonuses. Every gambler out here loves online casinos that offer legit free money, and luckily, there are lots of crash betting websites that support amazing bonuses. A good crash betting site will give you access to free welcome bonuses, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, free spins, VIP club bonuses, high roller bonuses, loyalty programs, and lots more.

How To Start Play Crash?

It is easy to start playing at crash betting sites. You just have to do the following;

  1. Find a licensed and reputable crash website and register an account there using your correct details.
  2. Deposit money into your online casino account using your preferred payment method supported on the crash casino website.
  3. Find your favourite crash casino game and place a bet to start winning.

How To Make Deposit/Withdrawal?

Depositing or withdrawing funds at betting websites is quite similar to your standard casino website. Besides, most casinos support different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Deposit At Crash Casino Sites

  1. Register or sign in to your casino account on a licensed and reputable online crash casino website.
  2. Locate the Cashier section of the casino website, click on Deposit, and select a preferred payment method. As mentioned earlier, crash betting sites support both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
  3. Once you've selected a preferred payment method, transfer money into your casino account via the payment method. If you choose a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, etc., you must copy the casino account gaming wallet address and send the coin there.
  4. Afterwards, you can start playing games online. You can also play the crypto crash game.

Withdraw At Crash Casino Sites

Withdrawal at online casino sites is as easy as making a deposit. Just do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Cashier section of the casino website you're using and select ‘Withdraw'.
  2. Choose the preferred payment option for withdrawal.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your casino account. Then click on Withdraw. Your money will be transferred to your account via the payment option.

The Best Crash Gambling Strategies

There are different strategies for playing crash, and you can always employ any of them when you play a crash bet online. We've mentioned some of the top strategies below:

Martingale Strategy

The martingale betting system will help you multiply your bet after a loss. The concept behind is – you increase your bet after every loss, so when you eventually win, you get your lost money back and start betting with the initial amount again.

Laubochere Strategy

This gambling strategy works because when a gambler wins, he/she should increase their bet amount with an amount that equals half of the previous bet. If you win as much as you lose, you will surely be at a profit if you follow the sequence correctly.

Paroli Strategy

This strategy involves maintaining your bet when you lose but doubling it when you win. The ultimate objective of the Paroli system is to achieve three wins in a row. With every win, it's important to double your bet amount.

Besides the strategy mentioned above, there are other things you can do when playing crash games. Yes, you can bet big on a low crash multiplier goal, and don't forget to use the auto-cash out feature when it's needed to take profit.

Note: These strategies are only recommended for experienced gamblers or high rollers.

Popular Crash Gambling and Betting Sites

The most popular Canadian crash gambiling sites are Roobet and TrustDice. Recently appeared, but finding their way to the players are Betwinner, NanoGames, 1xBet and others. Which one to choose – it's up to you.


  • What Are Crash Games?
    • Crash games are casino games of chance that involve betting on
  • How Do I Win in A Crash Gambling Game?
    • There's no specific method to win a crash game. Yes, this is because the outcome of each round of crash games is always random.
      However, the best way to make profit from playing crash games is by always cashing out your winnings before the multiplier crashes. By doing you'll stand the chance to win your bet multiplied by the multiplier on the screen.
  • Can I Play Crash Games For Free?
    • Yes, you can test your skill by playing free demo version crash games.
  • What Currencies Can I Use To Play Crash Games?
    • You can play crash games online using either cryptocurrency or fiat currency. So, you have the option to select any payment option of your choice.
  • Can I Play Crash Gambling In Canada?
    • Yes, of course. You can play crash gambling in Canada on the licensed and regulated crash casinos. We've mentioned some of the top crash betting sites in Canada on this page.
  • What Are The Best Crash Streamers?
    • Social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube are the best streaming platforms to stream crash games live. Famous gamblers like SteveWillDoIt and BSBZA usually stream their games on social media platforms.