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Best Canadian Real Money Craps Casinos

Craps is a popular dice game that involves players betting on the outcome of roll or rolls of dice. Although a lot of folks usually conclude that craps can only be played at land-based casinos since it's a dice game, that's not true!

Craps can also be played at online casino websites, and their rules are the same, just like when playing at real casinos. However, the gameplay is quite different since you're not rolling any physical dice.

On this page, we've shortlisted the best online craps casinos in Canada. Plus, you'll discover helpful tips to play online craps like a pro, the rules, strategies, and lots more. Read further to find out more about playing online craps games.

Top Craps Online Casinos in Canada [May 2024]


888 Casino

Rating: 96/100

100% up to €140 instant Welcome Bonus


7bit Casino

Rating: 99/100

100%+ 100 FS /Up to $500 or 5BTC


William Hill Casino

Rating: 77/100

100% Buy-in Bonus up to £/$/€ 300


Video Slots Casino

Rating: 95/100

100% up to €/$/£200 Welcome Bonus


Silver Oak Casino

Rating: 76/100

100% up to €10,000


Royal Vegas Casino

Rating: 94/100

100% up to C$1200


Slots Magic Casino

Rating: 94/100

100% up to €100 + 50 Bonus spins


Betzest Casino

Rating: 94/100

100% up to $/€300 SportsBook Bonus


Casumo Casino

Rating: 86/100

100% up to €300 + 20 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead


KatsuBet Casino

Rating: 92/100

100% + 100 Free Spins / Up to$1500 or 5BTC


Wazamba Casino

Rating: 77/100

100% up to €500 + 200 Bonus Spins


Uptown Aces Casino

Rating: 78/100

$8,888 Welcome Bonus Pack + 350 bonus spins


TonyBet Casino

Rating: 79/100

100% up to £300/€300 + 50 bonus spins


Spinit Casino

Rating: 85/100

100% up to €1000/$1000/£1000 + 200 Bonus spins


Spin and Win Casino

Rating: 77/100

100% up to £100 + up to 100 Bonus Spins on NetEnt Games


Rizk Casino

Rating: 76/100

€100 and play with €200 + 50 Bonus spins


Regal Wins Casino

Rating: 76/100

100% up to £500


PlayFrank Casino

Rating: 78/100

€300 + 200 Bonus Spins


PlaySunny Casino

Rating: 80/100

50% up to €500 + 150 Bonus Spins


PlayOjo Casino

Rating: 80/100

50 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead Slot


Mr Green Casino

Rating: 74/100

100% up to €100 / CA$100 + 100 Free Book Of Dead Spins


LV BET Casino

Rating: 83/100

€1000 bonus + 1000 LV spins


Light Casino

Rating: 83/100

C$500 + 200 Bonus Spins


Jackpot Mobile

Rating: 83/100

200% up to £50 + 50 spins on Starburst


LeoVegas Casino

Rating: 83/100

€1,600 extra and 100 cash Free Spins Welcome Package


King Billy

Rating: 80/100

100% UP TO €/$500 + 100 FREE SPINS


Guts Casino

Rating: 78/100

100% bonus up to €100 and 100 free spins on Book of Dead


Drake Casino

Rating: 78/100

300% up to $6,000 or 540 bonus spins


Codere Casino

Rating: 73/100

100% up to €200


Cherry Casino

Rating: 83/100

400% welcome bonus TWICE, up to $8,000

If there's anything we take pride in at Casinovator, then it's bringing to our readers the best online casinos where they can explore their gambling fantasies safely. After our extensive research on the best online craps casinos, here is a top list of our recommendations.

These online craps casino sites boast amazing qualities, and when speaking of incredible bonuses offers, they got players covered with a lot. Check them out to make your choice.

  • Jackpot City – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,600 + 80 free spins
  • 888 Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $300 + 25 spins 
  • Party Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $500 + 120 free spins
  • Slot Nite – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,250 + 200 free spins 
  • Twin- 100% welcome bonus up to $1,200+ 200 free spins. 
  • William Hill Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $300
  • Magic Red- 100% bonus up to $1,500
  • Pokerstars Casino- 100% bonus up to $3,000 + 300 free spins
  • Rapid Casino – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,000 + 300 free spins and 
  • Royal Panda – 100% welcome bonus up to $1,200 + 50 free spins

How To Play Online Craps?

Quick one; A lot of us at Casinovator are online craps game enthusiasts, and this is because of the fun, excitement, and simplicity it offers. Unlike land-based craps casinos where you have to miss a hot streak just because of a crowded table, online craps games offer players 100% comfort, and the chance of winning is high once you understand the game and use the right strategy.

To help you get started playing online craps games, we've explained some tips to give you the head up and make the process as seamless as possible for you. 

The Online Craps Table

Taking a look at the online craps game table, a lot of players will consider the gaming process to be complicated. Well, it's not as you think of it.

The online craps table is divided into only two sections. That is, the Side Sections and the Center Section.

1. Side Sections

The Side section of an online craps table consists of the self-service area, the point boxes, and the come and don't come fields.

  • Self-Service Area

The self-service area is where players can handle their bets just by placing their chips either pass, don't pass, or field bet.

Winnings generated there are placed next to a player's chips by the dealer, and it's the player's responsibility to remove his/her chip after the win, or else they'll have to remain there until the next throw.

  • The Point Boxes

The point boxes, on the other hand, consist of digits ranging from 4-10. However, players can only place bets in this section if the dealer permits them to. 

  • The Come and Don't Come Fields

Lastly, the come and don't come fields are also handled by the dealer, and just like the point boxes, players must take permission from the dealer to place bets in this field.

2. Center Section

The center section can only be found once on the online craps game table, and it's usually shared amongst all players on the table irrespective of their position.

Bets placed in the center section are called the So-called proposition bets. However, before a player can place such a bet, he/she has to take permission from the stickman telling him the kind of bets they want to place.

Understanding The Order Of Play In Craps Online

Here is how online craps casino games work;

  • Firstly, a shooter selects two dice that he/she is willing to throw.
  • Up next, both the shooter and other players will make a pass-line bet on the table.
  • After that, the shooter throws the dice, creating a come-out roll. There are always three possible results when the dice are rolled;
  • Natural: That is, the come-out roll is 7 or 11. A player will immediately win when the outcome is either 7 or 11, and he/she will get the chance to roll the dice again. 
  • Craps: This happens when the shooter rolls 2, 3, or 12. In such a case, the player loses the game and rolls the dice again.
  • Point: If you throw the dice to have an outcome that is either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the number will be used as your point. Plus, it'll be marked on the table, and the puck will be moved to the number and heaved so its color changes to white, and the label will be ‘On.'
  • Other bets are placed on the next set of roll(s). However, a round ends when the shooter throws a 7 or 11 twice.

Bets, Odds, And Payouts For Online Craps

Players are free to place different kinds of bets when playing online craps games. Thus, to give gamblers a heads up about that, we've compiled a list of the most common online craps bets, their odds, payouts, and house edge. 

BetOddPayoutHouse Edge
Pass / Come251:2441:11.41%
Don't Pass / Don't Come976:9491:11.36%
Pass odds / Come oddsSame as paid2:1 on 4,10;3:2 on 5,9;  6:5 on 6,80%
Don't Come Odds / Don't Come OddsSame as paid1:2 against 4,10;2:3 against 5,9;5:6 against 6,80%
Hard 4 / Hard 108:17:111.11%
Hard 6 / Hard 810:19:19.09%
Big 6 / Big 86:51:19.09%
Place 4 / Place 102:19:56.67%
Place 6/ Place 86:57:61.52%
Place 5 / Place 93:27:54%
Hi-Lo (2 or 12)17:115:111.11%
Craps (2,3, or 12)8:17:111.1%
Any 75:14:116.67%

Craps Online Rules And Game Variation

Just like many other online casino games, online craps also have different variations. We've discussed some of the popular craps game variations gamblers should know below!

  • Bank Craps

Popularly referred to as ‘Casino Craps' or ‘Vegas craps,' the bank craps game is just like a real dice rolling game that involves the use of two dice. In this kind of craps game, gamblers play against casinos via advanced programmed technology, and the rules are the same, just like the generally accepted craps games rules.

  • Crapless Craps

The crapless craps variation is one of the favorite versions of many gamblers. Yes, this is because the player never loses their initial pass line bet on the come-out roll for when playing the crapless craps casino game. 

Sounds surprising, right? Well, there's nothing to be surprised about because it's true. However, there are drawbacks. 

The house edge of the crapless craps in online casinos is usually 5 times higher, and there's no ‘don't pass bet. Plus, the rules for pass bet are very different – for example, 11 is not a sure winner, and not all online casinos don't offer the crapless craps. 

  • High Point Craps

This is another profitable online craps game with a high house edge. Here, a player wins when he/she rolls out 7 or 11 and loses when 2 or 3 is rolled out.

For High Points craps, a player must roll a number higher than the point he/she sets to be able to win, making it a bit refreshing. However, its house edge of 2.35% is a big toll on player winnings.

  • Simplified Craps

Just as the name suggests, the simplified craps is a simpler version of online craps with far different rules, thus, making it a great option for online craps newbies. In this kind of craps game, players only win when they roll out 2, 3, 4, 11, or 12, but lose when they roll out 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. 

  • Die Rich Craps

The Die Rich craps is a craps game version that involves the use of one die. In this kind of online craps, a player wins when 6 is rolled out but loses when the outcome of the roll is 1. Other numbers are used as points and once a player rolls out a point number, he/she will be given three more chances to roll out a point number without throwing 1.

There you go! Although there are other types of craps such as Diceless craps,  New York craps, and more, the above mentioned are the popular version of craps games you can find in Canadian online Casinos.

Popular Craps Online Strategy

The number one rule you must always keep in mind as a gambler is ‘Do not play beyond your capacity!'

Although there are lots of strategies to play casino craps games online, our team of experts has outlined some popular strategies that can enhance your chances of winning at online craps. 

  • Place 6/8 Craps Strategy

The place 6/8 craps strategy involves sticking to only two simple bets during your overall game. In this kind of online craps bets strategy, a player bets only on 6 and 8 and hits one of them before 7 rolls out.

  • The Field Martingale Craps Strategy

Up next is the field martingale craps strategy. In this strategy, a player is expected to double up his bet after every loss. Then after a win, he/she continues with the initial bet used at the beginning of the game. For instance, if you stake $5 on the first game and lose, you're expected to stake $10 in the next game and so on until you win. By using this strategy, every win after a loss will recover your losses and give you a profit that is either equal to or higher than the initial bet.

  • 3 Point Molly Strategy

The 3 point molly strategy requires a player to stake a low amount and only focus on increasing his/her potential payout by using all positions on the craps table to their benefit. This strategy works on three points, and the player is expected to stake only on the pass line, whereby he/she wins when the outcome of the rolled dice is 7 or 11. However, the player loses when the dice rolls out 2, 3, or 12.

  • Iron Cross Craps Strategy

This strategy involves making a combination of both fields and placing bets to cover all numbers on the craps table. When using the iron cross craps strategy, you're expected to place bets on all numbers except 7.

Play Craps Online 

Playing craps online comes with a lot of perks and excitement. Although you'll find lots of online casino craps sites that claim to offer the best craps game, always make sure you do good research about the casino site you're looking to use and verify it is legit, licensed, and regulated.

Moreover, you can always reach out to our website to get heads up on the best online casino website in Canada that boasts top-notch casino games that suit your interest.